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Before the departure…

Ten year old Conner pulled his baby brother, Adam, out of his bed with carful arms holding him tightly as he made his way to the kitchen. In the spotless room his mother was making breakfast and Conner put his brother in his high chair.

"Mom…I want waffles." Conner said looking at Adam who had begun to throw some of his cereal on the table.

Lois turned around and gave him a small smile, "only because you asked so nicely." She said sarcastically. Conner`s smile widened and he grabbed one waffle as his mother set the plate down for him. "Tank you!" he said with a full mouth.

"Your very welcome." His mom said and turned to a basket of laundry and left to go to the washer.

Conner read the label on the syrup bottle looking over to Adam who was now ready to tip the bowl onto the floor. Quickly he snatched it from the edge of the table so Adam wouldn't cry because he spilt something.

"Dang it!"

He heard his mom curse from the laundry room, "Conner can you get me a towel! The washer broke there's water everywhere!" Conner didn't answer her as he jumped of his seat and headed to the counter to grab the dish towel his father always slung over his shoulder.

As he reached for it his fingers lightly brushed the fabric and he grabbed the edge of the counter to lift himself up. Conner sat on the counter, his hand still on the warm edge and he grabbed the towel ready to jump off.

"Conner!" he heard his mother screamed.

He looked up at her as she ran over and grabbed his hand. Conner saw why she was so worried; his hand wasn't on the counter it was on the stove. Lois examined his small hand but he was fine his skin wasn't even irritated from the heat.

"Are you ok?" she asked grabbing him and helping him down off the counter.

Conner looked at his hand turning it over and over, "Yep, I'm fine." He smiled.


Tears streamed down the eight year old dick Grayson`s face as he gazed back at the picture of his parents sitting in his suit case. They looked happy, they looked alive. Now it's wasn't true his parents had gone over two months ago and Bruce Wayne a billionaire had adopted him.

It was nice of Bruce to do that but at the same time he just wanted his parents back. The doors to the large room opened and dick tried to dry his eyes best he could as, seven year old Damien, Bruce`s son stepped in the room, "Time to eat, Alfred made our favorite… spaghetti!" said Damien with too much enthusiasm. The kid probably wanted another food fight.

Dick smiled sheepishly at Damien hiding his eyes and tear stained cheeked, "ok, go down without me I`ll be there in a minute."

Damien walked over to him and closed his suit case the image of his parent disappearing. "You're not going anywhere." He said. Dick looked at the little kid and then back to the brown cover of the suit case, Damian hopped onto the spot next to him, "I`m not one for sob stories but-." Damien lost track of what he was about to say and just patted dick on the back smiling a little.

"Um there in a better place." The seven year old said, "Sorry."

"No, stop It no more sorry, that's all I hear is I'm sorry, tell me what you really think!" Dick snapped suddenly, a little too harshly. Damien narrowed his blue eyes at him, "fine, I really think that you should stop mopping around all day and come throw noodles at the butler, I think that dead is dead and you should leave it at that, crying isn't going to bring them back but vengeance is close enough."

Dick looked at him in disbelief; this was a six year old id? "Yeah well, too bad I can't get revenge." Dick said.

"Come by the practice room I'll show you how to use a sword!" Damien smiled wildly jumping off the bed, "Let's go eat!"

Dick laughed lightly getting of the bed, and the two boys walked out of the room the door clicking behind them.


Rex sat on the bed trying to drown the sounds of the TV out with his music. He looked around, it was around 10 in the morning and yet again his parents were working. He knew they worked together but on what? He was ten years old and figured that he could know.


Rex looked up at the door and walked over to it, "who is it." He asked his parents always said to ask before answering the door.

"Pizza delivery!" said a voice. Rex rolled his eyes and opened the door and smiled half-heartedly at Wally West. "how`d you get here?" he asked.

"Cab, took some money from moms purse." Wally held out the pizza box, "Pizza?"

Rex grabbed the box from the nine year old kid and gesturing for him to come inside. Wally did so and flopped down on the tan sofa kicking his feet on the coffee able.

"Get your god dang feet off my table." Rex joked Wally held both hands up innocently as he put his feet on the floor. Wally looked around, "Your folks out?"

Rex nodded, "Yeah, they have to work."

"Same here, Barry keeps leaving and jogs to work, don't know how he goes so fast." Wally said tapping on his own shoes like they would give him super speed.

"Where's Artemis?" Rex asked.

"Hagen out with Tom." Wally huffed, "What's so great about him?"

"He can hold his breath under water for ten minutes." Rex shrugged. "I tried that in the bathroom sink, not even close."

Wally started to burst in laughter and Rex joined in. finally once the two boys had finished laughing their voices out Rex gestured to the Xbox, "want to play?"

"Hell yeah!" Wally said grabbing one controller.


Donna jumped up thrusting at the punching bag with both feet landing on her back and rolling to her feet. She stood at full height and looked around the room grabbing the towel that lay beside her. Donna draped it around her open neck.

She walked into the dining room and grabbing a soda and running a hand threw her black hair, he smiled, only six years old and she knew too many fighting skills to count. Her mother was gone most likely to work and had left a plate of cookies for her. Donna grabbed one taking a bite out of it and walking over to the sofa.

She grabbed out of her books and laid her out on the cottony couch opening the book. Before he could start she heard a knock at the door and walked over to it opening it carelessly. There stood Zatanna and Megan.

"Hey." Donna said opening the door more so they could walk in.

"Have you been out side?" Zatanna asked.

"Not today no, why?" Donna asked, Megan turned the TV on and switched it to the news.

Hello, if your just joining us now then pray with me folks, because downtown Gotham has been blown to bits, fire fighters and police even super heroes rush to the scene, the large cloud of ashes preventing anyone from seeing anyone or thing. Suddenly a loud boom was herd in the cloud. And the reporter shook because of the quake it caused. The reporter continued to speak, there you have it folks there seems to be something very wrong with this situation and the Justice league has gone inside to find out what. Then in a flash the man known and Superman was flying overhead, "You all need to evacuate the area, it will become very dangerous in the next few minutes.!" Another boom was heard and this one sent people to their knees. When the camera looked back superman was gone and the people began to run away from the smoke cloud.

Donner gasped at them, "oh my god!"

Tears leaked in Megan's eyes, "That's not the worse part." Megan said and she walked to the window and Donna saw them large humans and had large green bands around there wrist. They were huge!"

Suddenly the apartment shook and rubble came crashing down. One of the large beast came threw her room smashing the door down with ease. He let out a low un-human growl.

Donna grabbed Zatanna1s and Megan's hands and raced for the door. Before they reached it the front door flew open and Wonder woman stood in the door way.

She shoved the three girls behind her. "Stay away from my daughter!" she snapped at the thing.

"Mom!" Donna cried as someone grabbed her arm and pulled her down the stairs, where her two friends were pushed against the wall in fear of the other things saw them.

Donna tore her arm away from the man's hand and glared at him. He had green skin and wore a long clock and had and odd shaped head but she didn't care, martin man hunter had stopped her from saving her mom.

"Uncle John!" Megan cried hugging the green man, "What`s happening!"

"Come children, we must meet the others for departure." John said.



Dick held Damien by the waist as they sat on the grass just a few yards away from the mansion that had been blow up in seconds. They only were able to get out going through the cave Alfred had mentioned. Tears of anger fell from Damien's eyes as he struggled in the older boys grip.

"Damien." Dick said his eyes were still ringing from the explosion and if he could hear every word Damien said then he was too loud and the things that blew up their house would see them on the grass.

"NO, LET ME GO!" Damien cried again, making more tears fall.

"Damien! Dick, Alfred!" Dick looked around tightening his hold on the six year. Bruce ran up to them wearing a suit that looked a lot like a bat. Bruce pulled his torn cowl back over his head and smiled at Dicks ash covered face holding a still screaming six year old. Bruce grabbed Damian in his arms.

"Come we have to meet the others quickly." He said to him and Alfred.

Batman looked around at these weird large looking humans that began walking from the flames their skin melting. They wore all green except for their chest which lay bare and their hair was short.

"W-what are they?" Dick asked his voice shacking more than he would have liked.

Bruce turned to Alfred ignoring his question, "Alfred take them to the theater I have work to do."

Alfred nodded and grabbed Dick`s hand. Just as they walked away, he ripped his hand away from the butler and ran over to Bruce giving him a small pin in the shape of a Robin.

"I`ll keep you safe." Dick said tears forming in his eyes. Bruce smiled, "Then keep it Robin."

"Dad!" Conner ran up to his dad hugging him and smiling holding back his shacking hands.

"Come on Conner we have to go." Super-man said picking the boy up and then grabbing his younger brother Adam. "Dad, what's going on?"

"Nothing good." His father said. He turned to their mother. "Will you be ok till I get back?"

Lois leaned up and kissed superman and then nodded ears in her eyes for her sons.

His father looked at Conner who had his arms around his neck in an effort to block out the noises of battle. Far off in the distance you could see a building fall the ground trembled almost as much as he was. "We better get going."

Wind whipped the sides of Conner's face and he buried his eyes in his father`s cape to keep from getting wind in them. It took less than a second to reach the destination and Conner let go of his father dropping to his own unstable feet. All around him were different kids, and all around them were members of the justice league.

Superman leaned down and handed Conner his only brother Adam. "Conner, you're going somewhere safe. All of you." His father said.

"B-But what about you, were support to stick together! That's what families do!" Conner protested shaking his head.

"We have to stay here, to protect the people." The man he knew as Flash said.

"How! Look at this place! How can you save them!" a small boy yelled, he looked no more than six and the only one next to him were a butler and another boy. They were both covered in ashes and there were hole in their clothing.

"Hush, Damien." Said, the butler to the little kid.

"You should know that we love all of you." Conner`s father said. He looked to a tall blond lady and a man with green skin and blue cloak. "They are going with you."

Conner shook his head, "Why can't you go with me, why can't I stay here!" Some of the other kids nodded their agreement but the adults shook their head and motioned them inside the large theater. Conner waited for an answer once they got inside but nothing was said as they made their way to a large jet.

The kids headed inside and Conner waited at the steps for his father, but there was a sudden jolt and he had to catch himself before he fell. Conner looked to the fount of the plane, threw the glass windows he could see there was a large door opening for launch. Conner looked to his dad, no longer holding back his tears, "DAD!"

As they started to take off Conner was forced back by the closing doors. "DAD!" he yelled again, as the doors closed one last time, and the plane took off.

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