A companion fic to The Golden Dragon, following Linnea Young in her odd life as the teenage daughter of an evil warlord. And you thought being a normal teenager was hard! Each chapter is just another reason Linnea hates her life. This is like Linnea talking to herself, so she is a bit more moody and modern in her head than she is in real life. Lin knows all about the normal life thanks to her best friend, Jack Spicer. Sorry if it's a bit random but it's the rambling of a teenage girl, what do you expect?

Disclaimer: I don't own Xiaolin Showdown, but it's pretty obvious that I do own Lin(:


Now, call me crazy, but I hate my life. Well dislike it greatly anyway. Reason number uno: perfection. It kind of sucks, having no chores or duties around the house; those are left for the jungle cats. That means all day I eat, train, learn, sleep and repeat (Yes I sleep, only the dragon part of the Loa Mang Long soup transferred over). Like all kids, I'm yelled at for an unnoticeable error in technique, laziness, and not being up to par with a person way more experienced than me. But instead of this reprimanding being for fixing the bed wrong or folding clothes in a sloppy fashion, it's for my martial arts. Even though I'm the greatest teen prodigy that ever lived, my coach turns out to be the best martial artist ever, with over a thousand years under his belt. Oh, and he's my father too. Seriously unfair, especially since bringing up the time Guan beat him is a no no in this household. So, I have nothing over him. Yet. To make it worse I don't even have hair ties or whatever hairspray Chase uses that somehow keeps his hair perfectly in place, so my free time is usually spent brushing knots out. Don't let me even get into meditation times. Personally, I think that the Loa Mang Long soup takes away a person's bladder. Now, I've never had the stuff, but I'll tell you about that in my next rant. So anyway, I'm supposed to be able to float and think about absolutely nothing for hours on end, while not having to pee? It is torture. Similar to how Jack feels about those stupid social events his parents drag him to. Magic's pretty cool though, now that I'm not blowing myself up constantly. But to do the magic, you have to read the hundreds of dusty textbooks on the subject, if you can even find it within the vast library. I hate the cats in their warrior form, and cats can't really climb the ladders too well, so there goes that option. Most of the books are just annoying warnings anyway, a total waste of time to read, but Chase forces me to do it anyway. So there you have it. The utterly boring training regime and schooling Chase Young's daughter endures daily. I'm supposed to be Linnea Young, prodigy daughter of the undefeatable Chase Young. What a lie. Chase Young has been defeated. Ask the Xiaolin monks for proof. But the prodigy part is true, especially the in between-the-lines fact that says I am awesome and such.

Hoped you liked it, because I loved writing this. Obviously, Linnea is exaggerating; she is not this headstrong in reality. Though he is tough on her, she loves her father. If it is not obvious, she calls him either Chase or father (he believes they are now at the point that they are equals). Next chap will be more on the effects of Loa Mang Long soup and junk. BTW, if you haven't read The Golden Dragon it is just about how she was born and her companion demon-wolf Mitsukai. So you may want to read it.