SoullAlly Hanna gazed up at the man before her. How many more times would she have to do this before she could go back to her realm? The possibilities still lingered as to who was next…

"Hanna, I know you are not very trusting of me in my weakened state, but you must hear me out…" King Alteon said, his voice sounding pained. "Darkness is one thing, but this…"

"Tell me something I don't know." Hanna shifted her hands, and one of the guards stepped closer to her.

"Leave her be. She will do us no harm while the truce holds." King Alteon whispered, that being all he could manage.

The guard stepped back, blade held close in case he needed it. Hanna's eyes closed, imagining the end of the truce. She could wait until then…

"What is it you need?" She asked, knowing the kings reply, but only wanting to look more… human.

"There is trouble in DoomWood… again… The Hero has not returned." The King closed his eyes for a moment, thinking. "I fear they may have entered…"

"The chamber? You know of it?" Hanna stepped closer to him, her eyes burning.

"Not a lot about it. Only that it is there… I have had little interest in it until now."

"SHE sent them, didn't she? Tell me!" Hanna could barely conceal her rage. NO ONE should know of that!

"I think it is time you left, Hanna." Tomix looked at her, kindly. "You need to calm yourself before we continue."

Hanna let him drag her out. She could have stopped him with a wave of her hand, but it was not worth the whole of Lore knowing what she was just for a chamber full of…

"I don't know what's down there, Hanna, but if it belongs to Gravelyn's father, she has a right to see it." Tomix looked her in the eyes, holding her face as if she were a child. Any other human would have been dead by this point.

"It is not worth The Hero, Tomix!" Hanna growled. "I was once a guard down there, and I know what is down there. Master would be mad if I told you."

"Master?" Tomix asked.

Hanna's eyed burned. "Why do you think I obey Gravelyn more then Alteon..." She muttered, trying to pull her face away from him and leave.

Tomix did not allow it.

"Hanna, what he asks is for you to see if The Hero is there, if so to retrieve them." He said strictly, keeping one hand on her hand to stop her from running from him. "He does not want to know what is down there, that is Gravelyn's wish."

Hanna wanted nothing more then to hit the Soul Weaver in front of her. The voice in her mind from her encounter with Xing tried to get her to break away from him, to destroy him if she must. For a time, she wanted to do it.