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After days of begging, my father gave in. I was to have the greatest 16th birthday of all time! Jack was a great party planner, and in no time we had picked a venue and a theme. A masquerade ball, right smack in the Land of Nowhere! It took so long to write all the invites and death threats, but it definitely paid off, as everyone came! Even the goody-two-shoes monks themselves! It took some major magic, but somehow I made my mop of blonde hair cascade into spiral curls. My make up as dark and made me glow. My floor length, glittering gold dress enhanced my golden hair, skin, and eyes to a level of perfection. And of course, my mask was of a golden dragon. Now seriously, I looked hot. My mask barely covered my cheekbones, so it was obvious who I was. Or so I thought. I guess I forgot to consider the absolute stupidity of the Heylin side. They all believed I was some newcomer! Finally, Chase introduced me and the dancing began. I kinda ignored all the Heylin, and just jumped over to the huddled group of teenagers in the corner. A large, yellow head turned, his mask unable to conceal the blush on his cheeks. I was quite pleased at the sweet comments he and the beefy kid next to him gave me, though the unfamiliar slang and western accent confused me. A tan kid pushed them aside and stared at me with glowing green eyes. 'Damn girl! I am really thinking about switching sides now!" After some furious giggles, he led me out to the dance floor. We were seriously getting along swell, when both Dojo and Wuya started to freak out. Apparently, a new Wu had to reveal itself then and now everyone was rushing madly to exit the ball. I was furious. I had spent a good amount of free time planning this, and one stupid magic item ruined it. So, I too left my own party determined to get the Wu. Does my life not suck? I'm on the wrong side so I cannot date my dream boy, my party was at the wrong time, and I know the Heylin side ruling the world would just make my life worse. So, sick of all this crap, I decided I was going to run away.

Meh, would be a ton better if in an actual story. Really thinking about it now.