I do not own anything. All the credit goes to it's creator or creators. Feel free to review. This will not be the exact way the movie is written, I am going to tell it in my own way, I am sorry if it is more similar to other zombie movies or just movies in general. Warning kind of Gory.

Dead Risen

The sunshine met my eyes as I lazily got up from the smothering sheets. I stood and shuffled to the kitchen, avoiding my hungover roommate, Lizzy.

I have no idea why she goes out to party instead of study for her exams, she just ends up failing and feeling like crap.

I went rummaging through the cabinets to find a skillet, then the fridge for a couple of eggs. It was hard to balance all the things at once and being as clumsy as I was I let all of the eggs slip from my grasp. They spattered onto the floor making a very loud cracking noise. I heard my friend stir in the other room while cleaning up my mess.

"Sorry," I began trying not to talk too loud "go back to sleep, It was my fault."

I heard some moans of what sounded like agreement and silence cut through the thin air again. Going back to the task at hand I got some more eggs, and set them on the counter. I put the skillet on the stove and reached for an egg. It felt heavier than usual, ignoring the difference I crushed the shell onto the rim of the pan. Instead a dark crimson began to seep from the shell, very slowly dripping on the pan. Opening it the rest of the way something fell out with a hard thump. It was a chicken embryo, smothered with blood. It had large pale eyes and it's transparent flesh looked as if it was rotting. Slightly moving its wings, it let out a crushed cry as it began to burn on the heat of the stove. It's skin was boiling and through a closer look it's heart remained still, yet it was moving about screeching. Suddenly I heard some stumbling behind me and slow splats on the ground, I swirled on my heel to see Lizzy. Her eyes pale and her mouth open she began searching for something like a new born that hungered. She began to approach me in a sleep-like state, a stream of blood fell from her jaw spilling on her clothing. She twitched swinging and dragging her limbs towards me. Lizzy stopped short in her tracks looking me in the eyes having wheezing air escape her lips, she lunged. I dodged in complete terror. She slammed her head face first into the skillet coating it in layers of blood. When she arched her head up quivering, the baby chick was gone. I saw a jerking lump in her throat, she threw her head down spitting up a large amount of blood and flesh. She then lunged at me again, I grabbed the frying pan off the stove crushing her face against the heated metal. I heard a loud crack and she fell limp to the floor as silence filled the filthy room again only to encounter the sound of sobbing.