AN: Aquaman52 gave me the inspiration to finish this story. But this is more of my version of it even though these are his idea's. As he was the beter writer. However I will attempt to write this.

Chapter 1 A odd Evening

It was a month since the defeat of Scar and his Loyalist. The Pride lands were starting its full recovery with green grasses and tree's growing in the savannah and animals returning. Simba and Nala had decided to take a two week Vacation to Mt. Kilimanjaro leaving Sarabi and Sarafina in charge while they were away.

It was a nice cool 72 degrease as the sun was in the savannah. As the sunset was looking melodic this evening with all the animals preparing for there evening rituals. Everything was peaceful except for two lions that bickering on the way home.

"Crap…this freaking hurts….Damn this pain." The adult Golden lion with a full red main grumbled.

"Would you Shut up already! You've been like this on the entire way home with you're complaining." The Female cream collared lioness with teal eyes said to her husband.

"Well it not my fucking fault that you wanted us to spend our vacation climbing Mr. Kilimanjaro!" Simba Yelled back

"Oh yeah, your the mastermind that recommended that we go and I just said ok to the situation to make you happy." Nala retorted back.

"Oh bullshit Nala, I think I recall you saying how a romantic vacation on the Mountain would be the best getaway from the pride and of cores Timon and Pumba!"

"It was my King, however I wasn't the one who decided to go skiing and tripping on my ass all the way down!"

"Hardery har har Nal. First off it was my shoulder I tripped and skidded on." Can't you tell the difference."

"Oh I'm so sorry your majesty Nala rolled her eyes. Would you like me say it was a royal idiotic move of yours again?

"Hmm I don't know? Haven't you done this earlier today?

"Yes about the seventh time repeating myself." Nala stared at his eye's

"Well come on lets hear an eighth time My queen!"

"Oaky then. It was your royal idiotic move of yours." Satisfied?"

"Yup and now were walking around in circles."

"No were not!"

"Oh Yes we are!

"Hey were going home aren't we?"

"Yes for the past several hours!"

"Well if you didn't have to stop hunt for a snack we would have been home already"

"Oh shut up!"

"Why did I marry you?"

"Hmm I think because my brain got screwed up as a cub and love at first sight."

"Wow I never thought of it that way" Nala replied

Nala gives Simba a sucker punch in the stomach

"I'm ok!

"Good anything else?

"No I think you covered what wasn't hurting so far?"

"Can we continue on our way?

"Um… sure if you just shut up"

"Alright then if you'll follow me if you please?" Nala

It was already Dusk already. All the daytime animals were asleep and only the sounds of crickets were heard. All was quiet except for the grunting of Simba J. Lion. The two lions finally approached Rafiki's old Baobab tree.

"Hey Rafiki you got a moment? Simba asked

All was heard was Crickets.

"Oh come on Rafiki. All need is something to kill off this pain. Simba repeated.

"Simba I don't think Rafiki is there." Maybe he went to heal some animals or give births?

Simba of Corse wasn't listing to Nala and decided to climb the tree himself. Nala noticed him climb the tree.

"Simba what the hell are you doing?

"Don't worry Nal. This will only take a bit." Ill grabs something for the pain and be back down."

"Simba get down here. "you'll get even more hurt than you already are!

No Answer

"Simba I'm not coming up there to get you!"

"I need those pain killers just in case. I don't want the border negations with the eastern border pride to run well and I don't need to be grunting every five seconds or they'll be thinking I'm incompetent."

"Do you even know what the Pain Killer powdered remedy looks like?" Nala yelled up at him.

"Of course I know what they look like!" There Blue right?"

"I thought they were the green stuff?

"No Green is for colds and Coughs. I'm confident on that."

"Fine I'll come up there and help you."

"Um.. I don't think that's a good idea Nal."

"What affraid of female help?" I won't tell."

"No Nala please don't come up."

"It was too late Nala had climbed up the tree and squeezed in."

"Oh How Romantic and Closter phobic."

"I can see that. As Nala repositioned herself to face her husband.

"I warned you not to come up here."

"Let's just find the painkillers and get out of here," Nala grumbled. Don't stare at me while I do that."

"Oaky sweetlips as Simba spanked Nala. OUCH! Well search together. He-he"

So The two lions searched for the pain killer medicine.

"Found it! Nala said confidently.

"Ah Good Girl" What color is it?"

"Purple!" Nala grinned

"I should have Known. Now let me have some and lets….

"Simba Look Out!" Simba lost his footing and waked right into a waving branch that had various bowls and bags containing who knows what swayed and hit him on his back with all the medicinal prowess falling down. Nala cringed as that happened. While Simba shut his eyes. All the stuff on branch where still in its place.

"That was a close one" as Simba opened his eyes. You know, for a minute there I thought one of 'em was going to fall off and…. Just then a bowl of pink potion tederd and hit him on the head spilling all of this pink liquid all over his mane and face. And some of the stuff got into his mouth and nose.

"Never mind"

"Damn it broke into many pieces." Nala said

"Ow my head. What is this stuff?" As Simba was shaking it off.

"I don't know, Don't drink it!"

"Well Thank you Mr. Captain Obvious is there anything else you'd like to point out to me."

"Sorry for informing you!" Nala growled back. The she gave him the pain killer to rub on his shoulder.

After using the pain killer on his shoulder Simba's pain went away. The two lions climb out of the tree.

"Hey, I'm…I'm sorry I snapped at you back there," Simba said kindly. "I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I just got kinda frustrated and…I shouldn't have said that. I'm sorry."

Nala looked at Simba's red eyes. That's ok my handsome king."

Simba then kissed Nala and where about to nuzzle when Nala broke the embrace and looked at him with her teal eyes.

"Aren't you forgetting something my love?

"What's that babe?"

"Well one you still have that pink ooz on your mane and two you promised me a Romanic date tonight which you supposed to do."

"So what would you like to do about that.'

"Well thare's a nice watering hole right over there." Nala pointed and gave a seductive look."

"I see. Simba got up and smiled his famous grin. I think I can show a good time. Simba seductively said. With twin secretive smiles on their face, the two lions made for the watering hole.

After they left for the watering hole what they didn't realize was that an enchantment of some sorts was happening to the old baobab tree. You see the tree had absorbed the pink liquid and all of sudden was starting to produce young leaves and fresh sap.

A piece of old wood that was broken from the tree had also absorbed the liquid and reverted back to a fresh peace of wood.

It was now close midnight if time where in existence in the Pridelands. Two Lions were playing in the old Water hole and of cores the night was getting more and more romantic for the two lions.

"So did I make up for the romantic evening sweetlips?" As Simba was rubbing Nala's neck in a sexual manor.

Nala thought for a moment as she shifted a bit closer to Simba's chest. "I'll let it slide this time," she muttered back as she weaved her forepaws into his mane and placed her muzzle right in front of his, putting her just close enough to lovingly slide her tongue across his nose. Simba smiled and returned the favor, continuing to purr as she played with his mane hair.

"So you think we should start heading back any time soon?" As he contused to cress her.

"We could and should but…..Naaaw!"

"Because I'm not finished with you!

Nala began to smile and continue to groom his mane. They cuddling got more intense as they were starting to have another round of sex with cuddling and love bites and caressing. Then as Nala counted to play with his mane and stopped.

"What? What is it?

"Nothing, it's just… I swear your mane was longer earlier." As she pulled his mane to what supposed to be its full length.

Simba looked down and saw his mane. I don't see anything wrong."

"I…. don't…. know," she replied, sounding just as confused as her mate. "I… just… can't help thinking it looks different somehow…" As she was now talking like Captain Kirk

Simba looked at his chest once more, but still didn't see anything out of the ordinary. "Maybe it's just the moon light," he suggested.

"Yeah….. you're probably right," Nala agreed before turning her green eyes up towards the auburn set beside her. Maybe I'm just tired

"Maybe we should head back?"

Maybe but as Nala was still in a seductive trance. We can still continue.

"I thought you were tired?"

"Actually it's strange I have all this new energy now.

"Alright let's continue. As they continued to make love each other.

"After making love for the fourth time in the night it was time to call it quits as now both were tired.

As they walked to the majestic monolithic rock that served as their home.

"You think anyone stayed up to wait for us?" Simba whispered.

"No If mom was sober or not her team should have finished hours ago."

Simba chuckled lightly. Anyways I wanted to thank you for such a romantic time.

Nala turned and nuzzled him back, giving him a quick lick under his chin for good measure. It was my pleasure sweetie. Nala winked. Then she pulled back.

"Okay, now I'm sure it's shorter," she said confidently.

"My mane?" rubbing a forepaw against the back of his neck self-consciously. "You really think so?"

"Yes. Or…ah, I don't know," Nala answered again like an unsure captain Kirk. I'm probably just tired. I mean, how could it be getting shorter?" "Right?

Simba smiled. Well if fall out tomorrow morning then you were right this whole evening.

"Oaky! But that's my usually line anyways. Nala smiled!

"Your right."

With that, the two made their way inside, stepping over and around the motionless bodies of their fellow pridemembers until they reached the unoccupied pedestal at the center reserved for the king and his mate. Nala reached it first and lied down on her stomach, only to have Simba lie down beside her a second later and pull her gently onto her side and into his warm embrace. Nala chuckled quietly, secretly relishing in her mate's affection, and wasted no time in rolling over to face him and tucking her head under his chin.

"Good night, Nala," Simba whispered as his paws settled around the center of her back. "I love you."

Nala yawned. "Good night, Simba," she replied in a voice already heavy with sleep. "I love you too."

As like that they went to sleep peacefully . Little did she know how quickly all that could change in just a single night.

AN: Well this was his fist chapter in my version of it.