Hai guys~! Here's the first chappie of my new story Switched c: It's not all that good, but stories have to start somehow ;3 Once I get my muse going, the following chappies will be better ^^ By the way, I was reading the reviews for Sugar and Spice and I've decided to continue it someday... Probably after I'm finished Switched and/or The Flower Boy Project. It might be in a month or so, but no promises. I do promise that I'll continue it though c: So while you're waiting, why not enjoy this story?~

Rin's POV

I'm in a lush, evergreen forest. Crystalline streams are surrounding me, and I see vast mountains in the distance. There birds around me are singing a sweet melody, but one of them falls out of beat. The bird's tune slowly becomes strangely familiar and heavily repeated. I close my eyes to analyze to song. When I open them, I see... A bedside table? Huh? It takes me a heartbeat realize that I'm in my bed, waking up from the same dream that my subconsciousness conjures up whenever my alarm fails to wake me.

Besides getting up, the thing I hate most about mornings is the choice between eating breakfast and being on time for school. If I eat breakfast, I'll be healthier and have a better morale for doing well on tests. If I'm on time for school, I won't get a late demerit, which will help me in the long run. Yeah, I probably sound like a nerd right now.

Maybe because I am one.

But don't worry, I'm not those study-all-day-and-have-no-social-life nerds. I personally think I'm pretty popular, but that's expected because when you go to a privileged co-ed private school, almost all nerds are widely liked.

Every once in a while though, I try to convince my parents to transfer me to an all girls' private school, because most of the guys in my co-ed school are dumb playboy jocks. They just got in because they have rich parents who believe they could be 'highly intellectual' if they were given the opportunity. In my opinion, they use their 'opportunities' to play with girls' hearts.

Not that I would ever fall for any of them, especiallyLen Kagamine, who seems to be the leader of them all. It turns out however, that I couldn't have been more wrong.

Len's POV

I hate my school. I hate the early start times (and I mean really early, like 6 am), the AP courses that are impossible to learn, the bell that sounds like dying cats, the abnormally small basketball court, and the overly-sensitive female nerds who surround me like mice surrounding cheese. I never pay much attention to them though, and they never seem to notice. To them, I'm like a hot, caring, smart, strong god. They couldn't be more wrong.

Well, maybe not the 'hot' part.

I'm actually really mean and I get pissed off really easily. I'm not close to smart, which you probably guessed, after I said that the AP courses are impossible to learn. And they are. I'm also not strong at all, which the girls totally do not believe, because they think good basketball players have to have abs and be as strong as hulk. Basketball players need skill and agility; not strength.

How can they not know that, and yet know the square route of 42,699 in a second?

I don't think I'll ever figure that out in a million years.

When I get to school, I look around for the crowd of obsessive girls and fail to see any. My heart soars in happiness. Does this mean they forgot about me?


I stroll to the basketball court and groan as I notice girls surrounding it. "Dammit. Don't they ever take a break?" I mutter under my breath, before turning around and heading inside the school. For the first time in my life, I'm going to be early. As I walk down the hallway, I glance at the bulletin boards around me. This one in particular is talking about the victory of the girls' volleyball-


I bump into a blond girl. Hard. The stack of books in her arms fall onto the ground. She shoots me a dirty look and I think I recognize her. Her short blond locks are tucked behind her ears and her bangs cover her round blue eyes as she leans down to pick up her books. "Sorry." I mutter, and pick some books for her.

"Forget it." She says without emotion, and takes the books from me. Without another word, she turns around and walks off. As I watch her, I notice her take a bobby pin out and pin her bangs back. This insignificant action makes me remember who she is. Her name is Rin and I think she's a grade below me. She was one of the rare girls who don't follow me around. I actually keep track of girls like her, but other than that I never pay much attention to them. In fact, I think 'sorry' was the first word I've ever said to her.

The bell rings and distracts me from my thoughts. I shrug and head off to class, thinking that it'll be the last time I'll ever think about the girl named Rin. I couldn't have shot further off the mark.

Yeah, it's a shortie, but it's not a complete failure.. Right? Haha c: I tried to write in the same style as Sugar and Spice, so review and tell me how I did! I really appreciate your feedback ^^ Oh yeah, they switch bodies in the next chapter c:

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