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"Kagome!" a 15 year old half dog demon yelled running towards the 15 year old human girl sitting on an old well with a yellow backpack over her shoulders.

The girl, Kagome, turned then sighed, "What is it Inuyasha?" she asked, "We've been over this; I have a test that I have to study for. I'll be back in three days.

The half dog demon finally reached her, "I know that!" he yelled, "I'm just here…to…remind you…to get the ramen."

Kagome rolled her eyes, "Yes, Inuyasha," Kagome said, "Is that the only reason you came?"

"Feh, yeah, why else would I come?" Inuyasha asked turning his head away, "Just come back after you finish the stupid test."

"Hai, hai," Kagome said and slipped into the well and was engulfed in a blue light which took her back and forth between modern day Japan and 500 years into the past known as the Feudal Era.

Inuyasha watched the well until the light disappeared, "You didn't tell her did you?" a fox demon child asked suddenly beside Inuyasha.

Inuyasha hit the kid on the head, "Don't do that, Shippo," he growled.

Shippo rubbed the knot on his head and two humans came walking up. One was a male and the other was a female; the male was a cursed monk and the female was a demon slayer, "Inuyasha, don't take your anger out on poor Shippo," the monk said.

"What anger!" Inuyasha yelled.

The two humans covered their faces with their hands, "Let's just get back to the village and wait for Kagome," the demon slayer said.

"Keh," Inuyasha said and stomped back towards the forest.

The three remaining sighed, "And here I thought just letting her go home was a sign," the monk said.

"Don't go all pervert on us, Miroku," the demon slayer stated walking with the other two beside her.

"Aw, I'm hurt Sango," Miroku said as he grabbed Sango's butt.

Sango froze and twitched. The next thing Shippo knew Sango was stomping off and Miroku was on the ground twitching with a red hand print on his cheek. Shippo shook his head and quickly followed his demon slayer friend, "Wait for me Sango!" he yelled.

~In Present Time

"I'm home!" Kagome yelled smiling.

"Nee-chan!" Sota yelled and hugged his older sister.

"Kagome!" her mother yelled and followed right after her son, "Oh, we haven't seen you in a month!"

"Gomen, mama," Kagome said, "But I'm really needed now because Naraku almost has the Scared Jewel complete, but I managed to let Inuyasha let me come home for the test Friday."

"Oh," Kagome's mother hugged her again, "I worry over you every day."

"Gomen, mama," Kagome said and pulled away from her mother, "But you know as well as I do that Inuyasha would rather be human for the rest of his life then see me hurt."

Kagome's mother smiled, "And I'm glad for him," she said.

"Kagome!" Kagome's grandfather yelled, "Finally! I was running out of sicknesses…"

Kagome sweat dropped, "Um…gomen?" she asked, "You know…you could just say I went to America for however long I'm gone…"

"Ooo!" Kagome's grandfather brightened, "That's a great idea! Oh, and your little friends Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka just called."

Kagome smiled and grabbed the phone and headed upstairs, "Thanks Grandpa!" she yelled and closed her door and called her friends.

After a few minutes she got all three of her friends on one line, "Hey guys," she said smiling.

"Kagome!" they yelled happily, "You're better!"

"Mm," she said, "Yeah, so what's up?"

"Well, how are you and Inuyasha doing?" Ayumi asked happily.

"Yeah, how is that boyfriend of yours?" Eri asked.

"Oh, he's great!" she said, "I think he's finally getting over his ex-girlfriend."

"Great!" all three girls on the phone said happily.

"But he's not any trouble to you right?" Yuka asked.

Kagome smirked, even though they couldn't see it, "Oh, don't worry…I have him trained to sit," she said.

"What," all three asked in unison confusion.

"Nothing," Kagome said laughing, "Inside joke."

"Okay…" Eri said, "So, you'll be at school tomorrow right?"

"Mm," Kagome said happily, "Yeah, please help me catch up guys."

"No problem!" Kagome's friends said happily.

"Thanks, see you guys tomorrow," Kagome said.

"Bye!" dial tone.

Kagome hung up the phone and went to take a bath then study. Kagome sighed as she entered the hot water. She always felt she could relax when taking a bath in her time; no peeping half breeds or perverted monks here.

~500 years into the past

Inuyasha was sitting on a tree in the village bored to death, "Inuyasha!" Shippo yelled, "Kaede has dinner done! Come eat or I'll eat yours!"

"Don't you touch mine you little runt!" Inuyasha yelled and jumped off the tree and into Kaede's hut.

It was quiet as the group ate that is until Kaede and Miroku shivered, "Miroku?" Sango asked.

"I just felt a strange buzz run through my body," Miroku said putting his bowl of stew down, "Almost like a warning; something bad is going to happened soon."

Everyone was quiet when Kaede nodded in agreement, "So…you want me to get Kagome?" Inuyasha asked.

"No," Kaede said, "For now, she's safe in her own time. Let her fight this…test, but…I just have a bad feeling about all this."

Inuyasha just nodded and ate his stew.

Two days passed and Miroku and Kaede hadn't felt anything else like that night, but they still weren't letting their guards down. Inuyasha sat in a tree bored to death…again. Suddenly, Tessaiga started to pulse at his side. Inuyasha looked at his sword, "Tessaiga?" he asked confused.

He jumped down holding the still pulsing sword, "Inuyasha?" Sango asked coming up with her cat demon pet, Kirara, Miroku and Shippo, "Is something wrong with Tessaiga?"

"I'm…not sure," he said, "It's pulsing like crazy."

Suddenly, the wind blew a slight breeze and Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Kirara, and Inuyasha froze, "This presence…" Miroku stated with shock.

Kirara growled her fur pricking and Inuyasha also growled lowly, "Naraku's scent…" he said, "Let's go!"

The five ran with Inuyasha leading the way following Naraku's scent. The five ran until they reached the well, "What?" Inuyasha stopped suddenly.

"What is it Inuyasha?" Shippo asked.

"Naraku's scent…it…it stops at the well…" he said shocked.

"What!" everyone yelled looking around.

~Present time

"I'm off!" Kagome yelled smiling before running to school.

As Kagome walked to school she stopped and gasped suddenly, "Scared…Jewel…shards?" she said to herself shocked looking around, "But…that can't be right," she continued walking, "I've been this way to school for months and I've never sensed them before…" she looked at the sky as if looking for something, "I must be over stressed," she said looking at the two shards around her neck.

Kagome walked into the school's gates, "Kagome!" Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka yelled causing Kagome to turn.

The three friends smiled at her and Kagome tried to smile back, but she kept sensing the Scared Jewel shards, "Kagome?" her friends asked, "Are you okay?"

"I'm…not sure," she said truthfully.

"Do you need to go to the nurse?" Ayumi asked.

"No…it's…it's nothing…I'm just over stressed," Kagome said smiling for real.

"Okay…" her friends said and they walked into the school building.

As the four got to class and were seated Kagome shivered, "Kagome?" Eri asked, "Are you cold?"

"N-no," she said, "I just…" she grabbed the jewels around her neck and took a deep breath, "I just have a bad feeling about today," she said in a voice that only Inuyasha, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, and Kirara heard.

Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka didn't know why, but they gulped in fear, but before they could ask about it the sensei came in and told everyone to sit down. Kagome looked out the window just as the wind started to blow. Kagome clinched her hands into a tight fist, "Miss. Higurashi," the sensei said, "Are you okay?"

Kagome continued to look out the window and didn't answer, "Miss. Higurashi?" the sensei asked.

Suddenly, the jewels around Kagome's neck began to glow and the entire class's mouths dropped, including the teacher's. Kagome looked down and gasped as their glow started to turn black, "Naraku…" she said with fear, "But…how…but…oh no."

Kagome looked outside and gasped in horror, "No!" she yelled with she saw Naraku's barrier around the school and the entire sky black and red mist everywhere.

Students and teachers were running out of the classrooms screaming in fear as the wind blew hard causing the windows to shatter, "No!" Kagome yelled and jumped out of one of the broken windows and stood in front of the front doors, "Go back inside! Go back-"

Kagome was cut off when she heard a familiar evil laugh. She turned behind her and saw Naraku with his barrier around him. The students and teachers outside and looking out the broken windows gasped and whimpered slightly in fear, "Kagome!" Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka yelled running after her.

Kagome went wide eyed, "No!" she yelled, "Stay back!"

Her friends froze at Kagome's tone. Naraku laughed, "So…this is your home, Kagome…" Naraku said.

Kagome was breathing heavily, "How'd you get here Naraku?" she asked glaring; "Only Inuyasha and I can travel back and forth through time!"

Everyone was slightly shocked, but mostly confused. How did the girl who's always sick know a person like this! Naraku chuckled, "You'd be surprised what you can do with an almost completed jewel…" he said, "And since you're here…by yourself…why don't I just kill you here, Kagome."

Kagome went wide eyed, "Everyone get inside and away from the windows!" she yelled, more worried about others then herself.

The people outside did as told, but the people by the windows were rooted to the floor in fear. Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka didn't budge, "Get inside guys!" Kagome yelled at them fearfully.

"But Kagome-"

"Go!" Kagome yelled, but then fell to the ground as one of Naraku's tentacles hit the ground beside her, "Ah!"

Naraku chuckled and turned to Kagome's friends, "So…you care about these three, ne?" Naraku asked.

Kagome went wide eyed, "No!" she yelled, "Leave them out of this, Naraku!"

"You should know me by know, Ka-go-me," Naraku chuckled.

Kagome paled, "Guys, RUN!" she yelled grabbing her three friends and running for their lives.

"I wouldn't leave the barrier if I were you," Naraku chuckled, "I have Kagura, Kanna, and a few demon there waiting for you."

Kagome stopped at the edge of the barrier with her friends as she saw Kagura standing there smirking with a few…thousand demons. Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka gasped in shock, "W-w-what a-a-re tho-those?" Ayumi asked shakily.

Naraku chuckled, "Nowhere to run, girl," he said smirking.

"You know…" Kagome said then grabbed her friends and bolted to the back to the school, "I've always hated your cocky smirk!" she yelled as she ran.

Naraku chuckled, "Kagura…" Naraku said to the wind sorceress, "Bring me the jewel shards…and kill the four girls."

Kagura raised an eyebrow, "And what'll you do?" she asked annoyed.

"Simple…" he said smirking, "But it's none of your business…now do as I say," with that he disappeared, but the barrier stayed up.

Kagura sighed and entered the barrier and the students and teachers whimpered in fear, "Kanna, why don't you have some fun with this…village," Naraku said to the emotionless girl.

Kanna nodded and turned around and point to the city of Tokyo, "Go…" she said in one breath softly.

The demons went happily and screams of horror could be heard around the poor city. Naraku smirked, "Far more people in this one village then in 500 years combined," he said.

The students and teacher were as pale as ghosts and backed away from the windows and huddled in the classrooms they were in in fear. Kagome, Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka stopped and the three not used to running for their lives fell to their knees breathing heavily, "Ka-Kagome," Yuka asked, "W-what…who was that?"

Kagome close her eyes trying to catch her breath, "Gomen…" she said sadly, "This is all my fault. Inuyasha never wanted me to come back. I never wanted anyone in this time…"

"This time?" Ayumi asked.

"You know…I'm not really sick like my grandpa says…" Kagome said seriously, "I-I go back in time and help Inuyasha and others fight…well, him, Naraku is his name."

"What!" her friends yell.

"You've been fighting that-that-thing!" Eri yelled.

"Wait…Inuyasha?" Ayumi asked.

"Inuyasha is a half demon," Kagome said, "A dog demon to be precise and he lives 500 years in the past."

Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka's mouths dropped, "He protects me from Naraku and his incarnations, like Kagura and Kanna, but right now…" Kagome trailed off, "I have to protect you and myself."

"Kagome…" her friends were shocked.

"Aw," a voice said causing Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka to jump up in shock and Kagome to turn, "Hate to break the little moment, but Naraku wants the shards…and your lives…on a silver platter if you don't mind."

"Kagura…" Kagome growled.

Kagura smirked and opened her fan, "So, is this going to be the easy way or the hard way, Kagome?" she asked, "I suggest the easy way seeing how you are weapon less and your little boyfriend isn't here to protect you. Oh, wait, my mistake…Inuyasha could care less about you."

Kagome growled and stayed in front of her friends. Kagura smirked, "You can't win girl…" Kagura stated, "Now, hand me the shards and I'll make your deaths quick and painless."

Ayumi, Yuka, and Eri shook in fear, "Her eyes are blood red…" Eri whimpered.

Kagura smirked, "Come on now," she said, "I'd rather not bring Naraku shards with blood on them. Hand them over."

"Never going to happen, Kagura," Kagome said causing Kagura to scowl, "I'd rather die fighting then die giving the shards to you willingly. I'm not Kikyo!"

Kagura smirked, "Ah, but you are," she said, "You have her power of purification, you can see and sense the Scared Jewel," she chuckled, "You are her reincarnation."

Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka were confused, but still shook in fear. Kagome glared, "I'm not handing the shards over…" she stated, "Kikyo and I are two different people…wither Inuyasha realizes that or not," Kagome muttered the last part to herself.

Kagura scowled, "Fine then," she said pulling her fan behind her head slightly, "Dance of Blades!"

Kagome pushed Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka to the ground and said for them to cover their heads before jumping out of the way. Even though she got out of the way of most of the wind blades, one scraped her arm, "Ah!" Kagome yelled when she hit the ground.

Kagome held her arm to try and stop the bleeding, "Kagome!" her friends yelled and ran to her worried.

Kagura scoffed, "Idiot girl," she said, "You're human, a powerful human, but still human. You don't even have your bow and arrows. Just give me the shards and I'll end this now."

Kagome glared at Kagura, "Over…my dead body," she stated strongly.

Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka were shocked at their best friend and Kagura scowled, "Baka…" she stated, "Dance of Blades!"

Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka pushed Kagome down as well as themselves and dodged the wind blades. They then got up and dragged Kagome trying to run from the wind sorceress. Kagura just smirked and slowly walked after them. The four girls ran into a field before Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka fell to their knees again breathing heavily. Kagome looked around and gasped happily, "Yes," she said and ran a little ways.

"What?" Eri asked.

Kagome picked up a bow and some arrows smiling, "Kagome…you haven't held a bow in your life," Yuka stated.

"I have," Kagome said smiling, "500 years into the past. Grab holders of arrows and fill them; I'm going to need a lot of arrows."

Kagome's three friends just nodded and did as told, "But what about your arm?" Ayumi asked.

Kagome winced, "I'll live," she said, "I've had much worse…I even died once…no, twice."

"What!" Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka yelled shocked.

"I'm here aren't I?" Kagome asked then winced, "But a first aid kit would be nice right about now."

"Wait, here's one," Ayumi said running to her friend with a white box, "Let me see."

Kagome showed her wound and her three friends gasped. Ayumi quickly disinfected it and wrapped it up, "Thanks," Kagome said standing up with her bow, "I better see how I shoot with wound."

Kagome turned to the target and pulled a bow out from her holder on her back and aim. Her friends were slightly shocked; never before seeing their friend with a weapon and a serious look on their face, "Go!" Kagome yelled releasing the arrow.

Her friends gasped when the arrow was surrounded by a pink aura. Kagome smiled when it hit the small red center, "Yes…" she said happily then turned to her friends, "We can't stay in one place for long," she said her happiness gone, "Kagura is only playing with us. She wants these shards," she showed them the shards around her neck, "And then our lives."

Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka gulped and nodded picking up their own arrow holder and walked with Kagome very closely. Kagome gasped when she looked outside the barrier, "No…no!" she yelled.

Her friends turned and paled considerably, "K-K-K-K-K-" Eri couldn't even say her best friend's name she was so scared.

"Horrible, isn't it?"

The four turned and saw Kagura standing there, "And you found a weapon, priestess…very cute," Kagura said, "But you can't defeat wind."

Kagome and her friends were blown away by a blast of wind. Kagome had a hard time getting up and Kagura chuckled and slowly walked over to them. Kagome closed her eyes Inuyasha…

~500 years backwards

"How is this possible?" Inuyasha yelled, "Only Kagome and I…Naraku…"

"What do we do?" Miroku asked panicked, "If Naraku could get through then he probably brought an army of demons. You can't fight them and Naraku by yourself Inuyasha, even with Tessaiga."

Inuyasha growled knowing the monk was right, "Then what do we do!" he yelled, "I know Kagome's in danger!"

"If we can figure out how Naraku did it, then we can all go," Sango said.

"Well then how!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Wait, the portal activates when you jump in, right Inuyasha?" Miroku asked.

"Yeah, why?" Inuyasha asked getting annoyed and impatient.

"Then why don't we all get in first then you jump in," Miroku said, "Then the portal will have to take us with you."

"It worth a try," Inuyasha said, "So hurry up and get in!"

Miroku jumped in followed by Shippo and Kirara then Sango with Hiraikotsu, "That everyone?" Inuyasha called.

"Yeah, let's try this," Miroku yelled.

Inuyasha jumped on the side of the well please work he pleaded slightly then jumped in and they were all surrounded by the blue light, "It worked!" Sango cheered.

Inuyasha nodded, "Let's go," he said and hurried to the other side of the portal with everyone on his heels.

When the light disappeared they heard hundreds, maybe thousands, of people screaming. Kirara enlarged and Sango, Miroku, and Shippo got on while Inuyasha just jumped out. When they got out they gasped in horror, "Oh…my…so many demons!" Sango yelled.

"I'm too young for this!" Shippo yelled covering his eyes.

"Great heavens above…" Miroku said breathlessly.

They suddenly heard screaming, "That's Kagome's mother!" Inuyasha yelled running.

Kirara followed him and they saw Kagome's family, including a sick looking Sota, cowering in fear as demons surrounded them, "Hey, those people aren't on the menu!" Inuyasha yelled.

The demons turned, "Inu-nii-chan!" Sota yelled then coughed.

The demon charged at them, "Hiraikotsu!" Sango yelled and destroyed the demons.

"Where's Kagome?" Inuyasha asked.

"At school," her mother said scared and holding Sota close to her.

"Shippo, stay here with Kagome's family," Inuyasha said, "Miroku, Sango, you two and Kirara try and save as many people in this…city, I think Kagome called it, as you can, and I'm going after Kagome."

Shippo got off Kirara and joined Kagome's family, "If anything happens to them Shippo, you're responsible," Inuyasha said seriously then left with Kirara.

Shippo gulped, "I have to be strong," he muttered to himself, "Let's get back in the house," he said to Kagome's family.

Inuyasha ran as fast as he could, "Go!" Inuyasha yelled at the three in the air, "I've got Kagome's scent. Save as many as you can, but don't die!"

With that Inuyasha took off in the opposite direction as Kirara was flying. Inuyasha pulled out Tessaiga and used his Wind Scar to quickly take care of the demons in his way Kagome…don't you die on me!

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