BreadBoy: I'm a baker. End of story

LoveYourKnife: What if you didn't have that option?

PrincessOfSparkles: Why don't we look through a phonebook and pick one without looking, and that would be out job?

GirlonFire: I like it! Peeta first

PrincessOfSparkles: Peeta… works at Columbia Mental Health Services

BreadBoy: Just what I always wanted

PerfumeFish: Me next!

PrincessOfSparkles: Annie… works at Hot Shots Party Center

PerfumeFish: What the hell?

ElegantCashmere: Ooh, what about me?

PrincessOfSparkles: Cashmere… you work at Deno's Pizzeria

ElegantCashmere: I shouldn't have asked

PrincessOfSparkles: Prim, you're next. You… work at Best Buy

ButtercupFan: Okay…

PrincessOfSparkles: Thresh… you work at Goodwill

RockBeatsScissors: It's my dream job, sarcasm people

Foxface: What about me?

PrincessOfSparkles: You work for the Airport Express Cab Company

Foxface: Yuck

PrincessOfSparkles: Cato… Daily Double Bar and Grill

Marvel-ousSpears: *laughs*

HotterThanYou: Than what about you?

PrincessOfSparkles: First Baptist Church

HotterThanYou: *laughs*

Marvel-ousSpears: Moving on… what about Clover?

PrincessOfSparkles: Chabitas Bakery

BreadBoy: Wanna trade?

LoveYourKnife: Not really

PrincessOfSparkles: Okay, Enobaria…

GoldTeeth: I have braced myself

PrincessOfSparkles: Applied Pneumatic Controls

GoldTeeth: I didn't brace myself well enough

PrincessOfSparkles: Katniss… Dream Home Magic LLC

GirlonFire: *chuckles* I could have fun with this

PrincessOfSparkles: Glimmer… North Interstate Dental Office

GoldTeeth: You could be my dentist! If I went there

Glimmer-ousGirl: *Sarcasm* this excites me greatly

PrincessOfSparkles: Haymitch. Frank's Auto Wholesale

DrunkVictor: Not a good idea

PrincessOfSparkles: Effie. Children's Health Alliance

ButtercupFan: Effie? Want to trade?

MahoganyQueen: The please is all mine, believe me

PrincessOfSparkles: Gloss. Best Friends Bath and More

GuyGloss: I quit now

PrincessOfSparkles: Gale

HuntingHawthorne: Yippee

PrincessOfSparkles: Mountain View Middle School

HuntingHawthorne: Not my bag

PrincessOfSparkles: Finnick… Mattress World

I'mTheSexGodOfPanem: Am I allowed to take a nap on the beds?

PrincessOfSparkles: No. Next is… Brutus

PrincessOfSparkles: Fred Meyer

BrutalKiller: That would be quite the shock to customers

PrincessOfSparkles: Beetee. Buried Cable Locating Service

Volts: I'm not very pleased

PrincessOfSparkles: Johanna. Hotchkiss Marketing Solutions

AxeObsession: Grr

Marvel-ousSpears: Let's do one for you, shall we?

Marvel-ousSpears: Rue

Marvel-ousSpears: works

Marvel-ousSpears: at

Marvel-ousSpears: the

Marvel-ousSpears: Hillside Chapel

PrincessOfSparkles: Kill me, no pun intended

Sorry it's short, I have some other ideas in mind and thanks to your wonderful reviews I have used some of your suggestions! I may or may not have included a scenario at the lake or a game of truth or dare... we'll see