New Year's rape

The Autobots watched Sari gather some items for the 'party' that night and everyone was curious as to why. Prowl watched the news channel only to see a large ball and a timer counting down, "Is there a bomb?"

Everyone stopped as Sari only laughed at the claim, "No it is about to be new years."

"What is 'new years'?"Bumblebee asked as his green friend scratched his helm.

Professor Sumdac put up a large table one for the large machines and the humans and turned to the awaiting 'bots,"New Years is a celebration for a new year."

The 'bots only stood their trying to understand such a words before Sari had to explain, "It means 2013 is in a few moments and everyone loves this type of holiday – meaning a new year of different surprises, faces, and actions to be taken and near some birthdays as well."

"Oh! So it's a new solar cycle yours planet goes through?"Ratchet asked and Sari only nods. "Kind of weird to celebrate it though…"The red and white medic grumbled only to see Bumblebee expression brightens.

"This is going to be awesome!"The yellow and black mini-bot said and jumped out of the couch and discarding the remote controller he had. "I'll invite the Elite Guards!"

"You just want a reason to talk to Jazz and Blurr do you?"Sari asked with a grin. Bumblebee grey face-plate had a tinted pink to it before he grumbled something making everyone laughs. The Autobots helped the humans prepare for their guest and the new year.

Bumblebee only gasped when he saw Sentinal pulled out the high grade and handed it to the younger mechs, "Are you sure that is wise?" Ratchet asked the blue prime only to get him a smug smirk.

"Hey, it a celebration – no need for treating them like a bunch of younglings now."

"Funny – considering you are one."Longarm said and everyone chuckled at the comment. Bumblebee watched as they took the tv outside and the food for both humans and machines awaited to be eaten and consumed. Bumblebee watch along with prowl as the ball dropped, everyone mech and femme (human wise as well) raised their alcoholic beverages up.

Then they cheered when the announcement for 2013 reach and started drinking, Sari only had one wine glass and she took care to be careful but Bumblebee drank three cubes of high grade after another. Jokes where thrown out and giggles as well, and the yellow mech felt his own processor give out on logic after his fifth intake.

The yellow and black mech walked on into the warehouse to get high grade for himself and his own comrades when he felt a large pair of servos rest upon his shoulders. Turning he looked up, his processor made his vision blurry and impossible for him to stand straight.

Then he felt soft touches, caresses upon his young frame and that made him drop the cube he has in his small servos. Making a gasp before trembling into the mear touches, "My, such a lovely carrier we have." The voice of the mech whispered into his audio receptors before the skilled mouth attacked the clutches of neck cables.

Bumblebee legs gave out, his logical side of his processor quickly was over written with pleasure and the high grade. His would have been fear of the mech knowing his secret was discarded when the careful loving touches came. His valve moist and the large digits prepared it – as of not breaking the seal yet.

The larger mech above smirked at the scene, his soon-to-be was to; what did the humans call it? Drunk? Well he didn't cared. His red optics watched as when the yellow mech held onto him, small digits gripping his grey armor and by Primus. He was in the well.

Bumblebee let out a pained chock. The other's spike in him nestling in the warmth and wet and no longer virgin valve, he can almost feel the energon from the broken seal slid across his thighs and the others spike. The yellow mech gave his pleasure cries when the thrusting started; the pleasure invaded the pain that still clanged in him.

It seemed like decades when they 'faced but soon the other opened his spark chamber and large digits caressed the small pulsing spark. The yellow mech barely saw the others spark – red and pulsing largely. The connection burned, of both hot searing pleasure and pain but soon he could feel the other. The memories, thoughts and feelings – then his valve clenched and his entire frame then locked up.

The larger mech grunted his pleasure when the smaller mech overloaded before he allowed his own transfluid to fill the younger mech breeding tank. Bumblebee laid there, gasps and whimpers escaping his vocals and heavy intakes was mixed in with the sounds of fans.

Then he heard yelling and screaming, the larger faded mech disappeared and he felt more servos upon him. His dimmed blue optics looked up – blurry vision and the smell of high grade and interface clear in the air. The words from Ratchet mixed in with worried looks of his friends forced his processor to think.

The word 'rape' was clear as any before he fell into recharge and allowed his systems to rest, to allow his newly formed bond to increase.

After a few days of the event his friends checked up on him and he was in tears when Ratchet gave him the news of him carrying. He stared down at the smaller spark – the spark that a tyrant had given him and allowed his chassis to close. He held it with care and even though he knew the elite or Ultra Magnuss or even the Decticreeps might take him away, harm and even kill the kin he carries.

Bumblebee continued his life even when Sentinal throughout such accusations of when the sparkling is out he and the elite will take him away so the young mech won't have a burden. Though the yellow mech reaction was shocking, still standing there – his own stingers raised at the big chinned prime before his own optics darkened a night blue color.

"No. One. Touches. My. Sparkling." Bumblebee growled, over protective of his own unborn kin. "Not even his own Sire…"


Okay anyways happy new years!

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