The Problems of Staying

Hey Peoples! Fruity here and back to writing. This is a Heart no Kuni no Alice / Alice in the Country of Hearts fanfic. Love it. This is a story that you readers get to choose from 2 or more different turn outs for the next chapter. Let's begin!

The Problems of Staying

"Wait! What did you just say?" Alice yelled.

Ok let me get you up to game on what is going on.

30 minutes before:

"Nightmare, I have made up my mind." Alice Liddell, our favorite and dear foreigner, said. "Well what is your answer?" Nightmare, our sickly incubus, responded. "I see nothing for my future but pain and loneliness in my world. No one truly cares about me there besides my sister. But when I really thought about it I doubt even she cares about me. So I will stay here. I am used to most of the ways of the people here." 'Besides the thought that some one's life is unimportant.' She thought then continued, "And I have all my true friends here. And my fair share of nuisances." 'Like Peter and Blood.' She thought but smiled at the thought of the strange inhabitants of this country. "You can stay here if you wish to but there are rules to stay here." Nightmare smiled at the first part of this statement but it had changed to an evil deceiving smile at the word rules. Alice looked skeptically at him. ". . . like what exactly?" She asked uncertainly. "Well for starters you can never go home. . . ever. But we will allow you to go to retrieve some of your possessions." "Ok that isn't bad." Alice said non-chalantly. "There's more." He said before he had a coughing fit. Alice helped him while telling him to go see a doctor. "You have two options now," "What are they, Nightmare." She said sternly. He smirked. "You have to either give up your heart for a clock," Her eyes widened at this, "or marry a role-holder."

Present Time (30 minutes after that):

"Wait! What did you just say?" Alice yelled. "You heard me." He stated. "Oh and there's more." What! Great, just great! You gotta be kidding me! Ugh. Just tell me." She said. No matter what you choose you will become a role holder. Heart or clock, don't matter." He stated seriously. "If I choose for my heart to become a clock am I still a foreigner?" She questioned. "No you will become a former-foreigner. Still loved but could be replaced. We may or may-not get a new one. And you will be given a role." He stated. "Well what will it be?"

"I choose. . ."

OK people. What does she choose. Does she choose to go on the market for marriage. Or does she give up her heart and except a clock instead. I know what I am voting for. But your opinion matters and counts to me. It can only be one vote or the other. So. . . VOTE!