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Chapter 8 I'm Back!

The next morning there was chaos as Contra and San were demanding to enter the main cave. Sarabi, Sarafina, Timon, Pumba, Bluey, Lia and Kula were blocking the entrance refusing to let them in. Also other pride members were in talking amongst them selves as they all wanted to know what is true and want isn't. Was Simba a cub or not. Who was this cub Kopa?

"I Demand to see Simba this instant!" Contra barked.

"We need to see Simba or Nala right away. Were is he?" Demand a lioness.

"Is Simba Sick or not?" another lioness demanded.

"Where is that Kopa Kid that is hiding. Demanded Kali

"Is that Kopa a mute or not?" San asked.

"What's going on with Kopa?" Chaka asked

"I told you King Simba is sick and Queen Nala is sleeping as she is tired." Sarabi screamed.

"I don't believe you!" Contra returned his anger back at Sarabi.

"There not listing Timon whispered into Sarbies ear.

"Your right." Sara honey please cheek up on them and tell them what's happening. Sarafina nodded and left to go find them.

"What are you procrastinating for Sarabi?" Contra asked demandedly.

Sarafina rushed into where Simba and Nala where sleeping.

Both of them Yawned

"Whaaa What is going on? Simba Groggily said.

"Yeah I hear commotion Nala said. Nala Yawned.

There all in a panic here. Contra is demanding to see you and Nala. Sarafina quickly whispered.

"But we can't reveal what happened to me? Simba cried.

"Simba I think we better do something or will not just have war but we may lose our lives with our own pride. Nala said.

"Well I guess your right but …."

Just then Rafiki snuck into the Cave and was poking Simba.

"Glad I ound you Savvy!"

"Rafiki please tell me you have the antidote and I'm not a pirate."

"You have know idea how I found dis antidote" But here drink it quickly."

With That Simba drank the antidote in one gulp. Both Nala, Sarafina and Rafiki looked at with grins.

"Boy am I dizzy." Simba felt as he collapsed on the floor of the cave and was now out cold.

"Now what?," asked Sarafina.

"You better come out her." Yelled Sarabi's voice.

Nala rushed out to the angry mob.

"Please calm down here." Nala Roared

"Queen Nala I've had it with you are your lies. Now Bring me Simba this instant or I will have you killed and start a war." Contra shouted.

"Your Highness whereas my friend Kopa? Chaka asked

"And Why is the rum gone!" San said.

"San not now." Contra turned to his son.

Nala was about to speak when they heard a piercing roar in the back. Everyone turned to look. Just then a fully grown adult Simba emerged from the cave as mummers and whispers where coming from the crowd.

Contra's eyes open up as Simba approaches the crowd.

"Hello Everyone Hello." Simba said I know there has been rumors and talk about me being sick and such. Well I am here to make an confession." as he looks at Chaka. Rafiki steps up next to Simba as Nala moves closer to him.

"First off, I would like to thank Sarafina and Mom for Taking over while Nala and I were gone." Simba looks at his mom who nodded and smiled.

"Next now I must confess I was a cub under the name Kopa." The crowed gasped and murmured. Chaka dropped his jaw. Contra shook his head.

"Settle down Settle down." What happened was I was foolish and Nala and I broke into Rafikis tree to look for pain Killer so I wouldn't have serving pain for the border negotiations." Contra's eyes lit up.

"So it is true." Contra said.

"Yes Very I did turn into a cub by the wrong potion being ingested. Which Rafiki finally found a quick antidote."

"Why not tell the truth?" Contra asked.

"We feared you couldn't except the truth."

"Your portly right."

"Now as my experiences as a cub. I have grown to learn new things." Fun is very critical for one. But most of all is that cubs should be allowed to enjoy being young. Because it will never come again. Simba counted as he looked at Aliki and the twins.

"Also I would like to reorganize the nursery and the way baby sitting is controlled. Its too ridicules. I will discuses this after my border negations are finished. And too all My experience as a cub was most rewarding. Simba continued.

"I've learned that as a monarch you must take a deep breath and take one issue at a time and don't freak out." Nala said.

"Well that concludes what Nala and I have to say. I hope you all forgive me and Nala for what we done."

Everyone applauded and cheered. "Long Live King Simba and Queen Nala" The crowed chanted.

Contra came up to shake Simba's Paw.

Tomorrow Simba and I will negotiate the eastern border and have our peace between our prides." Contra yelled.

Everyone cheered some more.

The next morning Simba Contra and San worked out the Border negations. All was well in the pride.

Nala took a nice long bath in the watering hole as she was glad it was over.

All were Happy!


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