Prologue: The Beginning of the Quest

When time came to be, the first wolf ever to walk the Earth was the massive beast, Fenrir, son of Loki, the god of trickery.

As Fenrir began to grow larger and larger by the years, he bore two sons with the giantess, Sita, who eventually became the herders of two solar beings that rose and set in the sky each day and night.

First there was Sköll, the older white brother, which became the herder of the sun, chasing it across the sky every single day, trying to catch it and consume it, to free his father.

And then there was Hati, the younger black brother, who became the herder of the moon, following after it each night, trying to catch and eat it, like his older brother was doing with the sun.

Before these brothers became the herders of the sun and moon, however, they were forced to witness their father be trapped and bound by the gods' power, prompting them to begin their chase of trying to consume the sun and the moon, and it is said that they will succeed in doing so, to free Fenrir of his bounds.

At that, Ragnarök will occur, and the world will come to an end at the hand of the two solar herders and their beastly father.

But what happened before Fenrir was bound is the question? How were Sköll and Hati prompted to begin their quest of causing Ragnarök?

It was a ferocious, deadly winter. The monstrous wolf Fenrir and his two sons Sköll and Hati were resting inside a den. Despite being a massive beast of destruction, he doted upon his children, for they were all he had left of his wife, Sita, the giantess who died bearing the pups.

Sköll and Hati were the only beings that Fenrir actually loved, because they were the only ones that he considered his family after his wife passed when they were born.

Sköll's fur was as white as snow, and he had beautiful sky-blue eyes. His younger brother, Hati, had fur as black as night, and his eyes were a crimson-red color.

Fenrir knew that his two sons were destined for greatness, but for what kind of greatness was the question. However, something did scare him: what would the gods do if they discovered that a wanted beast had had children with Sita; two sons that he had to protect with his life?

One tragic spring day, everything changed for Fenrir and his sons. Their time of peace was over. The gods had found Fenrir with the pups, which they knew right away that they were indeed the sons of the beast.

Fenrir tried to protect Sköll and Hati with everything he had, but the gods' powers were too much for him, despite him managing to bite off the hand of one of the gods.

Sköll and Hati watched with horror as their father was bound and dragged away. "Father!" they yelped. "Leave our father alone!" Hati snapped, rushing at the gods, but he was kicked away by Odin.

When Hati recovered, he looked up and saw his brother staring at their being-dragged-away father. "Father, come back!" he begged, tears coming up in his red eyes, sinking into his black fur.

"Run, my sons!" Fenrir ordered. "Come and find me when the time is right! Quick, run!" His voice died off in the wind as his form disappeared.

Sköll and Hati's tears continued to stain their fur as they saw their father disappear. After slowly recovering from the shock, Sköll shook his head in anger to shake the tears off and said to Hati, "Come along, little brother, we have to leave here."

Hati looked up and said, "But we can't leave Father behind!"

"We won't," Sköll said. "We'll find and free him from the gods. But for now, we must obey his orders and leave this place. He wants nothing more but for us to be safe from those tyrants."

Hati reluctantly agreed with Sköll and he followed his older brother away from the place they were born.