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Author's note: I got the idea for this story from the Johoto Pokémon games. In the games Red hasn't been seen in a long time and you find him in Mt Silver. Every time I would talk to his mom in the games I felt really bad for her. To me it seemed she missed her son. Blue did too in the new Johoto games. So I wondered what if Ash disappeared too. How would that affect his friends and his mom? My story takes place a few years after the Unova Region. Ash was trying to beat all the region's tournaments. He was on his way to becoming a Pokémon master, but something happened and he hasn't been seen since. What happens when he returns?

Chapter one

The video on the TV screen showed the scene. There was a big battle and both trainers had only one Pokémon left. One trainer chose Pikachu the other one chose Houndoom. Right away the Houndoom was ordered to use flamethrower, but the Pikachu was too fast and used agility when its trainer told it too. The Houndoom was told to use flamethrower again. This time it got Pikachu. Encouraged by its trainer Pikachu was Ok. "Pikachu, Quick attack!" shouted its trainer. Pikachu did as it was told and hit Houndoom head on. "Now, Thunderbolt" shouted Pikachu's trainer. Houndoom took more damage, but it wasn't done yet. "Houndoom, use Smog!" Houndoom's trainer shouted the orders this time. Smog covered the whole arena in smoke and nobody could see, including Pikachu. "Now Houndoom, sniff out Pikachu and use Crunch!" commanded its trainer.

It looked like Pikachu was in trouble, but its trainer at the last minute told it to jump up as high as it could and light the whole arena with Thunder. This ended the battle. Houndoom had been knocked out. The Pikachu had won. On the screen the trainer was happy and he was celebrating with his Pikachu. He had won the tournament. He had beaten many other tournaments in other Regions too. He was on the road to becoming a Pokémon master. This was 7 years ago.

Delia Ketchum was the one watching the video and the trainer with the Pikachu was her son. His name was Ash Ketchum. Ash left this town 11 years ago with his Pikachu to become a Pokémon trainer. He was a caring trainer treating his Pokémon with respect and as partners. In return he had a great bond with them.

Delia hadn't seen her son in 6 years though. After the victory shown in the video Ash entered another tournament, but he lost in the last battle, to a ruthless trainer, one that didn't care about his Pokémon. It was a gruesome battle. Ash was never the same and he hadn't been seen since.

Realizing she was getting depressed thinking about Ash, Delia Ketchum got up off the couch and started her chores. She thought often about her son and cleaned to keep her mind busy. She had her trusty Mr. Mine, Mimey, at her side to help. Mimey was good at cleaning and cooking. He was always happy to help Delia.

Later that day a knock came from the door and Delia answered it. It was Professor Oak. "Hello." she said with a warm smile.

"Hello" said the Professor with a smile, "I have great news! I have heard a bit of news about Ash."

"What?" said Delia with excitement.

"Well, it may not be anything" Professor Oak said nervously, "it's just that he's been spotted." The Professor has been trying to find Ash. All of Ash's friends have been. They all have been worried. The professor knows he's still alive though. Ash switches out his Pokémon with the ones kept at the Professor's lab, so he believes Ash has just been training.

"Where at?" asked Delia. She was getting her hopes up.

"Well actually..." professor Oak started to say, "What?" shouted Delia and she realized she raised her voice so she covered her mouth with her hand, "Well actually," Oak finished, "I've heard rumors that he has been spotted flying on his Charizard and that he's headed this way, but don't get your hopes up, Delia. It's just a rumor."

Delia shouted, she had forgotten her manners this time, "Of course I've gotten my hopes up! I sure hope it's true. I miss my baby so much!" She began jumping up and down. She couldn't contain herself.

Professor Oak tried to calm his old friend down. "I sure hope so too, Delia."

A few hours had past and Delia tried to keep herself busy, but she often kept checking out the window hoping for a glimpse of Charizard in the sky, but as the hours ticked by and it got later she couldn't stay awake any longer and fell asleep on the couch.

Then late at night, around midnight, she got woken up by a quiet knock. At first she had been startled, but quickly remembered that it could be her son. So she got up and peeked out. She choked back a sob when she saw who it was.

"Hi, mom" Ash said shyly.

Author's note: How was it? Was it bad? Sorry about the battle. That was hard. Don't ask why Houndoom. I decided that Charizard probably had trained enough with Liza and was returned to Ash a while ago. In the next chapter Ash is home! He's about 22. During the battle in the tournaments he was around 16 and 17. Thanks for reading!