Intro: Dracula POV

I resisted the urge to let out an annoyed hiss as I stepped off the plane into the bright sunlight streaming through the windows of the airport. I quickly slipped through the crowds after getting my passport checked, not bothering with getting my luggage; Maxwell and Caleb would have it ready at the limo. I looked out into the crowds of people bustling around me and let out a small sigh, it was exhilarating knowing how close I was getting to her. I could sense her, barely, but it was there and that in itself was satisfying. I smiled slightly at that thought. "Eric? Do you sense her?"

I shook myself out of my thoughts and smiled at the woman accompanying me off the plane. "Yes, Marissa, there is something," I said quietly.

She smiled," So she's been her."

"It's been a while, but yes, she has."

She smirked saying nothing more.

We found Maxwell and Caleb at the rented limo and were quickly situated inside, finally shielded from the sun. We drove in peace for some time but it was all too obvious there was a question everyone wanted answered. "Master, where is our next move?" Caleb finally asked the question hanging over everyone. I sighed and leaned back. I truly wasn't sure myself, she was young and she had been in this area at some point, but that was the extent of my knowledge of her. She could be anywhere in the United States. I couldn't help the frown that came at that thought. I was impatient to get out of these States and back to Romania, but they held the one thing I lacked, and I wasn't leaving without it. I sat back up and looked at each of my associates' expectant faces.

"We stay here for now, in St. Paul. It's a starting point. If nothing turns up we expand our search to surrounding states." I finally said wearily. They nodded their understanding and turned back to their phones and laptops, I turned and looked out the tinted windows at the city surrounding me and smiled. My mate would soon be found. You can't hide forever, I thought quietly.