A heat wave hit Detroit, people walking around in shorts and tank-tops. At the autobot base was over heating as well.

"It's so hot..." a yellow bot whined, he transformed into his car mode, the same as his color only with a black streak on it. The young autobot sat in the shade of the building, with his cooling vents turning on.

"Hey Bumblebee!" a litle girl called as she ran to him, her hair in pointy tales, and in her normal knee length dress.

"Hi Sari...what with the bucket?" Bumblebee asked as he turned back into his bot form. His blue childish optics stared curiously at her.

"A bucket, soap and some scrubs," Sari replied with a smile as she set the bucket on the ground, "and some car polish."

"Why do you have those things?" Bumblebee ask as he tilted his head a bit.

"I was wondering you would like a wash." Sari replied. Bumblebee smiled and nodded, she then motioned him to go into the sun. He turned back into a car and moved into the and parked. Sari grabbed the bucket and dumped the stuff next to him, grabbed the soap and put some in the bucket, she then grabbed a hoes and put in the bucket and watched the water rise and bubbles in it. she pulled the hoes out and placed it on the ground, she then grabbed the soft sponges and and put it into the soapy water.

"Ready?" Sari asked.

"Always." Bumblebee answered, Sari then brings the sponge up to his left door and starts scrubbing lightly. Bumblebee hummed when the cool soapy water touched his heated heated metal. Sari continued washing Bumblebee then stopped to grab a step stool and climbs on it and continued.

"This feels nice~." Bumblebee hummed in pleasure. Sari smiled some more stopping only to move the stool to get the rest of the left side of Bumblebee. She then put the sponge into the bucket and grabbed the hoes and sprayed Bumble with it.

Prowl walked outside in search of his little annoying friend.

"Bumblebee!" the gold and black ninja bot shouted. His attention was then captured bu the side of water. 'Wasting water?...' Prowl thought as he went to it.

"Sari!" He heard Bumblebee shouted and ran to the direction with his sheriken out. Only to stop at a conor to see Sari washing Bumblebee in his car form. Prowl puts his weapons away and watched. The soapy water was falling on the concrete ground, tiny drops falling to reveal a shiny color of yellow and black. The soapy suds falling slowly on the sides.

"Alright then rinse!" Sari shouted while raising the hoes up and pointed it to the air over bumblebee, the water then fell like rain drops. Prowl watched a second more before leaving the two alone. Bumblebee motors roared softly as the refreshing liquide ran down on him.

"This feels awesome Sari..." Bumblebee sluggishly said when feeling a nice recharge coming.

"Hehhehhe don't fall asleep on me now 'Bee" Sari said as she puts the hoes down and sponge into the soapy bucket, "Feeling clean?" Sari asked only to giggle as his engine revved. Sari then grabbed another Sponge and put some car polish on it. She then started small circular motions on the side of him.

*Time skip*

Hours have passed and Sari went home after waving everyone a goodbye. Optimus turned to everyone turned to everyone only to see one missing, "Where's Bumblebee?" He asked. Everyone turned slightly and shrugged

"I'm...here boss-bot." everyone turned to Bumblebee yawning and slightly stretched. They saw his metal was shiny then normal almost a radiating a soft glow. A soft scent of honey or a lovely flower.

"What?" Bumblebee asked as everyone stared at him with odd looks.

"Why are you..." Ratchet said at first as he stared at him,"Shiny and..."

"Smell nice?" Prowl finished Ratchet question. Bumblebee blinked then realizes whats going on.

"Oh! Sari gave me a wash and polish." he answered as a blush lightly covered his cheeks.

"o...kay." Prowl said as everyone looked at each other and left. Bumblebee left to his room only to be stopped by Prowl.

"Yes?" Bumblebee asked as Prowl circled him. His right hand was on his chin, his other arm prompt it and was across his stomach. Prowl was scanning him, though he had the same color and design, but the young bot seemed so new, so shiny.

"Follow me." was all Prowl said as he walked toward his room, Bumblebee followed him and to see the tree standing tall in the room.

"So...What is it?" Bumble asked when Prowl turned and grabbed his arms and pulled him into a kiss. Bumblebee optics widen as he stared at Prowl. Their lips parted slightly, Bumblebee wanted to say something.

"P-prowl?" were the only words that came out before Prowl lips came upon his again, Prowl glossa licked his bottom lip. Prowl arms snaked around Bumblebee back as his servos rested on the ninja's chest. Prowl servos rubbed Bumblebee's side only to be rewarded with a gasp from the younger mech. He then slipped his glossa into his mouth. Bumblebee shivered and moaned as the invader search his wet and warm caverns. Prowl released the kiss and stared his grip on Bumblebee with a smile on his face as he stared at his flushed face. He then walked to the tree and jumped in it leaving Bumblebee standing there dumbfounded, once he got back to reality he left the room un-aware of Prowl watching optics. Bumblebee reached the door to his room and stopped, with his head lowered and his optics half closed; staring at the ground. He raised a servo and touched his lips.

"He...he kissed me." Bumblebee said in a soft tone.