Camp Drama Titanic Wrath

Chapter 1: The Six Teams

It was yet another season for a certain Chris McLean, the camera opens up on Jump City and a burned down Titan Tower, along with also a burned down place where Slade's hideout use to be.

"Greetings, it's Season Seven where here on Camp Drama Titanic Wrath where six teams will compete for 100 million dollars" said Chris.

Chef ends up being flown in by helicopter and lands nearby Chris.

"That's indeed right" added Chef, "six whole teams to torment!"

"And it doesn't matter if they're made up of heroes or villains" laughed Chris.

"Well only one will be made up of mostly villains" said Chef.

"True" said Chris, "let's move onward toward our contestants."

As both Chef and Chris headed to meet up with those whom would participate, Chris was well prepared to create teams for the contestants to be members of.

"Chef if you are so kind please read who'd be on which team" said Chris.

"Will do, alright the Liberty Lads will be led by Robin, it'd include Liberty Lad, Johnny, Sissy, Bart, Lisa, Timmy, Molly, Jimmy, Cindy and Owen; the Dark Empaths being led by Raven will include Mandy, Billy, Mindy, Marceline, Jade, Nick, Sea Urchin, Draco, Edmund and Red; the Cute Burngorfs being led by Starfire will include Coraline, Wybie, Danny, Danielle, Sam, Hiro, Tucker, The Ant, Naz and Jasmine; the Super TechnoFreaks being led by Cyborg will include The Beak, Isabella, Candice, Jeremy, Riley, Huey, Megan, Lee, Tony and Lightning; the Green Shifters will be led by Beast Boy will include Flim-Flam, Ben, Gwen, Kevin, Ed, Edd, Eddy, El Diablo, Princess Julian and Django; and finally the Sinister Snakes will be led by Slade it'll include Nuclear Winter, Red X, Dark Vegan, Dark Laser, Gizmo, Mammoth, Jinx, Billy Numerous, Delightful Children and Red Oktober. Phew."

"You said a mouth full, and don't worry I have a few other contestants filling in for Phineas and Ferb since they already sent me a message that they're doing a major project" said Chris who was unaware that the project they were in was The Beak, "and like the last season there will be a place where you'll confession your heart's desire."


"I can't believe I get to be in this season, Lightning has a power that'd show everyone who's boss around here" said Lightning.

"I wish I had Lightning's N-Men power, but going superfast should help me eat everything in sight if Chris gives me one of those challenges" said Owen.

"I am not so sure what I'd do with a 100 million dollars" said El Diablo, "but I could help out my neighborhood back in Patriot City with that kind of money."

"I am just glad that Chef decided to make me in charge being his second command" said Minuteman.

End of confessions.

"If you'll just follow my lead I'll show you to where you'll have your very first challenge" said Chris.

As Chris was indeed leading the contestants toward the area where they were going to have the first challenge of the season, a certain Blaineley had arrived in Jump City no thanks with the help of Freedom Force nor any of the other villains in the competition, she had decided to try to contact another certain villain known as the Clown Prince of Crime who was busy in his hideout back in Gotham. The Joker himself was quite unaware that the Titans were going to be part of a reality show, but the Joker would soon receive a big surprise from someone as his phone rang, the Joker picked it up.

"Yea, who's this?" asked the Joker.

"Blaineley" replied Blaineley.

"What, the Blaineley from that reality show, wait I hate those kind of reality shows!" cried the Joker.

"Wait, before you hang up, did you know that Chris had teamed up with Batman's protégé Robin?" asked Blaineley.

"Go on" said the Joker.

"I was thinking if you'd come to Jump City to help me sabotage Chris for this season" said Blaineley.

"Interesting, I'll be on my way" laughed the Joker.

As the sinister Clown Prince of Crime was going to join Chris McLean's arch nemesis Blaineley to sabotage Chris for the new season, Chris himself was unaware of her presence within Jump City as Chris showed the contestants the area where they'll have their challenge.

"I am going to make this challenge a very simple challenge" said Chris, "it'd be a race among heroes and villains alike, and the goal of the challenge is to acquire one abandon building and make it your team's hideout. Once you have your team find the hideout of its choice, you'll spend the rest of the season in that hideout."

"What if the teams merge?" asked Owen.

"Hmm, good question, you'll have to wait until that happens" laughed Chris.

As the contestants were preparing for their first challenge, Chris' helpers were setting up booby traps still in the many abandon buildings that the contestants would be claiming their own hideout for their team.

"Man this is boring, I thought joining up with Chris was going to be interesting" said Eric.

"Come on it's not so bad" said Kyle.

"Yea lighten up" said Stan.

Kenny was obviously doing most of the work in setting up the traps for the contestants since he knew how to get everyone of the contestants.

"I don't understand how that kid is able to make a better trap than anyone of us" said Wally.

"Dude, you don't know Kenny he most of the time does not make it out alive" said Eric.

"Yea, so we'll let him make the traps for the contestants" added Kyle.

"Mmmm" added Kenny who agreed with Kyle and Eric.

As Kenny continued to setup the traps, Wally was still not happy with being forced to work with Eric.


"I should be out there with them, I'll show them a thing or two, one way or another" said Wally, "I will get in, and I will win the 100 million dollars, count on it."

"That Wally is such a wuse!" laughed Eric.

End of confessions.

After they were setting up Wally decided to try to sabotage a few traps that Kenny had setup just to make him look bad, but he'd have to do it quickly before Chris would signal the contestants to move on into the area.