Chapter 48: Wheel of Dare

Once again it was time for Chris McLean to give a recap to the audience.

Chris McLean's commentary:

Last time on Camp Drama Titanic Wrath, it was a survive of wits where our contestants had to trace themselves back to civilization! Someone like Red X should have received immunity, however he wanted to tag along just to embarrass Lightning who thought he was on a roll after tricking Isabella into an alliance with him, right before the finish line, Red X tackled Lightning which enabled Isabella to receive victory.

In the end, Wally ended up getting voted off after Red X's humorous suggestion to Abigail that he should have a mega wedgie to stop scratching himself from the poison ivy he contracted. So who'll be voted off next? Find out here on Camp Drama Titanic Wrath!

End of commentary.

Lightning was well prepared to face off with Red X.


"There is no way Mr. Red X can get pass me, Lightning will make sure he will not head onto the final two!" laughed Lightning.

"If Lightning thinks he can take on me, you know what, bring it on" said Red X.

End of confessions.

Chris soon came in with a helicopter waking everyone up from the apartment they were sleeping in.

"Time for today's challenge!" laughed Chris as he used a megaphone to get everyone up as well.

As everyone got out of the apartment, Chris led them to the area where they were going to give them the challenge with Chef bringing out the Wheel of Misfortune.

"Today's challenge is once again a revisiting of the Wheel of Misfortune, whoever can stand the dares created by the Wheel of Misfortune the longest will receive immunity from getting voted off" laughed Chris.


"I can beat those two" said Isabella referring to Lightning and Red X.

"There is no dare that can stop me" said Red X.

End of confessions.

"Alright, first contestant that's eager enough to withstand a dare" said Chris.

"I guess I should be the first one" said Abigail.

"Go right ahead ma'am" laughed Chris.

As Abigail spun the wheel, it landed on a dare to which Chris ended up reading it out loud.

"Hmm, this dare wants you to survive again an onslaught of pies by Chef!" laughed Chris.

"Wait, didn't we do a challenge like that?" asked Abigail.

"Yea, but we decided to include it as part of the dares!" laughed Chris.

"Which means fun time for me!" laughed Chef.

Abigail tried to out run Chef as he fired his pies from a new bazooka that he was given to, while that was going on, it was Red X's turn, as Red X spun the wheel it landed on a dare.

"Hmm, this dare states that you have to be forced underwater along with a large block of ice blocking your exit" laughed Chris.

"Ha, I can do just that" said Red X.

Red X soon found himself in a large tub underwater with a large block of ice blocking his exit.

"Let's see how long you can last in there Mr. Red X" laughed Lightning.

"Lightning, your turn!" laughed Chris.

As Lightning spun the wheel, it landed on a wrestling match.

"Oh boy, wrestling, Lightning can take on anything and anyone!" laughed Lightning.

"Which is why we have a mutant bear ready to wrestle you!" laughed Chris.

A mutant bear was soon brought in a large cage by the Joker.

"Darn, I really wanted to use this mutant bear to attack the Batman one of these days!" laughed the Joker.

"And it'd sadly have to wait for one of those days" added Chris.

The mutant bear then growled at Lightning as it was ready to pounce on him. Lightning then ran for his life as the mutant bear suddenly gave chase.

"Next, Danielle, your turn!" laughed Chris.

As she spun the wheel, it landed on another dare.

"Eat some of the Joker's disgusting pies!" laughed Chris.

"And they're even more disgusting than Chef's!" added the Joker.

Danielle tried to stomach the first set of pies, but later ended up barfing right on both Chris and the Joker.


"Alright, she's a goner!" laughed the Joker after he cleaned himself up, "As much as I don't like Red X and Lightning, this one takes the cake!"

"Yuck, again!" cried Chris after he cleaned himself off.

End of confessions.

Up next was Hiro as he spun the wheel it landed on a dare.

"Hiro, your dare is being stupid for four long hours!" laughed Chris.

"I can do that, I think" said Hiro.

Hiro did his best in trying to pretend to be stupid for four hours, it was finally Isabella's turn as she came up to the wheel and spun it.

"Isabella, your dare is a job around the entire city limits of Jump City!" laughed Chris.

"Ha, no problem, at least I wouldn't be like where Lightning is" added Isabella.

Poor Lightning soon was beaten up and mauled pretty badly by the mutant bear he was fighting, Red X ended up coming out of his predicament pretty easily making him the inevitable winner, after a few hours it was all over.

"It looks like Red X will win immunity!" laughed Chris, "The rest of you will be voting off someone!"

The Joker knew he had to skew the vote if he wanted to kick off Danielle instead of Lightning getting kicked off.


"Nothing like vote tampering" laughed the Joker.

End of confessions.

It was indeed a vote between Danielle and Lightning who was beaten up pretty badly from the mutant bear and Danielle who was rather sick from the Joker's pies.

"Last chocolate medal for the night" said Chris to which Danielle throws up at the mention of the word chocolate, "Lightning!"

"Alright, Lightning gets to stay!" laughed Lightning, "And here you were all going to try to gang up on Lightning, well now, Lightning is going to gang up on you pretty good! Lightning will NOT be moving out of here anytime soon!"

Danielle soon was escorted to the Super Cannon of Shame where she was shot out of it.

"Until next time here on Camp Drama Titanic Wrath!" laughed Chris.

Red X indeed after surviving that dare was meeting up with Blaineley.

"That Joker kept Lightning on" said Red X.

"Yea, I know" added Blaineley.

"You got the explosives I asked you?" asked Red X.

"Breaking out Bane is pretty tough work" added Blaineley.

"Yea, it needs to get done sooner or later" added Red X.

As the two plotted, Red X hoped he could create a diversion to have the others be concentrated on the escaped villains.