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It was a chilly fall night as a dark hooded figure carring a basket, flew into the peaceful town of Ponyville. The hooded pony flew until she found the small but cozy and welcoming cottage she had been looking for and then began to desend down towards it.

As she was flying down, she felt the basket move a little in her teeth in which she had been holding it. Soon after came the sounds of an awakening foal. Using her magic she lifted the basket from her mouth and let it float in front of her. In the basket was her daughter, who was barley a day old. The filly looked up at her mother with light pink eyes that were full light, even despite the darkness. Her mane and tail- which were at the moment covered by a pink blanket she was tightly wrapped in- her mother knew were a bright gold color. Her coat was pure white like freshly fallen snow.

Looking down at her daughter, the cloaked mare couldnt help but think that she was the most beautiful and precious filly in all of Equestria. The mare's eyes were so full of over whelming love and incredible saddness. Love for her little foal and sadness for what she was about to do. Tears began to form in her eyes.

As her mother was looking at her, the young filly began to babble quitely until she stuck a hoof in her mouth and began sucking on it. "Her babbles sound as though shes singing the sweetest melody, if that is even possible for a foal..." thought her mother. The tears she had been trying to hold in finally found a way out of her eyes and begin following down the sides of her hidden face.

Just then the cloaked mother's hoofs touched the earth just a moment later. Still using her magic, she set her daughter's basket on the door step of the little cottage. "Oh my sweet Melody," whispered the mother as she nuzzled her daughter, her tears now flowing like rivers... "Oh my darling, my sweet Melody. Im so sorry!" She whispered, "I dont want to do this! I want to raise and keep you under my wings forever but i-i just can't! Its not safe! And maybe this is way you-you might even b-be happier. Oh someday i hope you will forgive! I love you Melody, so much! I love you more than love itself!"

After her last word she withdrew her head from the basket and her daughter, her love, her life! And knocked harshly on the door, then turned around and took a running leap into the sky. Once airborn, she snapped out her wings and flew away as fast she could. The whole time she cried and cried. When she knew she was far enough not to be heard by anypony she cried to the night, "oh my Melody! My sweet Melody! Im so sorry! Im so, so sorry! Melody, IM SSSSOOOORRRRRRYYYYYYYY!"

Being a light sleeper, the light yellow pegasus was instantly awake at the loud banging. "Oh my, i wonder who it is..." she thought as she got out of her bed and walked cautiously towards the door. "W-who is it?" Fluttershy asked, barley audible. She thought for a second of who it might be. It wasnt Angel, she knew that because he was staying the night with another bunny-friend of his. "What if its a hurt baby animal?" She thought worriedly. With that thought she opened the door slightly and peeked out.

"oh my!" She gasped as she saw the basket. She opened the door the rest of the way, letting the light from inside her cottage pool out onto the basket. She then rushed to the basket, thinking that it was some poor orphaned animal somepony had left for her to care for.

She was almost right.

When she reached the basket's side, she gasped again. Instead of it being a little animal, it was a pure white unicorn foal looking up at her with light pink eyes. "Oh dear!" She whispered. Fluttershy looked around to see if somepony was there but the unmoving shadows gave no sign of anypony there.

A chill went down the pegasus's back just then, reminding her of how cold it was. "Lets get you inside little one, we wouldn't want you catching a cold now, would we?" Cooed Fluttershy as she bent over to pick up the basket. She carried the basket to her kitchen and set it on top of the table. Fluttering her wings, Fluttershy rose high enough to pick the foal up with her front hoofs and then flew with the baby up the stairs and into her bedroom, where she set the little one on her bed.

"ok sweetie," said Fluttershy in a soothing voice, "now that we're inside that blanket of yours must be awfully hot."

The pegasus grabbed a corner of the pink blanket and began to gentlely unwrapp the little foal. Once the little -as Fluttershy discovered- filly was completely uncovered, the light yellow pegasus was shocked to find that the little unicorn was actually a little Alicorn instead. "Oh my... just who are you little one?"

Fluttershy was also quite dazzled by the filly's pure white coat and bright gold mane and tail. Her eyes were a light pink, almost the same color as my mane and tail! Fluttershy realized with a start.

"oh! Maybe there was a note i missed somewhere. What do you think, little filly?" Fluttershy asked. And in reply, the young alicorn babbled sleepily back. The young foal's voice surpised Fluttershy, she hadnt heard any foal that sounded like it was singing when he or she foal-talked. "You are special, aren't you?" Murmured Fluttershy. The alicorn filly yawned cutely and then wiggled around to get comfortable in the bed.

Fluttershy smiled at the young alicorn and then made a small nest of pillows around her incase she were to roll around the bed. Watching the foal until Fluttershy was sure she was asleep, she went back down stairs to her kitchen to see if she could find something, anything to hint at who this young pony was. She moved the small cushion that lay at the bottom of the basket she had found the alicorn in not 20 minutes ago. In the bottom of the basket was a piece of paper that had Fluttershy's name on it. Small dried tear stains dotted the paper. Fluttershy reached in and picked it up. Taking a deep breath she opened it and began to read...

Dear Fluttershy,

Please take care of my little Melody. She means everything to me and more. Im sorry to have put this responsibility on your hoofs but i know you would be the best mare to raise her. Please raise her to know compassion and how to love like you do. Im sure your wondering why i wouldnt raise her... Fluttershy, its because there is a great and terrible danger. Her birth is not known yet. This is why i took her to you in Ponyville. Please take care of her and raise her with a mother's love.

Protect Melody,

Love is magic

"Love is magic...? Could it be..?" Wondered Fluttershy. She walked slowly away from the kitchen and then slowly up the stairs. Once she finally made it to her room and her eyes rested on Melody. The little filly that she had just found on her door step was indeed the daughter of Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. Yes, Fluttershy could see it now, Shining Armor's snow white coat and Cadance did have golden streaks in her hair.

"What is this terrible danger? Whats happening thats so-so terrible that wouldn't raise daughter?" Wondered Fluttershy, getting more scared by the moment. She walked over to Melody, who was still sound asleep. "Melody..." Fluttershy whispered, her fear slowly fading as she looked at the alicorn's sleeping form. "I will take care of you and love like i know your mother would, my new daughter" the light yellow pegasus promised in whisper.

She laid down the bed beside her... daughter. "Its definitely going to take some time to get used to having a daughter," thought Fluttershy as she put her head down close to the warm body of Melody.

Just as she was drifting off to sleep, Fluttershy remembered the pink blanket Melody had been wrapped in. Not wanting to wake the sleeping filly, she fluttered her wings and floated quitely off the bed to where the blanket was. Somehow it had fallen off the bed and it now lay on the floor. Fluttershy didnt know how she didnt notice before but the blanket had Cadance's cutie mark on it. She smiled sadly and picked up the blanket in her teeth and put it over the snow white alicorn, who-even in her sleep- recognized the feel of the blanket and snuggled into it.

"I will make sure you know you are always loved, Melody."

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