Chapter 46: Forest Survival

Once again it was time for Chris McLean to give a recap to the audience.

Chris McLean's commentary:

Last time on Camp Drama Titanic Wrath, it was impersonation of villains! Where Hiro and Danielle ended up wowing the villains while Wally and the Flame Princess did not, in the end, the Flame Princess did not make it and was sent home on the Super Cannon of Shame.

So who'll be voted off next? Find out here on Camp Drama Titanic Wrath!

End of commentary.

The contestants would not find themselves waking up in any apartment, but instead they'd be waking up in the forest.


"Man Chris is really pulling us again putting us back in the forest" said Abigail.

"I can get out of here no problem, but I might want to tag along just to make Lightning miserable" said Red X.

End of confessions.

"Alright!" said Chef as he was flying from a helicopter with a megaphone, "Chris wanted to dump you all here to try to find your way back to civilization using your powers and what not, the first contestant who heads back to Jump City wins immunity."

As Chef ends up leaving the contestants by themselves it was obvious that Red X was prepared to make Lightning's life miserable.

"So Mr. Red X, do you think you're going to be the one to get back to Jump City first?" asked Lightning.

"I know I am able to do it" continued Red X, "but you won't be able."

As for the others, they were heading off on their own Isabella was going to help Lightning do what he can to survive.

"So you were a girl scout?" asked Lightning to Isabella as they began to walk in the forest.

"Yea, I can help you survive to get yourself up on your feet" continued Isabella.

As Isabella started a camp fire, Lightning was given a fishing rod to go get some fish. Red X saw his chance as he used his powers to scare off the fish.

"Ha, you have no fish for yourself" laughed Red X.

"Think again" laughed Lightning as he caught a fish, "nice try though."

For the other contestants, things were not looking so good for Wally as he was just trying to survive for the rest of the night. Wally had slept with some poison ivy thinking it was just simple leaves but soon became itchy.

"Yuck, what is this?!" cried Wally as he started to scratch himself.

"Ha, you got poison ivy!" laughed Abigail.

"This stinks!" cried Wally.

Poor Wally was indeed quite miserable as he kept on scratching, the scratching sound ended up annoying Red X who was just trying to concentrate.

"Enough!" said Red X as he appeared before both Wally and Abigail, "Maybe I can help."

"Don't you have any of those gadgets of yours that'd get him to stop scratching?" asked Abigail.

"Hmm, there is one that I am willing to try" laughed Red X.

The little "help" that Red X decided to give to Wally was an invention of giving him a wedgie where he wouldn't be able to scratch himself anymore but had to ensure huge embarrassment and pain.


"Now that's a funny solution" laughed Abigail.

"Everyone's going to laugh at me!" cried Wally.

End of confessions.

As the day went by, the following next day, Red X decided to head toward the limit of the forest where he was just a few inches away from Jump City itself. Chris noticed Red X hanging around with some x-ray vision binoculars.

"See, there he is" said Batman to Chris.

"Hmm, I wonder why he's waiting, I guess he's playing the part of the hare" laughed Chris.

"Let's hope he isn't as foolish as the hare" continued Batman.

Lightning and Isabella were soon coming out right of the forest.

"Horrah, we made it!" laughed Lightning.

"Bet we can get a fair shot at getting immunity" said Isabella.

"Like I care" laughed Lightning who ended up betraying Isabella.

"Hey!" cried Isabella as she was trying to catch up.

"Now my chance" said Red X.

"Going to make it, going to make it!" laughed Lightning, "Nothing can stop me!"

"Except me!" roared Red X.

Red X came swooping right in and tackled Lightning to which Isabella ended up crossing the finish line.

"No!" cried Lightning.

"Ha, yea that's what you get for betraying me!" laughed Isabella.

"I guess the winner of this challenge goes to Isabella!" laughed Chris, "When Chef fetches the rest of you, you'll be voting for someone off."

Lightning was quite angry that he didn't get to make it to the finish line.


"There is no way that I am going to get voted off, I feel like there is someone who did even worse than even me out there" said Lightning.

"So embarrassing!" cried Wally who still had the mega wedgie that Red X gave him to keep him from scratching himself.

End of confessions.

It was a vote down between Lightning and Wally.

"Lightning, you didn't seem to make that many friends during your survival, and Wally, what's up with that mega wedgie?!" laughed Chris.

"It was supposed to keep him from scratching himself, he got poison ivy" continued Abigail.

"Whatever" laughed Chris, "last chocolate medal for the night goes to, Lightning."

"What, that's not fair!" cried Wally.

"Sorry" laughed Chris to which Chef ended up taking poor Wally to the Super Cannon of Shame, "but it looks like you'll be going home."

Poor Wally was ended up firing out of the Super Cannon of Shame to which Wally was screaming for his life.

"Ah, music to my ears" laughed Chris, "until next time here on Camp Drama Titanic Wrath!"

As poor Wally continued to scream for his life, the scene ends up changing to Red X meeting up with Blaineley.

"Hmm, it sounds like Lightning maybe part of the final group of contestants" said Blaineley.

"Yes, he sadly is" continued Red X, "but I will make sure he won't make it to the final two. I can win with either Abigail or Isabella."

"Good" laughed Blaineley.