Remember when…?

This was a question wally west often asked his favorite little, or rather not so little, bird.

"remember when we first started going out?" wally would ask.

"of course I do." Dick would tell him. "how could I forget dating someone who ate nine times more then I do?"

"Ha ha, you finally found a sense of humor!" Wally responded teasingly.

"Do you remember when we got married?" Wally would ask.

"Wally, That's a dumb question. I may have a few gray hairs, but I really am NOT that old." Dick would say, and plant a chaste kiss on his husband of nine years nose.

"You're such a sap, Richard." Wally would say. "But you're MY sap."

"Do you remember when we adopted kyle?" Wally asks.

"Yes. That was the day you stopped calling me 'babe', and started calling me 'daddy', even though ky couldn't understand you yet." Dick says with a laugh.

"But it was also the day I thought I couldn't be any happier…until I saw your face holding him." Dick said in a tiny whisper.

"And batman trained you? Who would have thought you could be so sappy?"

"Shudup. Your gonna wake kyle up, he CANNOT be late for his first day of kindergarten!" Dick said.

"Love you too, Dicky-Bird!"