11:30 California State Police station

The dust filled room was little more then four cement walls. Handcuffed to the table in front of her, Phoenix was forced to stare at herself. She didn't mind though, it gave her a chance to perfect her smile. As the man emerged through the door behind her, she didn't even attempt to crane her neck to see him instead she just continued to stare at the mirror. He was of average height however his build looked like that of a boxer. He dropped a plain file onto the even more ordinary desk. He stood.

"You know, you confuse me. But at the same time you make me curious. So tell me how does a fourteen year old disable bank security and open one of the most secure bank vaults in the state without touching anything, when as far as I know you have never had a primary education?"

"I aim to please." That trademark smile refused to leave her face. "However as you said I never touched anything, I'm guessing the banks camera's were otherwise occupied. You've got nothing."

"On the contrary, we have witnesses who can place you in the bank, we have the device you used in the crime. We can prove what you were doing." His eyes became thin slits and he finally took his seat whilst showing off his own sneer.


"Excuse me?" the officer asked clearly offended.

"If anyone tried to look at that device, you would know it doesn't like strangers. It has a tendency to, well, self-destruct. So unless you can prove anything I suggest you let me go." Phoenix did become slightly concerned when his grin didn't shift.

"Can't do that." His manipulative eyes about as beautiful as mud, refused to leave hers.


"You see it would be irresponsible of me if I did. You're a minor. It's sixty degrees outside. We're in a bad part of town. You could catch a cold… or a bullet."

"Your concern is deeply touching but I think I'll be just fine. Un-cuff me." Her smirk began to fade.

"Certainly I'll un-cuff you right now because unfortunately you say you haven't committed any crime. However I still won't let you leave."

"Of course." Phoenix sighed frustrated.

"What is your mommy's number?"

"So I was right." The grin returned.


"You know nothing about me."

"You gave us your name and social security number. We confirmed the basic information you told us, but tell me why we found nothing else."

"Maybe I'm just not all that popular." That really seemed to piss the cop off.

"Mother's number?"

"Don't have one."

"A number?"

"A mother." He didn't seem sympathetic for even a second.


"Good question." She said with abnormally little emotion.

"Okay then… I'll call social services in the morning." He got up and began leave.

"Wait!" She cringed and immediately lost her trademark. "I might have a father… but he doesn't know me."

"His name?" when Phoenix instantly tongue tired, he moved behind her and breathed onto her ear. "His name!" He suddenly screeched causing her to flinch.

"Tony Stark." She responded slowly and quietly. The officer's eyes reflected off the mirror and stared at her. She saw him hesitate for a moment, but only a moment.

"Can you prove that?"

She moved her hand to her pocket and revealed a scrappy piece of smeared paper. Sure enough, it looked to be a print off of a birth certificate. He took a moment to read it. Leaving Phoenix to begin to fret.

"Look I don't need family. I haven't needed them in years and I don't need them now. Please… no good can come from this."

"Fortunately, you don't get to make that choice." He said heartlessly as his sneer crept its way right across his face. Another man entered through the door "Detective Jones you're needed in the conference room."

Phoenix attempted to get up and run. Leave and never look back but Detective Jones gripped her shoulders and pushed her back down into her seat.

"Don't go anywhere." He whispered into her ear as Phoenix felt a tear start to form. She'd heard about Stark, and obviously she'd heard about Iron man but she didn't know him. What if he was just like her stepfather?