Dean Winchester was a brave man. Dean Winchester was a determined man. Other people have called him things such as handsome, fearless, loving, and kind. One thing no one ever called Dean was righteous.

That is, except for Castiel.

Castiel Novak was an angel. Castiel Novak was the strongest in god's army. Other angels have called him perfect, divine, caring, and courageous. One thing on angel has called him is beautiful.

That is, except for Gabriel.

Gabriel Novak was an archangel. Gabriel Novak stood up for the humans and refused to look his eldest brothers in the eye. Other angels have called him stupid, cowardly, inefficient and a waste of time. One thing neither angel nor human has called him is perfect.

That is, except for Sam.

Sam Winchester was a tall man. Sam Winchester was a confused man that made choices without thinking. Others have called him intelligent, caring, thoughtless and daring. One thing on one ever called Sam was Sammy.

That is, except for Dean.

These four were determined to save mankind from utter obliteration. The pairs of brothers were quite alike. The eldest brothers- those who were stubborn and willing to sacrifice themselves for the younger brother- and the younger brothers – those who's smiles could light up a room, and who's intelligence was no match for Ivy League students. They were careful to cover their tracks and to watch out for each other.

It's a shame they all fell in love with eachother.