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Sunny days bring Shopping Trips

Two Months Before New Moon


Today was a sunny day in Forks. One of the very scarce sunny days Forks has. I didn't like these days one bit.

Not just because of the fact that I couldn't be in public, but because that was one day less with my Bella. She had a job during the day, at Newton's Olympic Outfitters.

This I didn't like at all. When I pick her up at the end of the day, it takes all the strength I have, not to rip his blonde little head off!

I told her as much, a few days before.

"Bella, I can not stand you working there. That Mike character doesn't keep his thoughts to himself,"

"Oh, Edward, is it really that bad? Would you like me to quit the job? It's rather boring, actually. We hardly do anything."

Oh, sweet Bella, always thinking about others before herself. "Love, you don't have to do that, I was just saying, that he better control his thoughts, if he wants to keep his head,"

"Edward, I'm quitting, no but's about it. Honestly, I'd rather spend a day cooped up in doors on a sunny day, than hear about what kind of clothes is best to wear on a day in the woods,"

"Bella, are you sure? You do need the money for ..."

"Edward Anthony Cullen, I'm absolutely, positively sure. As long as I don't have to go shopping everyday for the rest of the summer!" I chuckled.

"Oh, we'll avoid that at all costs. Alice can't force you to go shopping," Relief crossed her face.

"Thank you, Edward!" "You're welcome, Bella,"

The day after that, yesterday, to be exact, she told Mrs. Newton.

She had to quit, and that she was so very sorry, but her boyfriend's family was taking her to Los Angeles, so how else could she work long distance?

She promised, to my dismay, to work after school.

"Oh, that's fine, dear! I hope you have a splendid time over there!"

"Thank you, Mrs. Newton. Again, I'm very sorry,"

"It's fine, dear, now run along, I'll send your paycheck in the mail!"

I had heard all of that from the car. She hopped in smiling.

"I'm free! finally!" I laughed.

"Until school starts,"

"Right, yeah, but that's two months away!""

"I'm going to have to make this trip back home quick, you're bouncing like Alice, when she's excited,"

"I'm just so happy, now come on, I think I actually want to go shopping!" I groaned.

"Bella, you'll be the death of me. Though, I'm lucky I'm not Jasper, he has to deal with these excited emotions, now let's go home,"

I backed out of the parking lot, and sped home. As soon as we'd entered the house, Alice had attacked her, and they both, squealed.

Bella Swan, squealed, because she was going shopping!

"Where do we go first?" She'd asked.

"The mall of course!" Alice said, grabbing the keys to Carlisle's Mercedes, and running out the door, Bella on her heels.

"Bye, Edward, see you later!" She said, grinning.

I'd hoped for her sake, that she'd come back in one piece.

Now here I sit, a day later, waiting for her to return.

As usual, Alice had seen something she wanted, in Canada. Rosalie had gone too, in her BMW, leaving just Esme, Carlisle, Jasper Emmett and I.

"Don't worry Edward, she'll probably bring something ahem, revealing for you!" Emmett said, from the doorway. I snapped my head up.

"Emmett McCarthy Cullen, you really want to start, again?"

"Fine, fine, you're such a kill joy!"

I heard both the cars come down the driveway. I stood and ran down the stairs. I flung the door open.

Alice was blocking her thoughts with, "Oops, I didn't again, I played with your heart. Got lost in the game. Ooh baby baby ..."

Bella jumped out of the car, and ran straight for me.

"Edward! I missed you!" I caught her just before she fell.

I missed clumsy Bella.

"I loved shopping, really I did! We bought so much! I love all my new stuff, I can't wait to go to Charlie's to rearrange my wardrobe!"

"Alice," I growled. "What?" She asked sweetly.

"Did brain wash her?"


"Did you drug her up?"

"Of course not, Edward, she actually liked shopping, let her live a little!"

"Sorry, sorry," I said under my breath.

"Come on, Edward, we bought you stuff too!" Bella said, puling me to the Mercedes.

I knew this was going to be the longest day of my existence. I decided to enjoy it. It was Bella after all.

So up the stairs I went with about thirty bags of clothes, Cd's and hair products.

I would definitely have to ask Alice why these were in the bags.

"No time to waste," Bella said, rushing over to my closet, and pulling the door open.

"These need to go," She said, throwing out a stack of clothes, that I'd already worn once.

"You're really turning into an Alice," I said, laughing.

"No, you just need to be up to date on your clothing," Bella said, hands on her hips.

"I can assure you I am," I said, picking up the stack of clothes up off the floor.

"Not as of Saturday, you haven't. New trends are out,"

"Glorious," I mumbled.

"No mumbling, whatever you have to say, say it out loud so my human ears can hear,"

"Yes, your highness,"

"Edward, Anthony, Masen, Cullen!" She said, throwing a shirt at me.

"Do not insult me!"

I heard Alice giggling from her room.

"Who are for and what happened to my girlfriend?" I asked.

"I had an intervention and she's right here," She said.

"When and where did you get an intervention?" I asked.

"In the lingerie section at Victoria's Secret, yesterday,"

"Oh, well, why there?"

"A pair of pink underwear inspired me, to become more girlie, so to speak,"

"And snobby, if I may add," Rose said, from the doorway.

"Wow, I guess spending time with you, it rubbed off on her," I said, looking at Rose.

"No, it has nothing to do with her, leave her alone,"


"Sure, now try all this clothes on, Alice will come and inspect, I have to pee!"

"TMI," I said under my breath.

"Say that again? I didn't hear that,"

Bella said, coming back in the room.

"I said, TMI,"

"I'm your girlfriend, you need to know these things,"

"Yes, I know," I said, frustrated with her, for the first time.

When she was gone, Rose stepped up to me.

"Alice did do something to her," She whispered low enough so only I could hear.


"She filled her up with loads of caffeine, I guess she's winding down. She hasn't slept, I think that's what's making her cranky,"

"Thank you, Rose," I said, relieved.

I heard a thud from the bathroom.

"Bella!" I dropped all the clothes and pulled the door open, not caring if I broke it.

There, sprawled out on the floor, was Bella, sleeping.

"Told you," Rose said, from behind me.

"Oh, and, you better go to the hardware store. Esme wouldn't like the door this way,"

I looked and found that the door was completely unhinged, and the doorknob was ripped off.

"Could you, babysit Bella for me?" I asked, picking her up from the ground.

"Sure, no problem, and ... don't worry about the clothes, it fits you anyway,"

"Thank you, again Rosalie,"

I carried her to my room, where I found Alice whizzing around putting everything away.

"Mary Alice Brandon, you will not ever do this to her again, is this understood?"

"Yes, Sir Edward,"

She said, smirking.

"And I'll tell Carlisle to disable all your credit cards,"

"No! no! no! no! please! no! Edward, you can't!"

"I can, Carlisle, cancel them,"

"Will do," I heard the reply from his study.

"No!" She shrieked, and ran as fast as she could out the door.

Bella was still sleeping.

I left her with Rose, and went to the store.

When I returned, I found a very, sad Alice on the couch, staring into space.

"Carlisle cancelled my cards," She said pouting.



She whined.

"Sorry, can't help you, I have a door to fix,"

"Some brother you are,"

"Some sister you are, you drugged up my girlfriend with caffeine!"

"I wanted to er to have fun!"

"Having her high on coffee isn't a solution, Alice,"

"Edward, please?"

"Will you stop dragging Bella shopping?"


"Will you make it up to er, some way, some how?"


"Will you promise to not do this again?"


"Okay, go and talk to Carlisle,"

"Thank you!" She squealed.

I went back upstairs, and began repairing the door. Rose passed me in the hall.

"She still sleeping, Rose?"

"Yes, she hasn't even sleep talked,"

"How interesting. She usually does," I said, drilling the knob on the door.

"Edward ..." Rose hesitated.

"Yes?" "I'm sorry for always being so rude to Bella, I was just ... so envious of her,"

"Have you told her that?" I said, as I lifted the door into position.

"I want to, today actually, may I?"

"Of course. When the time comes, I'll leave you to it,"

"Thank you,"


I really couldn't wait for Rosalie to talk to Bella. My life would be so much more easier.

I had a feeling there were going to be way more adventures this summer, than the one before.

I smiled.

Let the fun ... begin!


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