Chapter 14 Endings and New Beginnings

CM: "Daniel, I want to write the story of your life."

DG: "Jane would have had a daughter."

CM: "A daughter? Not another son?"

DG: "Elijah would have learned how to parent a girl if he'd been there from the beginning. He instinctively knew how to parent boys. Jane would have had her on another voyage."

CM: "She'd give birth on board?"

DG: "Not uncommon among captain's wives. There are some odd superstitions among seamen. A woman on board was considered unlucky, but a birth on board would've been very lucky."

CM: "Poor Jane."

DG: "I would say lucky Elijah and Jane. They were deeply in love, madam, and together they could withstand any weather, fair or foul. As Jane was a rather amazing woman, she may have, on occasion, utilized what she demanded Elijah teach her. If he suffered a bad bout of illness, she might even have commanded in his stead. The crew would have learned to respect her as much as her husband did."

CM: "So she'd live out her life on board?"

DG: "He would have had a house built, much like this one, for her. If he had lived long enough, he might have also had a smaller cottage built somewhere warm for winters. Perhaps on a pacific island or wherever she most preferred."

CM: "Would the daughter be a stormy redhead?"

DG: "No, most definitely a blonde- and he would want to name her Candice."

CM: "It's a beautiful story, Daniel, a tempting story."

DG: "Like an opium dream."

CM: "There is another story."

DG: "My life, I know, my dear."

CM: "The story of a widow who lives with a ghost. She tries so hard to remember he's a ghost, to remember what's possible and what isn't. She's afraid, not because he's a ghost, but because she never expected to feel so much for him."

DG: "He always remembers he's a ghost, even as he loves her and wishes he were a man again."

CM: "Send her a dream, but this time allow her to remember he's a ghost. Send it in the here and the now. Allow her to remember the reality and to know it's a dream."

DG: "Are you asking?"

CM: "Yes."

DG: "As you wish. This way she'll maintain the boundaries she needs."

CM: "Not boundaries, Daniel, truth. I want to be with you as you are, not as you were. The widow loves a ghost."