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Len's POV

I've never had problems with waking up, so I never use an alarm clock. But strangely, this morning, the unfamiliar sound of beeping wakes me up. I sit up in my bed and rub my eyes tiredly. My vision clears and I notice that I'm in a foreign bedroom. More specifically, a girl's bedroom. What? Am I dreaming? I pinch myself. It hurt, but I stare at my arms in shock. Why do they look so smooth...? Like a... Girl's? My bangs fall into my face and run my fingers through them. Is it just me or is my bangs longer than it was yesterday? What is going on? I see a mirror in the room and leap off the bed to sprint to it. Inside the mirror, I see... Rin's reflection.


I slap myself. Wake up Len! Now! When nothing happens, I start waving at the mirror like an idiot. Rin's reflection waves back the same time I wave. What. The. Hell. "Um." I say, and instead of hearing my masculine voice, I hear Rin's soft high voice. Oh my god. Suddenly, the phone rings, surprising me. I jump up to grab the phone, but hesitate to press the answer button. Then I glance at the caller ID and gawk. On the tiny screen, I see my home phone number. Without thinking, I answer and say, "Hello?" Hearing Rin's voice again makes me jump. This time it sounds shaky and insecure.

"Len?" I hear my voice an octave higher on the other line. Wait what? Why does this person have my voice? It take me a millisecond to understand. If this person is Rin, I think I understand what's happening.

"Rin?" I ask, my voice not as shaky as before.

"Y-yes." She says. Oh my god. After this, she starts speaking 200 words a minute. "Holy-crap-what-is-going-on-I-mean-how-is-this-possible-I-woke-up-and-omigosh-why-am-I-in-your-clothes-and-have-your-voice-and-oh-god-do-you-know-what-happened-I-think-it-was-the-drinks."

"Woah, woah, slow down! I have no idea what you just said." I say, trying to grasp the main idea of what she said. All I heard was 'clothes', 'voice', and 'drinks'. My mind suddenly fills with all the dirty things she could have meant by 'clothes'...

I hear her take a deep breath. "I said..." She hesitates, "I think we switched bodies."


Okay fine, maybe I was kind of suspecting that, but to hear Rin suggest that, is pretty shocking. "Wait, hold on. First of all, I'm no Einstein, but even I know that's not what you just said a minute ago. And second of all, that's not possible." Yeah, I'm in denial.

"Okay hotshot, how do you think this happened?" She snaps. Damn, this is not a good time for her to get mad at me. Especially since it's super awkward hearing my own voice over the phone snap at me.

"I don't know, okay? We should sort this out in real life cause' hearing my voice over the phone is just weird." Just then, my, I mean, Rin's bedroom door swings open and I see an old lady standing in the doorway. "Uh... Why is there an old woman in your house?" I hiss frantically to the phone.

Her response almost makes me deaf. "Old woman?" She yells, "That's my mom!"


I hit the off button. Not because I meant to, I was just... You know. "Rin!" Rin's mom says sternly, "Why aren't you dressed yet? School is going to start in 10 minutes!"

"I'm not-" I stop mid-sentence. It hits me that I shouldn't let other people know I'm... A guy in a girl's body. "Sorry mom." I mutter. Then I realize what she just said. Get dressed? When I'm... A girl? Woah. This is going to be interesting.

Rin's POV

Did Len just hang up on me? That douchebag! Then I notice the time: 5:48 am. Usually if I'm not ready for school by 5:50 am, my mom comes into my room to tell me to get dressed. Wait a minute... If I'm Len, and Len's me, then when he gets dressed...

Oh my god.

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