Its Based on similar idea of the multi-verse but multi-realm that works under the same way but caused the main character to be copied and placed in Equestria.

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Chapter 1: Dropped out of the Sky

I was running, there was a blast, my vision unclear and my head pounding. 'Why am I running' but I was running. I was carrying something that needed to get to those lights. How can I get there, she is going die soon without help 'She?' thinking to myself. 'what happened?' but the pain in my head kept me from thinking too much. I stayed the course.

The lights were getting brighter, I was getting closer, shapes where easier to define. Missing something on the way. Heading to a castle 'that might be the place to go'. I got to the gate and burst though. Then I collapse what seemed a path with the body of a pony that fell off my back.. purple.

I blacked out, slowly my dreams came back. I saw myself on the barrier of a realm seeing myself reaching out to me but it was too late. I was unable to reach, I was weak to grab his hand.. Am I a copy? Is my fate sealed? Then I awake in a bed but something was amiss I moved my arms to see I had no hands. Shocked at first to see something different without my ability to change. 'this realm must have force this form on me.' feeling a slight pain the ice bag on my head seem to remove the pain.

I looked around "where am I?" I looked around to see a large room. I looked at a mirror, and saw that Horse like animal with a crystal horn. The Form seemed so familiar, the mind clicked, 'I must have entered the land of Equestria. If it's the same Equestria I know of when I was on Human Earth then I must be in Canterlot castle... but who was I carrying here, I must have been some pony that was investigating my crash on their world. She was hurt badly, I hope nothing bad happened in my actions' which did make me frown is disappointment of what could have happened.

The doors were knocked, I replied, "Come in? Ouch" another head pain spiked. When the doors opened it was Princess Celestia the main monarch of Equestria. "Oh Princess Celestia" I said in reaction. She stated,"Well it seems I am well-known far in the stars, Who are you?"

"My name is Ethan Pow, It's nice to meet you." I said in respect

"Thanks, Mr. Pow" Celestia Replied

"Just Ethan, Mr. Pow isn't a common name I go by." I corrected her

"Very well, Ethan, I mainly wanted to talk to you about last night. My Student that you carried here was badly hit by magic, but she is fine in the hospital. I wanted to clear up what happened."

"I crashed on your world by mistake, the form you see is set because your realm rules apply so. What happened when I crashed is a heavy blur, all I can tell, my instinct kicked in and getting her to safety was my only goal I do know that I got to your city canterlot, and made my way here as I thought this was the right place. I am happy she is alright." I sighed

"You seemed to crashed in Changeling Territory based on what everypony saw. If you didn't get here soon, she would have been in far worse condition . So Ponies are not in the stars?" Celestia said

"in your stars maybe, I come form a further place than that, It was an eclipse of a realm that blasted me here... I feel that I am a copy of the original which happens. It seems it's very hard to enter your type of realm freely. I believe in its own way its powerful to keep me from finding such a place so soon, that a reason why my horn is crystal than normal unicorns. It's because of my drakeal attributes that keeps me like that.." I stated

"interesting, so there other 'realms' out there?, What do you mean a copy?" Celestia Asked

"yes, far than I can count sometimes... even leaving a realm by yourself is a powerful skill... but I believe that leaving the realm again won't be possible... I might be here forever, which seems like a nice place to be anyway. What I mean by Copy as my access into your realm was only allowed that made me come through, that what I believe." I answered her

"My Question is this, if this is the first time in Equestria, how do you know my name?" She asked

"In many Realms most of then can be linked in someway but not be instantly linked to each other. The Realm I learned of Equestria was the Human realm, It was a horrible place to be by Equestria standards. It made Equestria seem very ideal form that realm." I told her, "I know of some places, people and your student name, Twilight Sparkle.. It happens to know some details but not all form a realm link, which would show up as a book, movie or act."

Celestia wondered for a moment, 'That would explain a lot.' taking a pause thinking for a moment then continued, "Then I will have to officially welcome you to Equestria Ethan, I do have to ask, are you a member of royalty from the realm you come from."

"My Realm? Yes, I would be considered a primary monarch of that realm, like you are with Equestria." I said with another headache started.

Celestia saw that I wasn't completely recovered,"I will let you rest, Since your in a new form, I take it will be getting used too.."

"Thank you Princess" I said as Celestia left the room. I fell back asleep

Celestia walked on to see Twilight again, to see if she is better, but Princess Luna came by, "Hello there Sister, is our guest doing well?, a Male Alicorn is almost unknown." Luna said with a grin.

"Very well Luna, he seems to be form outside our reality and Prince form his own world, only came here by mistake... He claims that his access to this world was a mistake and leaving may not be possible." Celestia responded

"He is a Alicorn after all, its not surprising that he was royal blood of some way even if he not of our world. If he is staying for a long time, it would be nice to have him see our world more." Luna stated

"Agreed Sister I am going to see Twilight. I will talk to our visitor again, join us, be surprised how much he knows of our world." Celestia, waving her sister off since the night was starting.

Celestia walked to the royal hospital that was near the castle. With Normal bowing from subjects, she made her way to Twilight's room. Being her student, faithful to learning , she was reading a book about "stars and comets. Pony Guide to the unknown" Twilight noticed the Princess and greeted her,"Hello Princess Celestia, Its nice to see you."

"Hello My Faithful Student, how are you doing?" Celestia said with a smile

"Much better, I went ahead and started reading since I am recovering. How is my hero" Twilight asked

"Doing ok, having a headache. His name is Ethan.. He is a Alicorn of a far off place than our stars" Celestia informed Twilight, "He was happy that you were alright."

"Further than our stars? How is that even possible?" Twilight Sparkle with pride.

"Anything can be possible, to what I can tell, his claim can't be far fetched as it seems. Maybe I will ask him to see Equestria when and if your ready." Celestia said

with that Spike went and jump to hug Twilight and the rest of the gang of twilight best friends made it. The Princess Walked out letting them talk after the ordeal.

"Twilight, how are you! I lost track of you when we where together in that creepy dark swamp... It made the Everfree forest look tame, we tried to find you until the princess informed us that you were here." Spike with tears in his eyes. Rest of them seemed to have relieved that Twilight was alright.

"I am sorry to make you worry Spike and the rest of you, I rushed ahead and got myself in a position that I shouldn't have." Twilight Apologized to everyone

"Don't worry Sugar-cube, all that matters is that you're ok. Its good that 'Hero' of yours got you safe Rickety split." said Applejack, "Its good to see that he rushed you to the right place and right time to what the Princess told us in the letter."

"Yes, we need to throw your 'Hero' a party!" Pinkie Pie said with a confetti shot everywhere.

"The hero that saves the day, he must be very dashing to be in changeling land alone and save you. It must have been a Beautiful sight" Rarity said.

"Yeah, well I don't recall much what happened than being hit by magic, it was horrible sight. All I know is that he was a alicorn with a crystal unicorn horn that took my safety as high priority that he brust though the castle walls before he collapsed. It was very strong and caring of him." Twilight Sparkle said as the rest of the gang froze still with their jaws open, then they started to get up close to twilight.

"A Male Alicorn thats almost unheard of, I wonder what he looks like.." Rarity said as AppleJack started,"Breaking though a magical castle wall, I wonder how many Apple trees he can buck." then Rainbowdash interrupted,"He got form that Swamp that was farther than Ponyville to canterlot, he is super fast! Like the wonder bolts on slow-mo.", then twilight interjected, "Girls, Girls, I don't know much about him but it seems he will be sticking around for a bit, he is a from far beoned space."

"Like a Alien! Has he come to take over Equestria?" Pinkie Pie being silly to the core

"naw silly bean, then why would he save Twilight?" AppleJack Answered

"Um Maybe he is nice pony like the rest of us" Fluttershy stated, "he would harm himself to save twilight would make him a friend in my book... I hope he likes me" as her ears flip back.

"Fluttershy, there's hardly anyone that doesn't like you" Rainbow dash said "He sounds awesome."

"Well he has to be very good person." Twilight said

"Visitor time is over." Nurse Goodheart stated

"Well be better be Trotting outta here Twi, see ya tomorrow." Applejack said as the group left

"Twilight, Get better soon" said Spike

"Don't worry Spikie, we will be taking her to ponyville tomorrow." stated Rarity walking

"Get better Twilight, we will see you tomorrow" said Fluttershy

with a smile Twilight got back to her book.

It was the next day, and Luna was returning form her task of watching the night. I was in the room getting out of the bed, trying to get some used to the body I was in. 'I been in Quad form bodies before, Just not horses... even when with similarities'. I started to get come balance, I feel to the ground...

"I think I got it now" I said walking around, then looking at the mirror, I got a better look at myself. I had made a new 'cake' hat for myself. I was as tall as celestia, slightly more muscle toned, I had a blonde mane and tail, my mane was also messy around my hat I don't mind. Then I noticed that I didn't pay attention too until now.

"I have Wings... that would make me... a Alicorn or pegicorn... I think I will go with Alicorn" I got a feeling in my back to get some control of my wings, since that a new addition.. 'I shouldn't be too off for flying I done it before.' I spread out my wings and gave them a single Flap, I gave a good air gust... 'my wings are pretty large, to be expected'

A Knock on the door and I opened it, it was Celestia and her Sister Luna.

"Oh I see you getting better with your new form I see" Celestia said as her and her sister came in, this statement gave Luna a puzzled look on her face.

"New Form? So no star Ponies?" Luna Asked

I chuckled, "Not as far as I know, I come far than the stars, your realm placed me in this form."

Celestia asked, "It seems you made a hat I hope those materials worked well."

"Thank you for that Celestia, it works perfect... its my way to feel unique."

"Like a Cutie mark, I see you don't have yours." Luna said as I turned myself to see my back.

"I don't know If I will get my cutie mark, It may or may not happen since I am not a natural born pony of this realm" I said

"I see, well anyway It looks nice on you" Celestia said, "By the way, my Student, would like to show you around Equestria when she gets better. I will be visiting her today, get a good chance to walk around more. She's very interested to talk to you since you saved her."

"I do recall a bit more about that. When I Crashed, it seemed I landed in a swamp of some type, the Residents didn't like me there, when I got up I had tunnel vision and I could only get myself out of there. I did fight back... I think with magic or something similar... I think twilight got hit, I heard her... I don't know if it was me or them that hit her... but it was all cross fire.. I don't think the changelings don't want to get entangled with me as their ability to morph into other forms is something I can see through, I know what they are... but that hopeful that they don't react." I said breaking off the question.

"I see, well Changlings are not on good terms with Equestria as they..." Luna said

"took a Princess's form and masquerade Princess Cadance to take down the shield that was protecting Canterlot"

said myself. I then Apologized, "Sorry for cutting you off princess, I didn't mean to be rude."

"It's alright Ethan, I'm surprised you knew that much." Explained Luna

"Well I am aware that you know locations in Equestria and people here" Celestia said

"down to bare memory I don't know that much, I know of ponyville and canterlot and some ponies that live in those places the most... the rest is isn't clear." I said in a sigh

"Well maybe going with my student to see Equestria would be a good chance to see it all." Celestia said

"Yes, that would be wonderful, sorry about going off topic for a moment there." I said with a sigh

"Then its settled, why don't we go and tell her ourselves." Celestia said with a wing pointing me the way. We went to the Royal Hospital to see a stack of books and Twilight reading them. She looked up and saw me and the 2 princesses.

"Hello there Princesses, and Mr. Hero." She said to me was I blushed slightly with a hove rubbing my cheek.

"Twilight I want to introduce you to Ethan." Celestia Introduced me to Twilight

"It's nice to meet you under better events, Celestia has told me you wanted to show me Equestria. I do accept this, I want to see your world than what I know."

"What do you know about Equestria Ethan?" Twilight was Curious 'Oh... she shouldn't have asked that' I thought.

"I know that you live in Ponyville you have your assistant spike. Applejack a farmer from Sweet Apple Acres. There is a hyper active friend named Pinky Pie, that throws parties often. Fluttershy, that has a Caring heart and loves animals, she not really fond of adult dragons or any scary creatures unless she has to protect her friends. Rainbow dash that has a goal to become part of the wonder bolts, discovered the sonic rainboom. You also found the elements of Harmony to save Luna from her anger of her sister in the form of Nightmare moon." I paused when I saw everyone in slight shock with luna blushing a bit, "I hope this isn't pushing it."

"That is pretty good knowledge since you been here for 2 days.." Twilight surprised and interested how he knew so much.

"Twilight, Ethan has known of our world for long time, it seems that one of the worlds he was connected to ours though stories made by an artists of a world he was on. Maybe an artist was aware in a creative way of our 'realm' and knowledge into that world" Celestia said as I started to think 'I am SOOO happy it wasn't the first to third generation my little pony, I don't think that realm wouldn't last long with me there.'

"I am glad that I ended up here, this world is very peaceful at times." I stated

"Happy to hear that, I will be ready to leave tomorrow, my friends will be taking me back to Ponyville, If you want to join us." Twilight asked

"I'd be more than happy to join you and meet your friends in Person" I accepted

And that Begun the Adventure of the Crystal Horned Alicorn.