Why We Need Batman and Robin

In the modern world of criminal forensics do we really need a Batman? Can't the police solve the crime themselves? In the twenty-first century there is still a need for the old-school Batman and Robin.

Stately Wayne manor! Home to wealthy philanthropist Bruce Wayne and his young ward Dick Grayson, who unbeknownst to the world are really Batman and Robin!

A tall white haired man in a tuxedo entered the mansion's gymnasium. "Telephone for you Master Bruce. The red phone."

"The red phone?" the tall handsome and athletic millionaire replied before he looked at the teenage boy practicing on the punching bag. "Come on, old chum. Looks like we need to go to work!"

Upon picking up the red telephone in the mansion's library, Bruce Wayne was connected to none other than Commissioner Gordon, the head of the Gotham City Police Department.

"It is always the same Batman!" the beleaguered police commissioner said into the telephone in his office. "Every time we get to Alfredo Fettuccini's meth lab, he's cleaned everything up and there's not a shred of evidence that isn't circumstantial. I hate to admit it, but somebody must be tipping him off!"

"Not to worry commissioner," Bruce Wayne purred into the phone. "Tell Chief O'Hara to monitor today's incoming calls. I suspect that today his raid will be very different."

"What's the plan Bruce?" Dick Grayson asked when Bruce hung up the phone.

"Here's the plan Dick," his mentor replied. "When we get to Fettuccini's meth lab, you'll call the police just before we go in. Tell them that there are two men in Halloween costumes beating people up and that they should send some officers to the site immediately. That way Chief O'Hara's men will be able to enter with probable cause and Fettuccini won't have time to get rid of the evidence. While they're taking the drug dealers into custody no one will have time to worry about two guys dressed in Batman and Robin costumes. It's win-win!"

"My gosh Bruce, you've done it again!" the boy cried as he punched the palm of his hand.

"To the batpoles!" Bruce pressed a button hidden in a small bust sitting on the coffee table and a nearby book case opened to reveal a hidden shaft with two fireman's poles inside. The dynamic duo jumped and slid down the poles like professional firefighters.

Yes, good citizens, as long as the law protects the guilty as well as the innocent there will always be a need for Batman and Robin!