Chapter 2

The Hero looked around. So this was what it was like under the Necropolis.

"Well, no use just standing here waiting for this mist to turn me into a zombie." They said. "May as well look for a way out."

They walked over to the opening to an almost cave like cavern. Might as well start there.

Looking around, they saw some drawings on the wall; The helmet of a Doom Knight.

They looked at the helmet for a while.

"Well, one things for sure…" They muttered. "'Seppy' was sure here." They giggled for a second. "Man, Gravelyn's going to kill me for that!"

Silence. They were not too good with silence. When were heros EVER good with silence?

Hanna ran down the hallways, jumped on the lifts, grabbed the subway... anything and everything she could to get away from Tomix. Too much anger had built up inside her since coming here. She did not like it. Far too uncontrollable for her liking. She LOVED control. It was all she ever wanted.

A voice filled her mind as she ran. Not that of the new guardian, but rather something in her mind. Speaking to her… ordering her. She was not one for taking orders.

"They are nothing to you." The voice said. "They never were. Why help them? You have so much power you are wasting on them. Use your powers. Gain control from Gravelyn. She is unfit to lead."

Hanna closed her eyes, thinking about the comment. Gravelyn… she was young, knew little about necromancy, wore her father's armor. Knew not who she was…

Hanna shook her head. No. She would not think about that. Her father had found the Champion of Light. He was just not dead was all it was. No need to go around saying anything about her new leader.

No matter if it WAS true. Some where in her heart, Hanna knew it was…

"You know who she is. What she can do." The voice again filled her mind. "Use that to your advantage. Slay her; complete your goal. The reason you were summoned to this world. You are a being of pure darkness. Destroy her, and victory will be yours."

"Well, I want to win in my own way, thanks…" She muttered to the voice.

"Win what?" Came a male voice she knew from long ago.

He was a Doom Knight Overlord. Pretty young as well. Redhead, green eyes. He had an almost triangle chin. Exactly like she thought her "master" looked like.

"You know what…" She muttered. "Strange to see you here. I'd have guessed you'd be long gone from here after master's fall."

The man shrugged. "Well, he really wanted to keep those things safe for some reason. I want to keep that wish alive in his absence."

Hanna nodded. If she could, she would have stayed here herself, but... things happened. A lot of things happened...

"So, what brings you down here again?" The Doom Lord asked.

She shrugged. "I have something I need to do. For a... friend, I guess I could call them by now."

"That friend wouldn't happen to be a hero, would they?"

"Well, yes. But... not like most. Not at all."

"The hero?"


The Doom Lord looked at her in shock. "You met The Hero! This is... amazing! Do you know about their goal in this world, yet? Do they? I have so much I want to ask them!"

If Hanna didn't know any better, she would have said this man had lost his mind. But even he knew of the truce it seemed. She may as well let it go. He wasn't the brightest member of her team back in the day, but he did have his strengths. Plus, she kind of liked him.

Maybe now was not the time to admit that, but she couldn't help wonder if this may be the last time she saw him again. Down here, it was only a matter of time before every one finds something they shouldn't.