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A shiver racked it's cold claws down my back. The halls of this dark, forbidding castle were cold, and utterly confusing. I lost after the first few turns. Luckily, I was sticking close to little Melody, who was skipping without a care in the world.

I looked at the high walls and towering ceilings as we traveled down yet another long hallway. Melody's carefree chatter was in the background, telling me what was what and where this and this were at. She didn't seem to notice that I wasn't paying attention, or simply didn't care. I was going with the latter, and know full well that I would have been chatting my head off if I was in her hooves.

Oh yeah, I was talking about the ceilings and walls and floors and other stuff. Like I said, the ceilings are really high, and the coloring was onyx. Probably made from the stone as well. The walls were tall and terribly long, and were a very dark gray. The floors were white and had black granite like patterns. Actually, they all had the same granite like appearence.

The art work in this place was like nothing I've ever seen before. I was shocked when I saw several paintings of an onyx black alicorn. He looked almost kind in the paintings, a soft smile on his lips. His deep, dark black eyes kind and sincere.

"Who is that?" I stopped Melody's consistent blabbering.

"Huh?" She looked at the picture, then smiled sadly, "Oh, that's Nex in his past, and second, life."

"What?" I looked between her and the painting, "He was an alicorn!?"

"Yeah!" she nodded and looked at me brightly, "He was once very kind and just. But then, his heart was broken and it drove him to madness. Another alicorn, your grandfather, was the one to strip him of his immortality and, well, k-killed him."

I nodded, starring at the painting, "His madness transended lifetimes, it seems."

Melody frowned slightly, "Not excatly, no. He was young and carefree like anyother foal. But... something happened and he was reminded of his past. He's been like this ever since. Well, until the day he saw us born."

"Whats the difference?" I looked at her curiously.

"I... don't know," her nose scrunched up, "I think.. maybe, you're his cure."

I frowned, "His... cure?"

She shook her head, "I don't know, things are blurry."

"Are you ok?" I asked, stepping up beside her and letting her lean on me.

She nodded, and closed her eyes, "Its part of being here. I was supposed to go to the other world."

I furrowed my brow, but didn't ask anymore questions after that. The poor thing was tired, and she led me to my quarters. Which wasn't the dark room that it was before.

My mouth dropped as I looked around. The carpet was plush and bright white. The bed was insanely huge, more then triple the size of my old double bed back in Canterlot. It was covered in gold comforter and pillows. The walls were a toned down gold with silver swirls. If I looked close enough, I could see little music treble clef hearts. The same as my cutie mark.

I stepped into the room and looked around more. To the left was what looked to be bathroom, and just a foot or so lay another door I believed led to the closet. On the right wall there was a large vanity with gold trim. Straight across from me was a large glass double doors. I would have to check that out later.

"This is your room," Melody said with a weak smile, "I hope it's to your liking?"

"I love it actually," I said in wonder. But I frowned and got serious, "I can't stay here, I have to escape."

Melody shook her head, "Thats not possible."

"I got in didn't I?" I shot back.

"Yes," Melody nodded, unfazed by my harsh tone, "Nex put a spell on you. You can't leave without his blessing."

"So I'm a prisoner!?" I screeched.

"You have a lot more freedom then the other prisoners," she murmured, walking out of the room, "Trust me."

I blinked when the doors slammed shut by themselves. I was alone now. At least I was thought I was. Who knows, maybe Nex is watching me this very second.

"I wouldn't put it past him..." I muttered, rolling my eyes.

(Cadance POV)

My body shuddered and heaved. What little breakfast I had eaten was all but gone now. Grief stricken, my body couldn't handle the pain of losing Melody again.

"Cadenza..." I turned my head to Shining Armor's voice.

He wrapped his strong hooves around me and rocked us both gently. He was my rock in this mess. He calmed me down and brought me back from the worse of my depression.

"We'll get her back," He murmured in my ear, "We got her back once, why not twice?"

"You're right," I murmured into his chest, "But I still miss her dearly."

"Me too, Mi Amore, me too..."

(Celestia POV)

"This wasn't supposed to happen!" I stomped the ground furiously. A deep, angery scowl was painted on my face, "How could you fail me like this!?"

"I-I'm sorry, your Highness!" Coward the soldier, Nex's spy.

"You were supposed to kill her!" I hissed, furious.

"B-but Princess I-!"

"Silence!" I demaned. I brought a hoof to my aching head. This can't be happening...

"P-princess, I... The poison wasn't meant to kill."

I snapped my head up, narrowing my eyes at the shuddering pony, "What do you mean? The only reason she lived was because of my patheic excuse for a sister!"

"It was supposed to keep her on that edge, in a meadow of peace, if you will."

And then I had tried to draw her into the light... Yes, to quicken the process. Then Cadance called upon Luna... Luna. She ruins everything...

My temple was pounding and I waved a hoof to dismiss the soldier. He scurried out quickly, and I was alone.

"What is wrong with me...?" I muttered. The past with the soldier suddenly seemed blurry and surreal.

Wait, what soldier? There was no soldier. Oh, silly me. I wonder how Luna is doing with her studies...

And is Melody ok? I should check on her later.

(Luna POV)

"Something is wrong..." I looked up at the sky, and felt something deep within me stirring. I shook my head and closed my eyes.

"Oh, Tia," I murmured, "Please, be careful."

Tears leaked from my eyes as Melody, barely alive, flashed past my eyelids, "You too, little one."

"Luna?" Tia's voice sounded through the door, "May I come in?"

I wiped my eyes, and opened the door with my magic. Tia stood there in all of her sunshine beauty, her mane waving and flowing, but the colors seemed off somehow.

"Luna, how are your studies coming?" She asked with a beaming smile.

"Fine, Tia," I answered somewhat curtly, trying to cover my sorrow.

She made a face, "Why such a harsh tone, Luna?"

"Why not?" A rush of pride surged through me as I used a modern day saying, "Melody is lost to us.."

"What?" Celestia paled, her mouth worked, but no sound came out.

"Tia?" I stood from my lying position, "Are you alright?"

She raised a hoof to her head, "My... memories seem a bit fuzzy, what happened to Melody?"

Tears filled my eyes, "She is lost to use, taken by Nex's soldiers."

I watched her stumble, and barely caught her as she fell, "Tia!"

"I am... fine, sister," She murmured, pulling away, "I must... have time to myself."

"Tia," I ventured, "Is everything alright? I feel... her presence."

Celestia's eyes bulged as she looked at me, and then she stumbled out of the room, "Everything's fine, I promise."

I watched her spread her wings and fly out the nearest window. Something was wrong with her... And I was afraid to find out what.

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