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"Maxine Martinez-"

"No, no, no. Listen Judge extensions, if you want me to respond, I'd liked to be called Maximum Ride. My actual name. Can you handle that? Or is that too much for that hollow shell you call a head?" I asked, smirking at the appalled look on her face. The police officer and his trainee were standing aside. The officer kept a straight face, but his trainee was smirking ever so slightly, and his shoulders shook as he tried not to laugh. I wasn't sure if it was directed towards me or the Judge, for his sake, let's hope it's the judge.

"You are our of order Miss Martinez-"

"No, you're out of order! I gave you my name, and you're going to call me my name or I'll drag you with me down to Hell." I snapped, smiling sweetly. The judge was utterly shocked and scowled at me with disgust. I looked at my nails bored. Same as always.

"Miss Martinez..." The judge started once again, and this time I went into action, walking over to the trainee and smiling. The judge watched, slowing her sentence. "Miss Martinez," She stated again. "Get back to your seat."

"Hello there, I'm Maximum Ride. Are you smart enough to call me that, or are you dumber than the blonde with the hammer thingy?" I asked him, his black hair was brushed back out of his dark brown eyes that shimmering gold if they caught the light just right. He smirked at me.

"Miss Ride, I ask you kindly to go take your seat." He said with a small shrug. Earning a glare from the judge, and from the officer.

"Well, since you addressed me by my name, and said it so nicely," I patted his head, ruffling his hair up back into his eyes. He just continued to smirk at me. "I will. But not before I do this." I elbowed the cop in the gut and snatched the billy club away from him, taking off down the aisle and slamming the club into the two cops guarding the door.

Cute trainee guy was following at a nice pace. Fast runner, must be a good athlete. But I had already knocked the two officers out and was heading down the hallway, listening with joy at the screams of "Catch that girl" and "If you let her get away you lost your chance Walker!" Walker. AKA last name of guy tailing me.

"You should give up. I always get away." I yelled back, hearing his light footsteps tap the tile jut barely, yet just enough to know he was there. Those footsteps began to fade as I sped out the doors of the courthouse. Hopping five steps at a time and taking off down the sidewalk.

I glanced back, he wasn't there. I stayed on alert though, knowing he could be hiding. I ran faster until all the sudden, I was rolling off the sidewalk and into the street with at least a hundred pounds on my back. The fool pinned me down, straddling my waist and holding my wrists. No worries though, I knew how to get away from a guy like this. He looked about seventeen, a year older than me.

"Wow, you actually got me." I whispered, surprised as I struggled underneath is rather strong grip. He smirked in triumph. "Who are you anyways? Aren't you just a trainee?" I asked.

"No. It's take your kid to work day. Nicolas Walker." He said, not realizing the car coming our way. Hmmm.

"Hey, if you're gonna catch me, let's make this good okay? I need to look like I put up a good fight." I whispered so he had to lean down a little to hear me.

"Sure hon, and how do you propose we do that?" Nick asked.

"Well." I was so quiet he had to lean even closer to hear me. And then I was kissing him. I hated having to do this part, especially when I let his tongue in. just a few more seconds... I spun us around so I was on top. His grip had loosened just enough that I yanked out and bashed him on the head. Not hard enough to knock him out though. The car swerved to the next lane as he made a grab for me. I stepped in front of the car and it swerved again, only this time, through Nick's lane.

There was a scream, a thump, and by then I was already turning the corner on Washington Avenue. If he wasn't dead, he'd always remember the day he almost caught Maximum Ride. The day he almost proved himself worthy of being an officer. As I turned another corner, I was tackled once more. And to my surprise, it was Nick. Seeming to be in perfect condition.

"You didn't finish that kiss, doll." He whispered, smiling at me. Not smirking, smiling.

"Oh you liked it, did you?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"You're the most badass criminal ever, you were like my idol for the longest time. To meet you in person, it's crazy. For you to kiss me, you better believe I liked it." Nick smirked again, holding me down, keeping his iron grip on.

"I was your idol huh? Let me live on then, let me go. Let me get away." I said, hearing the sirens.

"I can't do that. I'm a nothing to my father, catching you, he might actually look at me without a glare on his face." Oh, a daddy-issues sob story.

"You can come with me!" I blurted. "Let me go and we'll be fugitives, partners, you won't live in anyone's shadow. But you'll need a new name." I explained. The sirens were getting closer. Nick glanced back, hearing the dogs bark.

"You drive a hard bargain to refuse, Miss Ride. Can I sleep on it?" Nick asked.

"You want me to spend a night in prison?" I asked, bewildered.

"Not like you haven't before." Nick insisted.

"Okay, honey bee, if you're gonna turn me in, you're gonna do it right." I muttered, getting my hand free. He didn't stop me. "Look, you need to look like we had a hard battle, like I almost got away. You should've let that car hit you." I muttered, punching him in the nose. He locked his knees against my waist as he held his nose with both hands and tried to hit me back. I caught his wrist and bent it.

"Hitting a girl, no matter how badass, will put a bad name in for you, however, if you beat me with a broken wrist..." I snapped it back and he yelped in pain, I was actually a little surprised at how well he was taking this. "Ooh! And maybe a black eye and a sprained ankle!" I kicked his foot at just the right angle as I punched his eye. Another yelp, and then I let him hold be down. Take the billy club, you're gonna have to bring some food and water and stuff like that. One backpack." I added.

Nick nodded and held me down, snatching the walkie talkie from his belt, letting my one hand roam into his hair pulling it hard. "Ow." Nick mumbled.

"Just making sure it's real. Because people don't usually have real hair that looks that good," I said with a shrug. Nick looked at me a moment before calling in my location.

"I got her down and ready for some cuffs. Get over here before she slips out." Nick called through the walkie talkie before strapping it back on his belt.

"Bring me some popcorn!" I shouted, pressing the button down. Nick rolled his eyes.

"They aren't going to you know." He said.

"Oh I know, I'm insane though remember?" I asked.

"I don't think you're insane, I think you're a genius. This generation's MacGyver. I mean, when you got out of that jail in China with the world's best security when you were only twelve, man, when word got out I was like 'this chick must be a total package'. When they said you were insane, I called them insane honestly, because I know an insane person, could not get out of that prison.

"Thanks ButterCup, glad to know I have a number one fan. Cops are here." I muttered hearing the barking. "Make it look good." I whispered deviously before putting on my best terrified look.

"You're a good actor." Nick whispered. Then shoved me hard, standing up and rolling my on my stomach, roughly yanking my arms around with one good hand while another guy cuffed him.

"You caught Maxine with a broken wrist? Boy, you must be the best." One officer said.

"Why would you let yourself acquire the bruising?" The officer- probably Nick's dad- asked.

"I- she was fast sir." Nick mumbled.

"But if you caught her with one hand, you should be able to do it easily with two." A look of disappointment caught onto the officer's face before he looked at me with disgust.

"You are nothing but a rat. And you will wither and die in a cell." He spat on my face and I glared daggers at him, spitting right back. He glared at me and wiped it off.

"I'm glad I'm not related to you. You're own son jut caught me and all you can do is be disappointed? You wouldn't have a chance against me. Give this boy some credit, cause I'll be out by morning no doubt and if he thinks you're disappointed, he won't come after me again." I winked at Nick, but in such a way even he was wondering if I had. "You better apologize to him, or I'll be coming after you next, Walker. You're on my hit list now, I don't deal with the arrogant, self-centered ones. I end them. Watch your back." I snapped before being hauled off and shoved into a police car.

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