The Problems of Staying

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The Problems of Staying

Alice stared at Boris, a bit surprised that he asked so forwardly. She would have expected that he would slyly introduce her to a date because of how he is. Alice didn't realize she was staring at him until he cleared his throat nervously. Alice snapped out of her trance and saw that because she stared at him for so long that Boris developed a pink blush to match his fur.

Alice had a faint blush form across her cheeks from embarrassment, 'I didn't realize I was staring. Now, I embarrassed both of us. Wait! I didn't answer him yet!' "U-Umm sorry I didn't mean-" Boris started to speak, backing away from the foreigner who held his clock in dainty hands. "Y-Yes! I mean, I would love to go on a date with you." Alice interrupted him. 'I should at least give him a chance. He may have tricked me before but I should see what it would be like to be in a relationship with him.'

Boris broke into the wide smile that was known by all to belong only to the Cheshire cat, and the Cheshire cat alone. Alice gave a small smile seeing how happy he is. "Great! Hmm~" Boris said while tapping his chin with a finger in a mock thinking way. He snapped his fingers and spoke with an 'I-know-something-you-don't' smirk. He began to speak, "Go back to where we first met. When there take a bet. You shall see something so sweet but so cruel. Pick at your own risk."

"What does that mean?" Alice questioned, perplexed at what the cat spoke. "It's a clue to where our date will be. If you get it right you win a prize! If you get it wrong and I have to get you I win!" Boris said happily. "What do you win?" Alice asked skeptically. "I win your heart or at least get booted up." Alice was shocked, 'He is very straight forward today.' "You have three time switches to figure it out!" Boris yelled while running away from the foreigner.

Alice stood stock still in the spot where Boris left her until she felt a hand placed on her shoulder. She looked up to see Gray's golden orbs looking down into her blue eyes without any sense of humor or softness. 'Why must he look at me like that?' "Care for a walk, Alice?" Alice looked at Gray perplexed but agreed none-the-less. (A/N: Heh I rhymed I am Peter now) The two walked towards the garden at the hatter mansion.

"So how have you been Gray?" Alice turned her head to look at the ex-assassin . . . only to look at air. "Gray?" Alice repeated his name in a questioning manner looking around for the molten golden eyed man. She heard a soft meow of a cat. She looked in that direction she saw the man she was looking for, crouched down on the ground, softly stroking the cat.

She walked over to the two living beings and carefully crouched down beside the man, careful to not dirty her dress. She looked at Gray, holding the cat with care. She looked into those eyes, those usually stern eyes, were now soft and caring.

'He looks at that cat the way I want my husband to look at me. He didn't look at me with those eyes. He looks at me with bored, strict eyes. Yet, he looks at a cat with care. He . . . he doesn't care for me the way I would want. Sorry, Gray, but you aren't the one for me.' Alice thought to herself with finality.

Alice slowly stood up and walked away from the two. Gray looked up after her, hearing her walking away. Gray had a sad look in his eyes but knew that this had to be done. He knew he wasn't the one for Alice, the two lacked commonness and he knew deep, deep down in his clock that it ticked for another, but not this foreigner. Alice didn't turn around just kept walking.

Alice made it back to the festival and it seemed as if her absence went unnoticed. 'This is good. Hopefully, no one will as questions.' Alice thought in relief. Alice walked back into the crowds. She looked around to see how everyone was. She noticed that Boris was nowhere to be seen. 'Well, the rule is to attend. I suppose that means as long as they show up and spend some time that they followed the rule. They must not need to spend the whole time here. I guess when I get my role I will be forced to come to these because of my role.'

"Yes you will be required to attend the role-holder events. You will even be expected to throw an event, as well." Alice jumped at the sudden appearance at the role-holder, with the role of the Caterpillar. Nightmare chuckled at the jumpy foreigner. "Must you read my mind and appear out of nowhere?" Alice asked, mildly annoyed at the sickly man. "I can't really help it if I can read your mind. And it is quite fun to scare you. So yes, yes I must." Nightmare said with a smug but playful smile.

Nightmare suddenly bowed down low and put his hand out towards the girl. He looked up at her, "May I have this dance." Alice gave a slight blush at the man and nodded her head yes while gently placing her small hand in his. 'Oh the advantages of being a mind reader~ I know what she likes and dislikes. Oh happy day to me~' Nightmare thought merrily.

The two did a simple waltz and smiled the whole time. Nightmare read her mind throughout the dance, doing the twirls she liked and the slight dip at the end of the song just the way she liked it. The two separated and went their separate ways.

Alice walked over to Julius to sit with the antisocial man and keep him company. The second she sat down she was pulled away by the twins who wanted to dance with their 'Big sister.' Eventually they did that group dance, the same one that they had done the first time at the Heart palace.

After they finished the dance, while the twins were clapping Alice snuck away. Her feet were beginning to hurt a little too much. Alice snuck away to sit in the garden, in hope for some peace and quiet. When she sat down she sighed in relief and tiredness.

"My, my is our dear Alice well? Or do we need to behead an incompetent fool?" Alice looked up to see the beautiful Queen of Hearts. Alice gave a small smile to the Queen. "Hello Vivaldi. I am fine, just a bit overwhelmed." Vivaldi gracefully walked over the cute blonde and sat down beside the girl. She placed a well-manicured hand on the small girl's shoulder in a comforting manner. "Unlike those selfish men we will listen if you want to speak." Vivaldi told the girl in a caring manner.

Alice sighed at looked up to the women with confused eyes. "Vivaldi, I am just confused. This whole marriage ordeal is draining." Alice put a hand to her head in a tired manner. "I just don't like how I have to choose someone to marry without being courted by them. Yes I go on a date with them but I don't really get the experience of being with them all romantically. I have to choose one of them to spend the rest of my life with. I just don't want to make the wrong choice. Maybe . . . maybe it isn't too late to tell Nightmare I want a clock instead." Alice looked at the ground slowly and sadly.

Vivaldi stood up quickly and held the loved foreigners head in her hands forcing the girl to look up at her. "You listen to us right now Alice! You will not trade your heart for a clock! Don't you dare do that to us! Yes the decision is hard but it is worth the trouble to keep that beating heart instead of a cold, ticking clock! It proves you are special! We love you the way you are . . . so don't change yourself. You will pick the right man and he will treat you right. Or we will behead him. But, we know you shall pick the right one." Vivaldi spoke the last few sentences softly with the love an older sister would have for their dearest younger sibling.

Alice's eyes started to tear up and Vivaldi quickly went to her knees and held the stressed younger girl. Vivaldi comforted Alice telling her over and over that all will be okay, that everything would work out in the end. Alice just cried and cried and cried until she ran out of tears. When her tears ceased, Vivaldi pulled back slowly and carefully not wanting to trigger another wave of tears.

"Why don't you stay at the palace with us for a night? You seem to need a fellow woman's touch instead of staying at the tower with the hermit." Vivaldi made an angered pout at the end. Alice smiled at the caring woman, I would like that. Let me just let Julius know." Vivaldi smiled caringly at the girl.

'This marriage ordeal seems to be taking a toll on our dear Alice. We hope this game ends soon. Seeing her wasting her time brooding over men is sickening. We only wish for her to be happy. We do hope she picks brother or White. The knight isn't worthy of our dear Alice but if she picks him we can at least watch over her.' The Queen thought worriedly while watching the girl walk away.

Alice walked to Julius and saw him sitting down at the table resting his hand on his fist. "Julius? I will be heading back with Vivaldi, to her castle, after the event is over." Julius brought his eyes to look at the girl, but he still looked bored, "Very well, but be careful." Julius told the girl who captured his clock.

Soon enough the event was over and everyone had to leave. Alice told her good byes to the attendees and met up with Vivaldi at the gate, which the twins neglected to guard. Vivaldi smiled gently at the petite foreigner, pleased that she will be able to spend time with the girl without interruptions. Alice smiled back at the beautiful woman who she would be spending the night with.

The two walked behind the white rabbit who forced the directionally-challenged knight to stay on the trail and away from his so-called 'shortcuts'. The two females chatted aimlessly about little things: hair, fashion, recent beheadings . . . the usual. The night time period shuttered to a rosy hue signaling the evening time period being presented.

"Oh how we love the sunset! Don't you agree, Alice?" Vivaldi said in a peaceful tone and turning to look at the blue clad girl whom she had questioned. Alice smiled and agreed. The two had gone quiet, a comfortable air around the two. Vivaldi watched how the sunset caused a red hue to tint the nature around the trail.

Alice, meanwhile, was lost in her thoughts. She was happy for at least a bit of normalcy. Since, the announcement of her having to marry everything has changed. Her views on the role holders, their behavior around her, their behavior around each other. Everything . . . has . . . changed . . . so much. Alice didn't know if it was for better or for worse.

"—lice. –lice! Alice!" Alice jumped, startled out of her confusing thoughts with a yell. "H-Huh?!" Alice said with a nervous, closed eyed smile and a squeaky voice. Vivaldi looked downwards toward the girl, perplexed at what had captured the thoughts of the girl when she was supposed to be spending time with the queen. A perfectly shaped, onyx eyebrow rose to show her confusion to the girl.

Alice gave a small laugh towards the queen. "What has caused your attention to move away from us?" The queen questioned the foreigner with slightly angered confusion. Alice stayed quiet wondering if she should answer the only female role-holder. "Do we need to behead anyone?" The queen said in a protective tone. Upset at the thought that someone would annoy her dear foreigner. "N-No! I-I will tell you later about my thoughts. When we are alone." Alice said nervously, worried that she may have just set the death sentence for some unfortunate faceless.

Soon enough they were at the beautiful, shining heart castle. They separated from the men, much to Peter's distaste, and went to the Queen's private room. When the two females walked into the chambers Alice notice that the Queen's abundant amount of stuffed creatures had grown . . . again. 'When will she be satisfied?' Alice thought in exasperation. The Queen took no notice of Alice's expression at the ever-multiplying amount of cute, stuffed animals.

The two took opposite seats in plush, soft chairs. The Queen ordered a nervous, faceless maid to bring tea for the two eyed women. The faceless gave a curt nod and stiffly walked away from the two, hurrying to the kitchen in hopes of not losing her head today.

The second the faceless left the room, the door closing with a slight bang, Vivaldi softened her face and looked at the young girl sitting across from her. "Now, tell us, what captured your mind so completely earlier?" Alice looked away bashfully, whose shoes became extremely interesting, looking at the dust from the dirt on her shoes.

'Vivaldi is the only female role-holder. Maybe she can help me. I am so confused on what to do already. Who to choose and whose clocks to break? I hope she can give me some advice. After all she must have been a pretty faceless to be such a beautiful role-holder. She must have had guys flocking her 24/7!' Alice thought to herself.

Alice picked her head up to look at the patiently waiting queen. Alice slowly opened her mouth to begin only to stop because the faceless maid returned with the requested tea. Vivaldi 'tsk'ed in annoyance at the maid, who felt an icy chill go down her spine, and waited for the annoyance to leave the room and her royal presence. The faceless quickly poured the tea and bowed to her temperamental queen, leaving the room quickly so she could keep her head . . . for now.

Vivaldi glared at the door for three seconds, than sighed in annoyance, before looked at the foreigner. "Begin Alice, we wish to hear what you have to say." Alice looked at the beautiful queen before she began to tell her what is on her mind.

"I am so confused, Vivaldi. I am expected to marry a role-holder but I wasn't given much time to choose who I want to marry and fall in love with them. I want to stay here but . . . but I can't choose between the all roll holders. I don't want to hurt anyone or ruin any friendships but I want to be happy too." Alice said in a rushed manner and desperate voice. She looked at the queen with confused, hopeful eyes.

The queen sighed with a gentle smile. "Simple marry Blood! That way you are related to us." Vivaldi said happily with her striking purple eyes closed and a smile on her face. "No." Alice stated bluntly. "Marry Peter or Ace so you live with us." Vivaldi said seriously looking at the confused blonde. 'This is not helping me.' Alice thought sadly. "I am not sure Vivaldi." Alice said forlornly.

Vivaldi looked at the girl with some pity. "Alice, we know you will make the right decision. Narrow down the choices and see who makes you happiest and who you can picture spending the rest of your life with. But choose wisely, their role will affect your life here and what role you are given." Alice looked at the Queen and smiled a small closed mouth smile. "Thank you Vivaldi." Vivaldi smiled back at the girl, gentleness shown on her face, a gentleness seen by no one but the foreigner.

Vivaldi clapped her hands together once, "Now, tell us, who have you chosen not to marry." Alice looked at her and grimaced lightly, not sure how she will take hearing that Blood isn't one of her choices. "I don't want to marry Gowland, Gray, Dee or Dum, or . . . Blood." Vivaldi was quiet for a few minutes. "Tell us why."

Alice gulped but complied nonetheless, "Gowland is much too old for me. Gray . . . I just feel that he wouldn't love me as much as I want to be loved. Dee and Dum are just too immature. Blood is far too rude and would monopolize me." Alice told the Queen, being extra careful about the reasons for Blood choosing to be a bit vague.

The Queen nodded her head in understanding and took a sip of her now lukewarm tea. Alice did the same relieved that the Queen didn't explode. 'Blood must have done something to anger her. When will that idiotic man learn? It is a shame that we are related to him.' Vivaldi thought exasperatedly to herself.

The two talked quietly between themselves about girl stuff. The usual topics that the two talked about clothes, makeup, shoes (which is totally not counted in clothes, a whole separate topic). They spoke until the time period changed to night again. 'I wonder when an afternoon or morning will come.' Alice thought to herself while hiding a yawn behind her hand. But the Queen noticed none the less.

"You are tired. Let us both go to bed. It has been an eventful time for you." Alice nodded to the Queen, she wouldn't argue on going to sleep. The Queen called for a maid to bring the foreigner to her temporary sleeping chambers. Alice went to her room and headed straight to the giant wardrobe to get a nightgown, stepping into the attached bathroom to get into the nightgown and to brush her teeth and hair.

The minty taste of her toothpaste got rid of the spicy taste of the tea. She collapsed onto the soft, plush bed and pulled the red silk sheets over her form. She drifted off into a gentle slumber but it was soon disturbed by the infamous incubus.

"Well you seem less lost than you were before." Nightmare spoke in an I-know-something-you-don't-know tone while floating upside down. Alice looked at him bored way but than a small smile graced her cute face. "Yes I spoke to Vivaldi and got some advice. I am less confused now." Alice told the sickly incubus.

"You know Alice I thought you looked stunning in the dress you wore to the Spring Festival." Nightmare suavely told the girl, while turning to be upright. Alice gave a small blush to the incubus. 'Yes! I got some points. Who knew that being an incubus could come in handy one day.' Of course Alice knew nothing of the thoughts the floating male had.


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