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Chapter 17:

Despite the fact that we had successfully defeated Royal Pain and kept the school from crashing to earth, we were still left with a small problem: a bus full of babies-heroically retrieved by yours-truly, Ron Wilson-Bus Driver.

And we were only eight, rather inexperienced high school students. Seven of which were freshmen to say the least.

"Now what?" Lash asked, scratching his head as we stood on the grass in the front of the school surveying the many baby carriages lined up around us, each of the babies peering happily at us. It would have been cute to me, if I didn't know for a fact that some of these babies were my teachers and parents and had the circumstances of which these babies were created had not been so unpleasant.

In response to Lash's question, none of us had any clear idea of what to do. The Pacifier wasn't our invention and as far as our freshmen Mad Science knowledge goes along with the fact that Lash admits he never pays attention in class, we were fresh out of luck in any possible ideas and our internal light bulbs had officially burned out for the night.

"Beats me." Will sighed, looking about him at the drooling babies.

"Perhaps I can be of assistance." A newer yet vaguely familiar voice chimed in, ringing us all out of our mindless fishing for helpful suggestions.

We turned toward the voice, finding it be coming from the baby carriage Warren was currently holding. In the small seat, sat a baby that was everything a baby should be, aside from the easily recognizable head of Mr. Medulla, still as bulbous as his baby-like body can handle and carry.

"It should only take me a few hours to reconfigure the Pacifier," Mr. Medulla explained in his younger voice, seeming oblivious of the weird looks we were currently giving him. But it soon became clear that we shouldn't care what part of the life cycle Mr. Medulla was in, so long as his brainpower remained at the same level as to help us. "Mr. Peace, would you please carry me to the Mad Science Lab?"

"Sure." Warren said, looking down at the baby as Mr. Medulla made another request.

"And Mr. Peace?"


"Regrettably, I have also made boom-boom." Mr. Medulla confessed with an impish smile.

And considering what his choice words and following expression implied, those of us not holding the baby carriage took one huge step backwards, as to say that none of us were offering up our help in changing a, as baby Medulla says, 'boom-boom' soiled diaper.

Warren lightly glared at us for leaving him with diaper duty, but nonetheless took Mr. Medulla up to his classroom. Now that we had a way of returning the babies to their un-Pacified nature, we figured it be best to get all the babies back inside. So one by one, the babies were taken inside and lined up outside of the Mad Science Lab, where Mr. Medulla worked his magic. Under two hours later, the Pacifier had been re-configured and Mr. Medulla returned himself to his original adult body. He de-Pacified the Sky High staff and adults first, starting with Principal Powers, so they could start safely re-direction people.

"People! If you have already been de-Pacified, please find your clothes and return to the gym!" Principal Power directed people as they entered the Mad Science lab as babies but left in their full-grown form, donning blankets to cover their almost nude forms.

The eight of us stood back in case we were needed again, but really Will and I were waiting for our parents to be de-Pacified and I wasn't in the mood of leaving Lash by himself. It went without saying what we were all convinced was going to happen to Lash. No matter the fact that he sort of assisted us at the end of the day and took a hesitant step to the good side, he was still mostly involved with this 'heinous' crime. He, himself, even admitted that he'd have to face the punishment when it came.

And it did come…right now.

"Mr. Livingston." The stern voice of Principal Powers came from behind us.

Lash sighed and I took his hand, comfortingly, as he turned around to face his punishment.

Principal Powers stood there with an arched eyebrow, her heeled foot tapping quickly as she stared Lash down with a look that could only be read as disappointment.

"Principal Powers." Lash acknowledged, looking down at the ground shamefully. "I'm in trouble, aren't I?"

"Heaps of it, young man. Your 'friends' were quick to spout your name as an accomplice and I am sad to say that I am not very surprised at your involvement with this plan. What possessed you to think that destroying Sky High was alright?"

"I don't know, ma'am. But I know that I can't apologize to make up for it."

"You're right about that one Mr. Livingston. Apologies will not make up for this offense. So, if you would kindly follow me, the beginning of your punishment will be dealt with starting tonight." Principal Powers urged Lash forward by the small flick of her finger and started down the hallway in the direction I believed was the Detention Room. I tried to speak up, to attempt to lighten Lash's punishment, if not lift it since that seemed highly unlikely. But I didn't.

"Mr. Livingston? Now," Principal Powers said, realizing that Lash was still standing beside me.

Lash released a despondent sigh and pulled me to him to kiss me on the cheek. He squeezed my hand tightly once more for reassurance and comfort before he let go and followed Principal Powers to the Detention Room.

I looked after them, now downhearted and saddened to be without Lash, even more so knowing that Lash had found some goodness in him tonight, but was still suffering a punishment. But what else did expect. The world doesn't always use a few good deeds to account for a crap load of not so good deeds.

"Lexi, he's going to be alright." Layla said, trying to bring me assurance as she patted my shoulder. "Besides, your parents have been de-Pacified."

At that, I was able to quickly brighten up and let optimism ring in around me. Behind me, I could hear the faint voices of the Strongholds, obviously de-Pacified as well, in conversation with my parents. I turned around and walked over to where our friends were standing behind our parents, who, at the moment, were trying to straighten out their super hero outfits.

"Mom? Dad?" Will started, trying to grab their attention.

"Guys?" I added, successfully gaining their attention.

Our parents instantly tackled us in tight embraces, seeming overjoyed that we were ok despite the fact that they were the ones who were just turned into babies by a high school student.

"Oh, honey! Thank God you are alright!" My mom said, while she and my dad twisted me here and there literally checking every inch of me for any damages.

I suddenly stilled their efforts. "I'm perfectly ok. But I should really be asking you two if you're alright. I mean, how was being a baby again?"

"It was fine, though, I could have done without the general infant nudeness." My dad said, making my mom and I laugh before Will asked for our attention.

"Look, Mr. and Mrs. Storm, mom and dad, I just want to say I am sorry because this whole thing was my fault." Will flat out said.

I looked at him utterly taken back at his apology. Not that I believed he was faultless in this whole situation, but I don't believe that he needed to take all the blame. How was he to know the extent of tonight's near-disaster and tragedy?

"Honey, you can't blame yourself." Mrs. Stronghold said, laying a hand on Will's shoulder.

"Yes, Will. What happened tonight was not your fault." My mom added.

"Exactly, Will. How were you to know that your girlfriend was a psychopath?" Mr. Stronghold asked.

Will rolled his eyes, as he had heard those adjectives associated with Gwen before. He glanced to me and I arched my eyebrows to give him an 'I-told-you-I'm-not-the-only-one-who-thought-so' look.

"No, it's not that she's a psycho…I mean, that's true….But it's the fact that you gave me one rule, and I broke it." Will admitted.

He looked up and found that his parents, as well as all of us, were waiting for him to elaborate more on this rule that he had broken.

"I-I took her into the inner sanctum."

There was a unified gasp, as we couldn't hide our shock at this. Every superhero family had one rule for their children and that was to never show anyone the inner sanctum, unless otherwise told. It sometimes even went without saying.

"I know, I know and I'm sorry. But that's how she got the Pacifier. The whole party she threw at our house was trap." He said, sounding extremely ashamed of his own naivety.

"And this homecoming dance was also trap, Will." My dad noted.

"We all fell into the Royal Pain's trap, but you and Lexi defeated her." Mr. Stronghold said, shedding a proud smile on both of us.

"Yes, you saved Sky High and everyone in her." Mrs. Stronghold added.

Will and I smiled appreciatively at the acknowledgment, but both of us knew that we could never take all of the credit. After all, I don't think we could have defeated Gwen at all if it were just the two of us.

"Well, you see it wasn't just us." Will explained, looking back at our friends.

"We didn't do it by ourselves." I turned around and squeezed in between Magenta and Ethan, throwing my arms over their shoulders.

Our parents seemed to have understood the message and grinned at our line of friends. They looked as though they were about to congratulate and recognize them, possibly further spurning their previous opinions about sidekicks, but Mr. Boy, who had also been successfully de-Pacified, walked over to us, two trophies in his hands.

"Excuse me. Steve, Josie, Daniel, and Susan? Even though it seems that Gwen only created these award as a means to lure you all to the dance…and your potential doom, they're still inscribed, so…"

He thrust the awards in our parents' direction and our parents slowly accepted them. They turned them around and around in their hands, reading the inscription on the little gold plate at the base of the trophy.

"We'd be honored to accept to accept these 'Heroes of the Year' awards." My dad said, then glanced at my mom, who took their trophy in her hands.

"But, I'm afraid these don't belong to us." She said, then passing a glance to Mrs. Stronghold.

"These belong to them." She stated. The four, world's greatest heroes turned to us, the five sidekicks and two heroes, holding the trophies out to us.

"The sidekicks. I mean, Hero Support." Mr. Stronghold said, correcting himself when he looked at Mr. Boy, his own former sidekick.

Mr. Stronghold placed their trophy in Ethan's hands and my parents gave me theirs. We brought them together in the center of our little semi-circle and we all reached out to touch our trophies, proudly. Warren and Will hung back, thinking they weren't part of the people allowed to touch it, but we squashed that idea and yanked them over to place their hands or fingers on the trophy wherever there was empty space.

"Why don't we just call them what they really are, Steve?" My dad asked, as they looked on at us with pleasant and proud smiles.

Mr. Stronghold nodded in agreement.


If we could smile any bigger then we currently were, we would. Finally being recognized for what we really were gave us a greater sense of pride than ever before. And Layla had an even bigger reason to be happy because now the sensitive hierarchy of our school has been toppled; she's probably secretly rubbing this in Coach Boomer's face right now.

And speaking of Coach Boomer…

Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

Coach Boomer, who seemed to have just returned from retrieving his clothes from the gym, stood behind my parents, shifting back and forth on his feet, an uncharacteristically apologetic look on his face as he cleared his throat rather deliberately and loudly.

My parents turned to face Coach Boomer, my dad instantly tensing and straightening up at the sight of his old school bully. He gathered me and my mom to his side, possessively draping his arms on both of us before he spoke.


"Storm." Boomer reiterated, though in less defensive tone than my dad.

"What can we do for you, Boomer?" My mom asked, stiffly.

Boomer's jaw tensed and he pursed his lips as he looked at the family in front of him. Two of us are the some of the World's Greatest Heroes. One of us he despises, another one of us he wishes he still had, and the last of us, is the off spring of both. It's like the downsides of his life wrapped in a little family package.

"I would like to…apologize to Lexi and both of you for treating you all….unfairly. I was wrong and I am now aware that my judgment was undeserved. So I apologize to Lexi for that. Also, I also owe thanks to the sidekicks…er…Hero Support, for without them…I'd still be a baby." Boomer ground out, slowly but surely, his hands wringing themselves into fists. This obviously pained him to say and we all could see it.

My parents seemed more than pleased, which is nothing short of how much my friends were enjoying this at the moment as they were currently smirking and basking in the moment that would most likely not happen again very soon. The circumstances of tonight have proven themselves more positive and advantageous than most, as you can see.

"And, in addition to that, I can reconsider all of you for placement and let you move up to Hero Class." Boomer said, ignoring the looks enjoyment we were wearing.

But the news of the opportunity to move up a class silenced our snickering and made us stop and almost consider it. We looked at one another, looking for each other's opinions, before Ethan piped up.

"Are you for real?"

"Yes, we are." The voice of Principal Powers said as she approached us from behind Boomer. "By unanimous decision of the school faculty, we believe that you all deserve to be moved up a class. What do you all say?"

A mutual, knowing look was traded among us and words were no longer needed for us to come to an agreement about this. They looked to me as the one to answer.

"As nice as that is for you to offer, Principal Powers, I think we're all happy right where we are right now." I said, hugging my friends close to my side to emphasize my point and giving Mr. Boy a reassuring wink. "Hero class or no hero class, we're all still taught the same basic lesson: to save the world and being in Hero Support, is our way of doing it. So thank you, but no." I told her politely.

Surprisingly, Principal Powers didn't seem fazed or surprised at our decision, which is much more than we can say about Boomer whose face became much like a dried fish gasping for air. As a matter of fact, the smile Principal Powers wore seemed to only grow wider.

"Spoken like true heroes." Principal Powers commented proudly, before walking away, a still dumbfounded Boomer following on her trail.

Our parents turned to us. "Well, that was refreshing, don't you think?"

"I think I've had enough for one night." My dad said, yawning and stretching. "We'll see you at home, sweetheart." Both of my parents leaned over and kissed me on my cheeks.

Will's parents did the same and were soon standing beside my parents. They waved at us and started to walk away, but Mr. Stronghold stopped short and turned around once more to direct one more comment at Mr. Boy.

"Oh! And Jonathon," Mr. Boy perked up and brightened at the fact that Mr. Stronghold did in fact remember him enough call him by his first name. "Whatever you are teaching these kids…keep teaching them."

Mr. Boy seemed positively thrilled at the recognition. For him, I could only assume it was like the perfect teacher's dream: having students whom he taught so well, that they were able to save a school and defeat a super villain, and being recognized for his work. And only to add to his already flustered and completely honored state of mind, Mrs. Stronghold and my mom went over to him and smoothly pecked him on both of his cheeks. His knees buckled and he all but collapsed on the floor from an overflow of excitement. Luckily Ethan and Zach were there to help him up.

Our parents sent us one more of their warm smiles and extra waves before their four figures were disappearing down the hallway, giving the ground their ever-so honorable and confident stepping trails.

"Tonight was something, wasn't it?" I asked out loud, as soon as Mr. Boy left us after he gathered his wits about himself.

"Yeah, we're heroes. We're actually heroes." Ethan breathed, both disbelievingly and excitedly.

Layla smiled. "We always have been. People just…finally know it."

"And you know what I think we should do now?" Zach asked.

We all looked at him. "What?"

"Finish the dance!"

We all were elated to agree that we were well-deserving of some light hearted enjoyment, even tom foolery if time allowed it, after everything we had done tonight. Not as an obligation, but rather just the fact that we want throw all this seriousness off our shoulders and just have fun for awhile. After all, this was supposed to be homecoming.

So with that intention in mind, we went to the gym, which seemed to have had some rapid clean-up since the fight, where everyone was gathering as soon as the de-Pacifying process was coming to grand finish. Mr. Medulla was standing at the podium and he soon called for everyone's attention.

"I have successfully de-Pacified all the babies, and destroyed that horrible weapon forever." He announced, earning loud cheers all across the gym.

Mr. Medulla smiled, not one of his creepy Mad Scientist smiles, but an actual smile before he spoke again into the microphone. "Let's boogie!"

At that, the gym lights dimmed and the disco and colorful spotlights were turned on. The DJ flicked on the music, blasting it to its top level, and immediately the gym floor became a dance floor as everyone took the floor to happily dance away the remnants of earlier.

I stood back as I watched my friends take part of the festivities. Will and Layla disappeared through the crowd and I had not found any reason to look for them. Ethan had been approached by a shy, but sweet girl that was in our Mad Science class and had apparently been eyeing him for awhile now, so those two were dancing the night away at the moment. To my right, Magenta and Zach watched the dance floor, feigning boredom and I could hear the bits of their conversation.

"It's so sweet I could hurl." Zach said to Magenta, trying to sound as indifferent as her.

"I know, right." Magenta agreed.

A few minutes later…

"Do you wanna dance?" Magenta asked.

"Yes." Zach eagerly answered, before he realized himself and made a calmer, cooler response. "I mean, yeah…yeah, sure."

And soon those two were hand in hand and dancing to the beat of the music.

"Wow, took those two long enough." Warren said from my other side.

I smiled at all the pairings sparking within my friends. "If you haven't noticed, that tends to be a trend around us." I laughed.

"Valid point." He said.

We went silent for a bit and continued to keep an observant eye around the dance floor. In the corner of my eye, I saw a pretty blonde haired girl in a light blue dress that I recognized as the girl who had frozen those boys on the first day of school, staring at Warren from across the gym, but he seemed to not have noticed at all. I smirked a bit to myself before leaning over to him.

"I think you should ask Freeze Girl over there to dance." I told him, subtly nodding my head in the girl's direction.

I was surprised when I caught a small flush hit his cheeks. "I don't dance." He grumbled, looking at the floor.

"And you didn't want to make friends, yet look at where you are." I countered, knowing he couldn't argue with me there.

Warren actually looked nervously at Freeze Girl and straightened up, and I was instantly reminded that no matter how much powers we have, we were all still teenagers to the core. I made way for Warren to cross the gym to Freeze Girl and he made movement to do so, but suddenly hesitated.

"Wait, as gentlemanly as it is for me to go ask her to dance, it would make me a terrible 'friend' if I left you here by yourself." Warren said.

It was then I remembered that when Warren went off to pair off with Freeze Girl, I would be the lone single of the group now. Don't misunderstand, I was beyond ecstatic for my friends and of course wished the best for them and their relationships. But now, I was the only one without a significant other to dance the night away with, seeing as he was currently locked in the Detention Room for the rest of the dance. But then again…I could always…

I smiled to myself.

I quickly turned to Warren. "And as nice as that is Warren. I think I'll be fine. Go ask her."

"You sure?" He asked.

I nodded my head assuredly as my sly thoughts were formulating in my head. "Yeah, I've got an idea actually. So I'll be right back. Have fun though!" I assured him, while I walked backwards to the gym doors.

I bit my lip in excitement at what I was about to do as I heard the gym door slam shut behind me. I casually made my way out of the main hallway where some couples were simply conversing and didn't start to run till I reached an empty hallway.

I looked around some more to ensure that the coast was clear, before I carefully crept towards a special looking white door in the middle of the hallway. A plate near the door read to me clearly, "Detention", and I stood on my toes to peer into the room, where I found the whole Royal Pain team sitting wallowing in their own misfortune. But my eyes were only drawn to the striped figure of Lash sitting at the far end of the room. I smirked to myself as I drew away from the door and placed my hand on the key plate to open the door. With a small twitch of electricity, the door immediately slid open and I felt the eyes dart to the door to see who was entering.

Lash sat up in his desk, perking up. "Lexi?"

I smiled mischievously and casually leaned on the door frame of the room, crossing my arms over my chest. "You know, it really sucks to be at homecoming without your homecoming date." I said to him, ignoring the rolled eyes I was getting from the other three in the room.

Lash gave me a crooked grin but it faltered. "But what are you doing here? You could get in a whole lot of trouble."

I shook my head at him, as he was missing the point of me appearing here, and decided to spell it out to him. "Lash, what does it look like I'm doing? I'm breaking you out of here! Besides, you already broke majority of the school rules, what's so bad with a few more?"

Lash looked at his desk, around the room, and then back at me, actually thinking about making a break for it, which I thought was really uncommon for him. I rolled my eyes at him and decided to make this easier for him.

"Lash, come on." I said, sweetly, holding my hand out to him.

Lash gave a last contemplative look around the room, and he finally seemed to have made his decision, instantly signaled by the smile stretching across his face. In the next second, Lash was up and out of his seat, his hand tightly grasped in mine. We stepped out of the Detention Room, paying no mind to the looks that the other detainees were giving us as I touched the key pad again to slide the door shut—wouldn't want any of them escaping would we?

Once we were out in the quiet hallway, he weaved his fingers in between mine and low laughter escaped our lips. I placed a finger over my lips to request silence, so I could safely lead us back to the gym without catching too much attention, after all, it would suck that I broke Lash out of 'high school prison' only to be caught again.

But I spoke a little too soon.

"Miss Storm."

"Damn." I muttered underneath my breath as Principal Powers' voice prevented us from making a free break into the gym.

Our hands tightened together and I slowly turned to face Principal Powers', knowing that there was no way I was going to avoid looking guilty.

"And where do you think you two are going exactly?" She asked, looking pointedly at Lash then at me and it was in that instant I knew that she was assuming Lash had enlisted my help to break him out from Detention, and I couldn't let her believe that, so I immediately spoke up.

"Principal Powers, Lash had nothing to do with this. This was all me," I stated, referring to our current position and continued on before Principal Powers or Lash could say anything, "Yes, I know, Lash…was involved with the plan to destroy Sky High and sure he hasn't been the best student around. But…but he realized it was wrong early on and he did what he could to help us stop Royal Pain in the end. Doesn't that count for something?" I asked, doing what I could to vouch for the boy whom I may have possibly fallen for over the course of everything that has happened.

Principal Powers looked stunned once again, perhaps because just an hour or so ago she was telling me about how I was speaking like a true hero and yet here I was. Her narrowed eyes flickered in from me to Lash, then they dropped to our intertwined hands and she visibly softened, even the edge of her lips quirking up the slightest bit.

"Unfortunately, Miss Storm, it doesn't." She sighed.

I gave an audible sigh and sagged my shoulders.

"However," Principal Powers started again, her tone of voice reinvigorating a glimmer of hope in me. "Technically, the Detention Room should only be in commission during school hours and it was only being used to contain Royal Pain and her team for the night."

Lash and I shared a look. "What does that mean?"

Principal Powers smiled. "It means….that you two can go enjoy the rest of the dance."

Lash and I gasped in surprise that Principal Powers was turning a blind eye and I think Lash and I had to resist the urge to reach out hug Principal Powers. But we couldn't contain ourselves and did it anyways. We thanked her continuously and finally pulled away, ready to get to the gym, but Principal Powers stopped us once more before we did.

"But Mr. Livingston, your punishment does begin on Monday." She reminded him, doing her obligatory role as principal.

But despite her serious words, Lash still smiled and accepted it. Principal Powers gave us one more smile and waved before leaving us, acting as if she had never run into us in the first place. Once she was gone, Lash pulled us into the gym, where the dance floor and party was still filled up to the brim. No one noticed us enter, but I figured that was what we wanted. We situated ourselves near the edges of the dance floor, where it seemed far more private, and Lash immediately wound his arms around my waist and held me close as we started to sway to the music.

"You know, I think I am finally realizing why I love being around you, Lexi." Lash said to me.

I wrapped my hands across the back of his neck, my fingers playing with the ends of his hair. "And your conclusion is?"

Lash sighed and held me closer. "Well, for one thing, you've broken me out of trouble more than once already."

I pulled away immediately and feigned an appalled look. "Oh, and here I was thinking that you actually liked me out of the goodness of your heart."

Lash laughed and adjusted his hold on my waist. "Well, you didn't exactly let me finish. Yes, I do enjoy the fact that you are capable of bailing me out of trouble, but that's not all I enjoy." He said, his voice growing quieter, more personal sounding.

I tilted my head upwards, finding Lash's eyes trained on me. "Like?"

Lash's lowered his head and one of his hands left my waist to softly touch my cheek. "Like your incredible talent of being pretty no matter what." His words were hushed and endearing. I couldn't stop the blush on my cheeks, where he pecked his lips on both, or the shivers coming down the back of my neck, where his hand moved next to cradle it softly.

"Really." I breathed, feeling my insides twist and fixed my hold around Lash's neck so that he was closer to me as he continued to whisper his reasons to me.

"There's also your never-ending wit and brains that makes conversations with you meaningful and memorable." He said, almost chuckling as he pressed a kiss to my forehead to emphasize his point.

I couldn't say anything to that. I mean, he's admitting appreciation to liking my intelligence. I never thought guy would admit such a thing. But I remember that Lash has a knack for proving people wrong, especially me.

"Then there's your massive amount of good will and heroic spirit." He kissed me on the nose then and tilted his forehead down till it was touching mine, his eyes half-lidded and slowly things started to become blurry around us like we weren't even at the dance anymore.

"Then…there are your lips."

I blinked a few times as the words settled in my head, and I had a very good idea of where this was going…and hell to it I wasn't stopping it.

'What about them?" I asked, automatically biting on my lower lip in anticipation.

"The fact that I can do this…"

And with that, his head ducked and his lips were pressed against mine. It was warm and sweet, and I could literally feel him smiling smugly behind the kiss, but I only muffled that by tightening my hold around his neck to bring him closer. In response, his arms twisted an extra amount around me before he lifted me up into the air and spun me around. I never broke that kiss and neither did he.


Because kissing Lash was worth fighting through psychotic super villains. It's worth 'survival of the fittest' through High School.

And because kissing Lash is like…


That's for me to know.

I'll stop the world and melt with you.

You've seen the difference

And it's getting better all the time.

There's nothing you and I won't do.

I'll stop the world and melt with you.

Awesome! So, first off, song credit obviously goes to its rightful owners, Bowling for Soup if we're using the Sky High reference here because I don't remember the name of the original band of the song (my dad will be disappointed). But anyhoots, here is a bit of a proposition: if any of you would like me to write some sort of epilogue to this than please feel free to ask for one. If I receive enough support I will most likely write one. If not many responses, and you are all happy with this, then there's nothing left for me to say but: Bye, until the next story!:)