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-Pres. Snow







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GirlonFire: It's cool that Panem has technology like this! :)

BreadBoy: IKR! I wish it were introduced sooner! ;)

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MaleGale: For once I agree with Mellark

GirlonFire: Gale… why is your username Male Gale?

MaleGale: well because of my idiotic name I get confused for a woman :P

BreadBoy: That's not the only reason why…

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Foxface: I know how you feel. I get called Foxface because somebody *cough*Katniss*cough* said it on camera a few years ago and it stuck. It's ironic my last name is Fox.

GirlonFire: …

BreadBoy: …

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: Everybody makes mistakes

GirlonFire: Yeah. It wasn't my fault, I didn't, and still don't, know your name.

Foxface: Finch

: Everybody has those days

Foxface: Tell me about it. My older sister's name is Amber

GirlonFire: Amber Fox? I am so sorry.

Foxface: So am I

: 1, 2, 3, 4. Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days, everybody knows what, what I'm talkin' about. Everybody gets that way.

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DrunkVictor: And I thought this would be boring. I was so wrong!

MahoganyQueen: I didn't know President Snow would be in a chat room let alone sing in one…

: Sometimes I'm in a jam. I've got to make a plan. It might be crazy. I do it anyway-

MahoganyQueen: I'm leaving


MahoganyQueen: All right, all right!

DrunkVictor: Why must he always be in the spotlight?

: Spotlight! Yes! *Clears throat* So, may I have your attention? Look in my direction

MaleGale: You just had to say that didn't you?

GirlonFire: I'm so mixed up

: Mixed Up!

BreadBoy: Boy, we have quite the party

: ! We Got the Party!

MaleGale: Yeah, Snow's a real rock star

: Even better!

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ButtercupFan: What did I miss?

Foxface: You missed Hannah Montana

ButtercupFan: Huh?

: Sometimes I walk a little faster in the school hallway just to get next to you *points at Finnick Odair poster* Some days I spend a little extra time in the morning just to impress you-

ButtercupFan: Oh my. That's… interesting.

BreadBoy: So…

MahoganyQueen: I don't know what to say anymore. Not like I did before…

: I could be a rock star

ButtercupFan: Well, life's what you make it

GirlonFire, BreadBoy, MaleGale, Foxface, MahoganyQueen, and DrunkVictor: NO!

ButtercupFan: What? What did I do?

GirlonFire: Every time you mention a Hannah Montana song he'll sing it.


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I'mTheSexGodOfPanem: Things seems quite. Why?


I'mTheSexGodOfPanem: Well I came to break the silence but because of my rugged handsomeness I'm guessing you're all speechless.

Foxface: Oh trust me, you'll be an Avox when you hear President Snow's rendition of Hannah Montana

: Oh My Sex God, it's Finnick Odair *screams like a girl, faints*

6 minutes later

: *gets back up*

I'mTheSexGodOfPanem: I will admit this is not the kind of attention I wanted :(

: We haven't met and that's okay, cuz you will be asking for me one day.

I'mTheSexGodOfPanem: Oh I doubt that

ButtercupFan: lol

MahoganyQueen: I'd prefer to die in the Hunger Games

: And I think that I can shake you. I know where I stand I know who I am I would never run away when life gets bad. It's everything I see every part of me, gonna get what I deserve. I got nerve.

DrunkVictor: Oh is that true or what?

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: *thinks about next verse* *giggles* *smiles* Electrified from Beetee's wire, Cinna can make me the Man on Fire

*Track starts skipping*

: Oh forget it!

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