I panted as I walked down the street. Air was tearing my lungs as I inhaled. As air blew in my face, I tried not to tear and let the music in my ears distract me. As I reached the place I was aiming for, I smelt the familiar smell and tried not to gag. It was disgusting, but I couldn't resist taking it in.

I knocked on the familiar door. I can hear someone walking toward it, the door was open as i was dragged inside the room. I looked at a pair of hazel eyes I've never seen before. They were so beautiful.

"Hey Frank, Frank?" someone was waving a hand in front of my face, and then I turned to see who it was, it was my supplier.

"Frank. Long time, no see. What do you want now?" he frowned and looked away to see what I was looking at. "Oh, this is my boyfriend Gerard" he pointed at the guy with the hazel eyes. He had perfect black, long hair and perfect cheekbones.

"Hi Frank" he waved and smiled at me. I smirked and looked again at Bert. "Bert please, I'm dying. I know I still have money to pay, but just supply me this time and I'll give whatever you ask for", I pleaded... "Huh? That's what you always say, Frank. No supplies. Now get the fuck outta here." He grabbed my arms and pushed me towards the door. "W-wait I got this golden ring, is it enough?" He let go of my arms and looked at it. "Where did you get this from? Stole it, eh?" I looked down "n-no, it's from my mom" I tried to look him in the eyes so he'd believe me.

"Whatever. I'll take this as charge of your last supply"

"A-and what about now? Please, anything Bert, anything." "Nothing for now. I said NO SUPPLIES. OKAY, FRANK?"

My body was aching. I couldn't wait any longer. Two weeks without drugs is a slow death to me. I felt tears streaming down my face as I dropped to my knees pleading, but Bert didn't listen and grabbed my shirt trying to push me towards the door.

I struggled and kicked in the air, then I felt someone snapping at my shoulders as Bert let go of my shirt.

"Calm down Frank, let me take you down to your car." It was the guy with hazel eyes. I couldn't remember his name, but his eyes were mesmerizing. As soon as his eyes met mine, I calmed down right away. I don't even know how and why .

I stood up and wiped out my tears. He led the way out as I walked silently beside him. I tried to look at his eyes, but he was looking down. His cheeks were constantly bright pink. I found it cute that he's always shy.

When we reached my car, he held my arms with a hand and the other hand was in his pocket. He rolled out a small pack of cocaine and handed it to me. "That's the only way I can help you."

I didn't understand what was happening. I mean, his boyfriend refused to supply me, and then he just gives me some? I thanked him anyway and got into the car.


As Frank pulled over, I felt like shouting his name so he'd come back. I enjoyed the sight of him. My heart ached when heartless Bert knocked him down and let him cry.

It was heaven when I looked at his eyes. I felt so happy and safe when I was beside him. I don't know why I felt like that, but something strange in him affected me so much. Then I thought of Bert and tried to shove those feelings away.

I walked up the stairs and found Bert awaiting me in front of the door with anger filling his eyes.

"What were you doing down there with Frank?" "I walked him down to his car. You told me to do so", I said. "Did it take that long to walk him down?" I looked down at the ground. "Tell me, did it take that long?" he shouted before I could reply.

"You supplied him. I saw you from the balcony. You broke my word and supplied him." "N-no, I didn't. Bert, you're drunk. Please rest, Hun." I got closer to him, cupping his face in my hands so he'd calm down.

His breath smelt like rum. He was drunk.

"Let go." He pushed my hands away, and grabbed my hair. "Bert, no, no, please. It's not worth it. I only tried to help him." But then I felt a kick in my knee that made me fall down. "I'm sorry Bert. Swear I'll never do it again." He dragged me by the hair even harder.

"YOU FOOLED ME" he shouted as he dragged me by the hair. I struggled, but couldn't break free. He threw me onto the couch, and I felt a hard strike hit my face.

"YOU DON'T LOVE ME ANYMORE!" Another hit. I felt dizzy and a fluid was running down my cheeks. "I LOVE YOU SO MUSH GEE, BUT YOU DON'T. YOU ALWAYS TEAR ME DOWN!"

Another hit. "STOP, STOP!" Then he let go of my hair and got off of me. "Take this and wipe the blood on your face." He threw a napkin at my face. I took it and did as he said.

My cheeks were burning. I felt tears falling from my eyes. He looked at me and saw me crying. "Stop crying, Gee." I couldn't stop and tears got even denser. "I SAID FUCKING STOP CRYING" he shouted, looking me in the eyes.

I looked down and tried to swallow my tears .I felt him getting closer to me, and then he laid a hand on my thigh. I looked up and saw tears filling his eyes.

He leaned close to my face and looked in my eyes, I felt his hands creeping at my back as he leaned closer and kissed me. I didn't bear him close to me; I couldn't bear his lips on mine. I hated everything between us.

I felt so a long ago, but I knew, if I'd resist, he would hit me to death... I kissed him and tried to get my hands up his hair, but he pushed me away.

He bit his lips. "Take off your clothes", he said. I looked at him with fear. "Bert please not today, I want to go home. I'm really tired."


I stood up and slowly took off my shirt. He looked at me with a dirty smirk on his face. "Look at this beautiful body", he said standing up.

I was about to unbutton my pants but he took my hands off of them. "Let me undo it for you, little hottie." He dropped to his knees to unbutton and unzip my pants.

He slowly did it and pulled my pants down. I shut my eyes tight and waited for him to do whatever he was going to do down there. He touched me down and dragged my boxer to my knees.

He touched my thighs with his lips and kissed on them while a hand was rubbing my balls. He started sucking and licking while looking up to me from time to time.

I tried to bury down my moans and tears, but as he sucked me down deep his throat, a painful moan escaped my mouth. He slowly got my cock out his mouth and giggled. "I was waiting for you, babe."

He pressed me down on the couch and took off his clothes as fast as hell. He got closer and held my knees to lift up my legs to his shoulders.

He fixed himself in front of my hole, and as he got closer I felt even sicker and more guilt filled me. I tried to gently push him away. "Sorry Bert, I can't, I'm sorry. I'm so not ready"

I dressed and got out as fast as I could.