A/N: So, I am pretty excited about this. A long, long time ago, actually August 2011, I was listening to the beautiful Minecraft music on my iPod, and it made me want to write poetry. INSPIRATION. Then I thought of writing poetry while listening to the music, basically writing a poem to go along with every piece on the album. I did it for 12 of them in a few days. Then in November I did some for a few more. Now, in July, I decided I should fire the project back up again and redid the ones I did in November. I'll also be writing a poem for all of the rest of the songs on the album and all of the new records that have been released on Minecraft since then.

If all of that rambling made absolutely no sense, basically, I'm writing a poem to go along with every Minecraft song. Some of the songs will have 2 poems to them because I redid them months and months later. A new poem will be put out every couple of days. I hope the Minecraft fanfiction community will enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them. :D

So. The first poem is based off of Key, otherwise known as nuance1 . ogg.



It's a quiet morning

Frost creeps up the windowpanes

And I'm all alone

It's a peaceful aloneness

Knowing nature is all around me

Right out my back door

snow drifts slowly down

And I smile

There is nothing right now

That I want but don't have -

A warm fire

Hot cocoa

Nature all around me

And a place to rest my head.