A/N: And here we are again! I kinda forgot this existed, so... that's why this took so long. :p This one is based off of Haggstrom, aka hal3 . ogg. One of my personal favorite Minecraft songs. :) And lots more reviews this time...

Invader Cakez - Thank you! That last one is one of my favorites from this time. (Seriously, can you believe these were written a YEAR ago?)

BlackPanther101 - Thanks! And these poems are a year old, so the best is yet to come. ;D

AstuteSage9 - Yeah, I agree that not all of them have that 'Minecraft' feeling. But these are poems based off of Minecraft's songs, and not all of its songs accurately represent Minecraft... like the last one, for example. However, when you write a poem based off of a game's song, it will usually end up representing that game, at least a little bit.

And without any further ado, I present...



Windchimes blow in the wind

The pillow is soft

My heart is open.




Ready to explore.

A new day spreads out beyond

A new day to discover

To run free

To revel in the breeze.

Ice has formed on ponds overnight.

birds fly to and from their nests.

My dogs bark happily at my heels.

Anything can happen,

Can be found

And home is right around the corner.