Quite a while ago, I read and watched the not as popular anime, HighSchool DXD… And in my opinion, it's rather good, even if it's short in the novel series, thus, I have decided to create a story on it that can be considered an actual story rather than pure smut or humor…

Disclaimer: I have never, and unfortunately probably will never, own HighSchool Dxd…

Secluded Dragons

My name is Issei Hyodo, and I was born a human.

From the moment of my birth, my body conflicted against itself. The seemingly hundreds of doctors that my family went to all said the same thing; my life was going to end soon, very soon. Apparently, for some unknown reason, I had a rare form of auto immunity that made it so my right and left sides actually attacked each other, and circulated different blood types for that matter. It was actually observed by one incredible doctor we visited often that the white blood cells on my left and right sides would actually on occasion attack the cells of the other side.

My parents and family came to visit me a lot when I was sick, and I honestly don't even remember how many times I saw my parents crying when they thought I was asleep, crying until they simply didn't have the tears to do so…

My physical state was, obviously, terrible due to the sickness I endured, but my psychological mind was really underdeveloped. It's so bad that even today, I can still be considered shy, as my personality bloomed late. That's a story for another time though.

Anyways, most of the doctors that didn't think I would die right off the bat thought, or at least said, that it would be a miracle if I made it to a teenager.

Yet here I am, 15. I haven't attended a public school in over ten years, since I first tried to go to kindergarten for a week, but didn't last a day.

My sickness was strange, as there would be jumps and drops in my health. On my best day, I could actually go outside if I wanted to, and see the beautiful world outside of the room I was in most of the time I got sick. On my worst days however, I rarely stayed conscious.

Recently, my health dropped so low that the tears thought gone reappeared in my mother's eyes, and I started to have unexplainable seizures in which I thought I saw random people in my head. I hadn't seen them before, but even I could tell they were important as they flashed through my head.

A beautiful well-endowed girl with long, curly red hair and playful eyes. Another similar girl with calm eyes and long straight blue hair to her knees in the back. A boy, smiling and blond, swinging a strange yet intricate looking sword. There were far more, but those were the easiest to remember.

Last week, my health returned to normal, no, better than normal. The visions I experienced finally left me, and I could actually roam the house for a while before we went to one of my last doctor visits.

He was shocked, a week ago, he had seen a pale-faced, fragile boy. Now, he saw a teenager with brown hair that could actually stand on his own two feet. After a bit of talking with my parents, it was decided that I would go to school and be like a regular teenager

So here I am, at a nearby high school. From what I heard from my mother, the school used to have only girls in it, before it started to accept the other gender. She was really worried to let me go, but I assured her I would be fine, better than fine in fact. It might be the only time I could actually talk to people my own age, which hadn't happened since I had had a close friend when I was around five, who came over every day even when I was sick, before moving away.

I got a schedule from my consular, who seemed rather busy as he wasn't exactly patient with my slow thinking and movement. I got a schedule from him, and then walked onto the actual school campus, which was much bigger than I would've thought.

The first loud ring of the bell startled me so much that I fell to the ground as I waited outside, and before realized, hundreds of students surged out of their classes. I simply sat on the bench, jaw open and flabbergasted at the sheer number of people in the school. Soon however, the second bell sounded and I had yet to know where my first or even second class was.

After the next ring sounded, I tried to get somebody to help me find my classes, but nobody paid any attention to me, although a few times I felt someone staring and turned in one direction to find a group of girls, just nobody staring at me anymore. After another ring, I became a bit impatient, and tapped on the shoulder of the nearest person I could find, and that happened to be a short white haired girl who, from my home-readings, could be called a loli.

"Sorry to bother you but this is my first time in a school for a long, long time… do you know where these classes are?" I asked the short girl, giving her my schedule. She looked over them for a second before looking up at me. I saw her mouth move but I didn't hear her speak, I was too busy staring at her as I experienced a small flash in my mind.

When I pictured her, she looked exactly as she did in real life, only she had a white tail and ears. Everything else was the exact same though, the school uniform, her expression, the size and color of her eyes, everything. Visions of her in particular flashed through my mind as I held my temple until a single solid word came to mind.

"Nekomata," I said to her as soon as I could, and when I looked at her, she looked even more pale than she had already been, and I could easily imagine her picking me up and throwing me forty feet for some reason.

"S-sorry? That's a demon cat, right?" she asked, narrowing her eyes a bit before playing the 'innocent' act.

"Look, I'm sorry if this is very sudden but do you know someone in the school with curly red hair? I think her name starts with R it's um, Rise… no Risa… no, isn't it-?"

"Rias?" the girl asked, her eyes now full of shock. "Go to this place after school, and you'll meet her, until then, good luck with your classes…" she said, writing something down and giving it to me along with my schedule, before running off to her next class.

"Well thanks…" I muttered as she ran to her next class, and the bell rang.

After classes were over (I finally found where I was supposed to go by going back to the main office then asking), I was walking out of one of my classes when I spotted two guys dragging a girl between them. She turned and let out a muffled scream before they disappeared into the brush.

I tried to get someone, anyone's attention, but nobody paid me any, even when I yelled. Cursing, I ran straight into the brush, feeling a boost of adrenaline in my system as I saw the three people again, their backs to me.

Immediately, I ran and punched both of the guys in the back of their heads, but my hands went straight through, and they disappeared as if formed by smoke. I stared, gaping and said, "What the-?" before I felt a sharp pain in my chest.

When I looked down, I saw the tip of a spear fashioned by light sticking out of my chest and fell onto my knees, my vision starting to fade. My hearing didn't fade just yet though, and I heard, "Wow this is a tough one. That spear was supposed to go straight through him." Before my vision went dark.

The ground shook as I went, and I heard disoriented screams and more explosions, before the darkness claimed me.

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