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This takes place in between the end of Book II and the Beginning of Book III.

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Rosalie POV

The baby in my arms was anything but plain. Her cheeks flamed with color. Her hair was the exact same shade as her fathers. Her eyes, the most beautiful shade of chocolate. She was perfect. She already had a set of perfect little teeth. Her mouth the exact same shape as Bella's.

This perfect little being a perfect mixture of both her parents was beautiful. I can even say she's more beautiful than I am. With one glance you wouldn't even think her the same person who had destroyed her mother just a few minutes ago.

I walked into the kitchen, Renesmee in my arms. Her eyes were wide and alert as she looked around at everything, the counter, the refrigerator, and dishwasher. I walked to the refrigerator and pulled out one of the few bags of blood Alice and Jasper had brought home a few hours ago. I poured some into a metal cup, and warmed it in the microwave.

Bad idea, I know, but that was the fastest way to get food into her mouth quicker than running into the forest for fresh blood.

After it was warmed, I went to the living room and sat on the clean end of the sofa. Renesmee looked at the blood covered portion and looked at me, a puzzled expression on her face. "Nothing you need to worry about, sweetheart." I said.

Her big brown eyes stared at the mess as she drank her dinner. She mumbled nonsense as she drank. Suddenly, I heard footsteps, slow and heavy coming down the stairs.

I ignored them as I lifted Renesmee to kiss her little face. The footsteps stopped nearby. "You're full, aren't you, baby?" I said patting her back. Did she have to be burped? I heard the person take a long, slow breath. Renesmee turned her little head in that direction.

She stared for a while. What was so interesting? I turned and rolled my eyes. Jacob. He was staring at her, his face expressionless. He was shaking slightly. I knew what it was. He wanted to kill her!

I hissed menacingly as he stared. "Get…away…from…here!" I growled. He didn't respond. He just kept staring. I noticed he stopped shaking after a while.

He opened his mouth and said, "Renesmee…is…beautiful." Why would he care? Its not like he was her father, or brother. Why would he think that? The only reason a guy of his kind would ever consider a girl to be so beautiful that he stopped and stared like a fool was if he…

Oh no… He did not! Out of all the girls… it had to be my beautiful, precious niece?! I clutched the baby close as he stepped forward.

"Rosalie. Its okay." Jasper said from the stairs. He clearly felt what Jacob was feeling. I hissed. "Over my pile of ashes!"

Jacob looked straight at me and glared at me. "Hey now! Be nice." Emmett was back. I sighed, and held her out to him. "If you ever hurt her, dog. I swear, I'll chase you clear to Canada and—" "

Calm down, babe." Emmett said, holding me by my arm. Jacob took Renesmee and held her like she was a piece of art.

I heard the back door open as Esme and Carlisle stepped inside with blood in mugs, and jugs. "How is she?" Carlisle asked setting everything he held on the floor.

"She's going under the transformation." Alice said coming down the stairs. Esme rushe over to Jacob and looked down at the small child in his arms. "Its Renesmee." He said holding her out to her.

Esme took her into her arms and gasped quietly. "Hello little one. I'm Esme. Its so wonderful to finally meet you. We've been waiting for you."

The baby lifted her little hand and placed it on Esme's cheek. Esme stared blankly off into space. As soon as she dropped her hand from her face, Esme looked at Carlisle.

"Carlisle. She's… gifted." "What do you mean?" Carlisle asked quickly rushing over to them. "She… she showed me…Bella."

Carlisle held his arms out toward the baby. She smiled a breathtaking smile and went to him. "Hello Renesmee. We've been waiting a long time for you. You look just like your parents." Renesmee smiled again, and put her hand on his face.

What were they seeing? Carlisle looked shocked. Renesmee just dropped her hand and looked around the room. "Amazing." He whispered.

"What did she show you?" Jasper asked. "She showed me the same thing as Esme. Bella." "Does she know who she is?" I asked. "Yes." Carlisle said.

Alice, Emmett and Jasper took their turns holding her. Esme got to work cleaning out the blood from her couch. Carlisle went upstairs to check on Bella and Edward.

I looked at Jacob who stood to the side, his eyes never leaving Rnesmee. "At least Edward hasn't ripped your head off." I said. "Watch it happen when he doesn't expect it." Emmett said.

"Rosalie Lillian hale! Emmett McCarty Cullen! Stop that! Right now." Esme said from where she stood at the kitchen sink. "Sorry." Emmett mumbled.

Things were definitely going to be different around here. Bella wouldn't be a delicate human anymore. We had a new little baby to take care of. Jacob had imprinted on her. And every bump in the relationship Bella and I have is smooth now.

Carlisle, Emmett and Jasper started looking on the Internet, and through Carlisle's books for any information on hybrid children. Edward would not leave Bella's side for any amount of time.

So that left them short-handed. Whenever Renesmee wasn't with any of us, she was in Jacob's arms. Don't get me wrong, Jacob looked attractive with a baby in his arms. But not if she was my first and only niece.

On the third day, Alice came streaking down the stairs. A big smile was on her face. "Its time! Its time! Its time! Its time! Its time!"

"Time for what?" Jacob asked. Leave it to him to be so damn oblivious to what was going on around him. "Bella's almost done." I stood up and followed her. Jacob stayed where he was.

I followed Emmett, Jasper, Esme and Carlisle upstairs. Edward stood next to the bed holding Bella's hand tightly in his. Her heart was going at an alarming speed. I remembered that too well. She was indeed almost done transforming into a vampire.

When her heart reached its last Gull-ump, everyone went still. Not one of us took a breath. Her body was still…then… Her eyes flew open. They were a vibrant shade of red. I had forgotten how red they'd be.

I was prepared for her attack on us, but nothing came. Carlisle, Emmett, and Jasper stood protectively in front of Alice, Esme and I.

"Bella?" Edward asked. She flew off the table in less than a second and stood in a crouch position. Half a second later she stood up, and looked at all of us. Edward started to approach her slowly, his hand outstretched.

They hugged, and exchanged words. Emmett cleared his throat a little annoyed. Count on my dear husband to kill the mood for the lovely couple.

Everything was finally settling into place. The last of the puzzle pieces of our lives were finally coming together. Bella was a wonderful addition to our coven. And so was her beautiful, gifted daughter, Renesmee Carlie Cullen.

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