Dukes of Hazzard: Pushed to the edge

Balladeer: welcome to hazzard county it was a good day for the Duke boys working out on the farm, but for it to be ruined well, that ought to be a typical day here in Hazzard. Looks like ole Boss Hogg is already up to no good. Let`s see how things`ll turn out for them Dukes.

Boss Hogg was talking with Rosco through the CB as usual, planning on ways to arrest the Dukes. "Bo and Luke Duke will be arrested today" Boss ordered to Rosco. In reply Rosco asked "What'll I catch 'em with this time boss? Kweh kweh." The typical answer of Boss, was to use a fake speed trap and nail Bo and Luke for speeding.

Balladeer: Bo and Luke where on their way to the hospital `cause Luke`s good ole friend from the marines was in the hospital, he was shot just the other day, I smell trouble how about you?

As Luke was driving down the back roads on his way to visit Edd Melone, Bo jokingly commented "Hey, Luke would you slow down a little, i thought i was the one who does all the speeding. Now luke was in a hurry to get to the hospital to see Edd before anything happened, and seemingly snapped on poor Bo "Bo, just get off my case would ya?" Bo defensively stood up for himself, he understood that Luke was upset about Edd being shot an all, but Luke had no call to snap on him like that. Deciding it was best not to argue Bo questioned Luke "I thought you said you were going to slow down?" Luke agreed to slowing down to get both Bo and him there in one piece and not ten, but once Luke tried to slow down, he got worried the brake wouldn't work. Ol' Luke kept trying at the brake before replying frustratingly "that was the plan, but apparently the brake blew a while back."

Bo and Luke had been so caught up with all the commotion about the brakes not working that they didn't hear Rosco pull out behind them and start chasing them. Looking into the back of the General, Bo tensed and whipped back into his seat. "Luke we are in a heep of trouble now!" Bo warned. Knowing that Rosco really could get the boys for speeding and failure of brakes Luke did his best to stay on the road, while in the meantime avoiding Rosco catching up to them. Luke checked the brake once more, while Bo checked on Rosco to see if they lost him. While both Bo and Luke were occupied neither saw the vehicle heading toward the boys from another road. Looking up Bo and Luke saw the other car, Bo yelling "LUKE WATCH OUT FOR THAT THERE CAR!" Luke swerved the General Lee, hitting a tree in the process, stopping them from going anywhere.

Balladeer: if that just aint dandy, poor ol' luke and bo's brakes on the general went out, rosco was trying to arrest them and he found something to arrest them for. This other car cut luke off, causing bo and luke to smash into a tree, leading up to rosco catching up with them. What a day this has been for them boys, and it aint even lunch yet.

Bo in shock started speaking " woah luke, you almost got us both killed, and rosco is right behind us now!" When Luke didn't reply Bo tried to get Luke to talk to him. " Luke come on now, you know i didnt mean that as anything personal. There was still no answer, Bo started getting worried, calling out Luke's name, with still no reply Bo turned to face luke "Luke would you please answer m..." Bo stopped as Rosco cut him off.

Rosco happy he caught Bo and Luke, even if it was because they ran into a tree, was all excited that he could finally arrest them, "Alright now i got you duke boys right where i want ya, come now get out of that there heep of junk. Kweh Kweh." Bo not knowing what to say, tried explaining to Rosco that Luke was injured and Rosco, to caught up with his pride completely ignored him. "Bo, come one get out of there, I caught you and your cousin fair and square, you did the crime, you got to do the crime. Kweh Kweh."

Bo looked to Rosco, still in shock and said "Rosco...? i dont think Luke is going to jail anytime soon." Of course Rosco, still happy that he caught the boys told them they were speeding. Bo's comeback to that was "Rosco, would you listen to me, Luke ain't answering me" Still not listening to Bo who was trying to get help for his older cousin, said "well he can't be replying , hes to ashamed of his horrendous driving." By this time Bo had had enough of Rosco ignoring what he was saying, and ending up yelling at him, saying that he should call an ambulance.

Still in disbelief of Luke in real danger, Rosco said he wouldn't do anything he wasn't going to fall for their little trick. Bo finally begging Rosco, complied "Ill make you a deal Rosco, if you take Luke to the Hospital I'll go to jail for ten days, I promise I won't even try to escape." Not believing what he heard Rosco started to believe that Bo was serious about Luke being hurt.

Within five minutes Bo and Rosco had negotiated that Bo would go to jail after Luke was better to make things easier on the Duke family. The next five minutes was hell to Bo, worrying about Luke. Eventually between Rosco and Bo, they had managed to pull Luke out of the General Lee, and had him laying on the ground.

Both Rosco and Bo were shocked at the sight of the older Duke. Falling to his knees, Bo cried out "oh my… no no no...! Luke please be okay please!" Rosco walking over to his patrol car, CB'd Deputy Enos Straight, told him to get an ambulance out on Mill Pine Road, and fat, they needed to get Luke to a hospital as soon as possible.

Balladeer: Luke injured, Bo showing his Love for his older cousin, Rosco almost in tears and Enos and an ambulance on its way. If that ain't enough to make a grown man cry, I don't know what could.

_ At the boars nest daisy was just getting off shift to head to the hospital with her Uncle Jesse and to see Luke and Bo while they were visiting with Edd. Jesse, in a hurry to go asks "Daisy are you almost ready?" Daisy grabbing her keys and jacket replied "I am now Sugar, lets catch up with the Boys"

Jesse and daisy were on their way to the Tri- County Hospital, heard some sirens coming up behind them. Pulling over to let an ambulance pass, they hadn't noticed that Bo had been riding with Rosco in his patrol car, right behind the ambulance. Only when Cooter came on the CB, trying to get a hold of Rosco to let him know, that the General was at the garage, and he'd get it fixed for the boys when they get back, did Daisy clue in.

"Uncle Jesse, you don't think the boys were in an accident do you..?" Daisy asked shyly.

Jesse wasn't too sure about it himself, so he felt the need to check that out when they got to hospital. Speeding up a little, because he was worried, Jesse and Daisy made it to the hospital ten minutes quicker than they normally would have. Walking through the front door, they saw Bo on the phone trying to get a hold of Jesse and Daisy at the farm. Seeing them walk in through the front door, Bo hung up the phone and ran to his family, shaking in their embrace Bo explained what had happened, to Luke. Jesse, who was now comforting both Daisy and Bo was wondering how long it would take for the doctor to come and explain Luke`s condition.

Luke, who was still unconscious, was trapped within his thoughts. Restlessly going through what had happened in the General Lee while they were being chased by Rosco. He kept seeing Bo, blaming Luke for wrecking the General and being careless while checking it over.

Shaking in fear, that Bo was right, that thought kept replaying through his mind, Luke wanted it to stop. There was no chance of that happening, as long as Luke was unconscious.

Back in the waiting room, Bo had fallen asleep; Daisy had been cuddled up to him crying, while Jesse had almost burned a hole in the wall from starring at it so long. It had been four hours since the accident had happened, and Luke`s doctor still hadn`t shown up to tell the Dukes the extent of Luke injuries.

After about twenty minutes Daisy had stopped crying and had fallen asleep beside Bo. Just as Jesse was about to fall asleep as well, Luke`s doctor walked through the door. Jesse who couldn`t wait any longer to know if Luke was alright, walked up to the doctor and spoke for the first time in hours. "How`s my boy doing doc?"

The doctor had stayed quiet, trying to bring himself to telling Jesse Duke just how much damage Luke really had received. "Well Jesse, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, Luke doesn't look too well. We had to take him into emergency surgery to keep him alive. He's off pretty bad. He'd most likely be a lot better, if we could get him to wake up. It is hard enough to keep him stable for ten minutes. It's almost as if he's trying to wake up from a bad dream, but can't no matter how much he tries."

Jesse didn't like the sound of what he had been told. "Thanks doc, I'll uh… I'll let the kids know." "I don't think that'll be a problem with Bo, there Mr. Duke, he seems to have heard our whole conversation" replied the doctor. Turning to face Bo, Jesse saw the look of horror in Bo's eyes. Knowing the doctor was right about Bo, Jesse now had to think on the spot of how he could calm Bo down. Bo was now on the floor, shocked that what he heard was true, he didn't want to believe that what the doctor said was true. No, he didn't believe it, Luke had to be alright, and this was just a bad dream.

Balladeer: Now if that doesn't just put a kick in how this say was supposed to turn out. Instead of Luke going to visit a friend in the hospital, he ended up in the hospital, having a hard time waking up. I feel sorry for him how about you?