California, Jump City.

It's been two years since Carter Roulet was captured by Failsafe, which means it's been three years since he's teamed up with the Teen Titans. During his escape, Carter had his head removed from his body, and had his DNA enhanced, due to his healing factor, he survived this process, and his healing factor was enhanced. However, the enhancements destroyed his memories. Everything was removed aside from the memories of Failsafe, and Dr. Williams. However, his recollection of working with the Teen Titans, was lost. A curse of amnesia...and so he searches for a team...a team that can bring back help him get revenge on Failsafe, and Dr. Williams, and along the way, he hopes to recover his memory. the second part of Carter Roulet's story.

[] [] []

Hot water spilled over Carters scarred and tattooed skin. Amazingly, he still remembered the times he tattooed himself. From the dice barely visible on his neck, the Celtic cross on his chest. The Ace, and Jack on his forearm, to the words along the side of his abdomen. "Never home." He had many tattoo's, and although he remembered tattooing himself...he couldn't remember why.

"Williams..." Carter muttered, as he slammed his fist into the shower wall. There was nothing he could do, nothing he could change about his life, other than accept who he was. The steam from the shower rose as the hot water continued to flow, until there was a knock at the door. "Odd." Carter said, stepping out of the shower, wrapping his towel around his waste, and grabbing his .45 from the sink.

"Open up!" the door pounded, as Carter stepped toward the peephole.

"Oh shit..." Carter gasped, as four policemen were outside his door.

"We know you're in there!" the cop yelled.

Carter Roulet backed up to the closet, and grabbed his backpack, when the door was kicked in.

"Police!" the cop yelled gun draw.

Roulet turned, as they entered, and the officers opened fire. A barrage if bullets stormed at Roulet. Roulet bolted for the window, and then fired blindly at the officers, before diving through the window, glass shattered as he fell to the asphalt, his towel barely staying on him, and his backpack in his left hand.

"This is Captain Anderson, of Jump City police. Suspect is on the move, I repeat suspect is on the move!" Anderson yelled, as he watched Roulet run down the street, with nothing but a towel, a gun, and his backpack.

"Sir, look what we found." one of the other officers said from one of the rooms.

"My god..." Captain Anderson said, the tall bald man stared at the wall, while removing his glasses. "He's going after Dr. Williams."

[] [] []

Edmund Cole propped himself against the wall as he stared down the street, his hands slightly shaking a females passed by him, he grew slightly nervous, but he had it under control for the most part. He was scoping this place out, he had noticed several jewels within this certain shop, and was anxious to get his hands on them. It was slightly dark, so he started to make his way over to said shop.

"Hopefully, the cops will be busy." Eddie chuckled, as he suddenly changed into the appearance of the brick wall behind him, incredible camouflage. Eddie, or Edge, was his super villain name, used his glass cutters, to cut a small circle of glass out, and unlock the door. "And we are good." Eddie smirked, as he entered the building, and turned on his flashlight.

"I'm gonna be rich." Eddie chuckled.

"You know, if you're gonna rob a store, you shouldn't dress like a store robber." a mysterious voice said from the darkness.

Eddie froze, he prayed they didn't have a gun. Apparently wearing a customized karate gi, and an orange, gray, and white mask...made him look like a robber. He thought it made him look bad ass. After all, the black pants, and ninja shoes looked awesome. As well as the bluish gray tint to his karate gi, and although it looked like it was for show. The orange sash was a weapon in and of itself.

"Looks like you got me." Eddie slowly raised his hands, unhooking a small throwing knife from inside his cloak, and turning quickly, throwing it with deadly accuaracy, and then bolting for the door.

The stranger dodge the knife, and quickly ran after him.

Eddie dove on his hands, and started running on all fours, with incredible speed.

"What is this guy?" the stranger said to himself, as he followed him. " is so not worth it to run after him..." the stranger sighed, feeling lazy. "But can't let the thief get away." he said, running after him.

The stranger wore a black hoodie, with a red long sleeved shirt underneath it, with a giant S on it. Followed by a mask that resembled Robins, and black jeans, and black shoes.

"Freeze!" he yelled, and Eddie rounded the corner, but it was a dead end.

"Got you." the stranger panted.

"Who are you?" Eddie snarled.

"Name's Spectacular." he introduced, reaching out his hand.

"I've heard of you...and you're nuts if you think I'm gonna fall for that." Eddie said, trying to think of a way out.

"Oh come on." Spectacular chuckled, "If you didn't break the law, maybe I wouldn't have to lock you up."

Eddie cracked his knuckles, "Looks like this is where I say, 'Hell no'?"

"I don't wanna fight you man..." Spectacular sighed lazily.

"Yeah, I wouldn't wanna fight me neither." Eddie smirked.

"If you insist." Spectacular coughed, and looked away, swinging a punch at Eddie, who simply ducked, and slid under his legs.

"See ya!" Eddie ran back down on all fours down the alley.

"Son of a..." Spectacular sighed, and chased after him, yet again.

Eddie got to two feet and continued to run, glancing behind his shoulder, "Think I lost him." Eddie wiped his brow, and sped off into the night.

[] [] []

"Kat!" Carter knocked on the young woman's window.

"Carter?" Katerina Taylor, also called Rouge, answered the window in her pajamas. "What are you doing here?"

Carter jumped in, and tossed his backpack on Katerina's bed, "They found me." Carter said.

"Why are you in a towel?" Kat chuckled.

"I was taking a shower." Carter explained.

"They ran you out from a shower?" Kat chuckled, turning on her bedroom light.

"Yeah." Carter sighed.

"Well, I can go get you some clothes." Kat gestured her thumb outward.

"Really?" Carter asked.

"Yeah, I mean, at least so you don't have to be naked." Kat chuckled, trying hard not to stare. Ever since Carter had trained her...she had developed sort of a crush on him.

"Thanks." Carter said, checking the magazine to his gun. "Take these, there the keys to my safe house."

"Okay." Kat smiled at him, and turned to leave.

"Fucking a." Carter sighed, as he sat down on her bed.

Kat left her house, and hurried to where she knew Carter had a safe house. She owed him her life, he trained her, took her out of Ra's Al Ghul's clutches, and had been getting her paying contracts ever since. He considered her his closest friend. She knew his amnesia was bad, but he always seemed to remember that she was a partner of his. Which was always a good sign. She just hoped one day she could be...well, more than a partner...

[] [] []

Carter pulled on his boxers and jeans, "Thanks Kat." he said.

"Well, you trained me well." Kat smiled, her young, curvy, and slim figure always attracted Carter, he was quite fond of Kat. Down to her Latina colored skin, to her almost green colored eyes. But he needed to focus, right?

"Are you okay?" Kat asked.

"Yeah, I'm just kind of tired." Carter sighed, his eyes fatigued from lack of sleep.

"Has any of your former memories returned?" Kat asked, visibly concerned.

"A few..." Carter stuttered, "I'm trying to dig back deep, trying to dig out memories I used to have. It's all blurry. It's like I'm replaying memories inside my head, or like movies. I can remember the sensation. I can remember what it felt like, or the scenario. But I can't remember who, or where, barely what's going on."

Kat saw his eyes, and how focused they were, how scarred they were too. Cancer was a cruel thing, and it was visually defeating, even for someone like Carter Roulet.

"How's the cancer?" Kat asked, noticing his skin was still somewhat pale.

"Some day's are better than others." Carter quickly explained, "I barely feel it, and sometimes, the amnesia makes me think I don't even have it."

"Like, well...what do you mean?" Kat asked, taking a seat.

"Can we not get into it?" Carter asked, scratching the back of his neck.

"Oh..." Kat scrunched up her face, right, "Not a big deal."

"Thanks." Carter said, standing up.

Kat stared at his extremely cut, and ripped body. Carter was far from body builder big, in fact his muscles weren't giant, they were just super cut, and defined, from his abdomen, to his chest.

"Kat?" Carter snapped.

Kat shook her head, realizing she was staring. "What?" she jumped.

"You okay?" Carter asked.

"Absolutely." Kat chuckled, "You should get some sleep..." she suggested.

"Yeah." Carter said, sitting on the floor, "You're right."

Kat, grabbed some blankets, and pillows from the hall, and laid them on the floor next to her bed. "There you go." Kat said.

"Thanks, Kat." Carter said, setting up his bed on the floor.

"You got it boss." Kat saluted jokingly.

"Any good jobs you've taken?" Carter asked.

"I have an offer to kill Justin Bieber." Kat chuckled, "But other than that...nope."

"Good." Carter laid down, pulling the blankets over himself, "I'm gonna need you tomorrow."

Kat nodded, and laid down, I always need you... Kat thought.

[] [] []

Downtown Jump City.

Spectacular flew high above the city, "I let that Edge stranger get away last night." he muttered to himself, "I won't let that happen again."

"Look, up in the sky, it's Spectacular!" a citizen yelled, and the citizens on the block cheered, and clapped for him. He was like the Superman of Jump City. Oddly, he was more well known than the Titans. Probably because he closely resembled Superman himself. Although much younger, around 16, Luis Robbins or as he called himself, "Spectacular."

"He sounds like a faggot." Carter said, taking a hit from his cigarette.

"Well, he's not." Kat said, walking along side him clad in her civilian attire, but always packing, as Carter had taught her. Her white top, with blue jeans, and a leather jacket. She looked dangerous, and Carter liked that.

"Look, you're trying to get to Williams right, Failsafe?" Kat asked.

Carter rubbed his eyebrow, and fixed the collar of his gray long sleeved shirt, "You know that's the goal."

"Well then listen." Kat stepped in front of him, Carter may have trained her, but she would still give in her two sense. "He can help...he's getting the key to Jump City by the Mayor. If anyone could possibly be could be Williams." Kat said.

Carter flicked the butt of his cigarette away, and nodded in agreement. "Well we might as well go."

Kat wrapped her arms around Carter, and the two teleported to downtown jump City.

"I get the feeling you like that?" Carter asked, as Kat was still hugging him.

"Shut up." Kat rolled her eyes.

"Ladies and Gentleman, the Mayor of Jump City, Robert Smith, would like to give the key to the city, to know other than...Spectacular!" Captain Anderson of the city police said.

"I hate that guy." Carter snarled.

"He the one that shot you?" Kat nudged him.

"Attempted to shoot me." Carter corrected, cocking his MP5, which was slung inside his jacket.

"What are you gonna do?" Kat asked, loading her semi-automatic pistols.

"Improvise." Carter chuckled, "Just cover me."

"Oh boy..." Kat exhaled.

Spectacular was about to shake the Mayor's hand, when Carter noticed that Dr. Williams was there, in the VIP section of the stage. It was an odd idea, there were police officers, and other various branches of law, yet it was opened as a parade. The stage was huge, but around 3 feet high stage, but was long in width. If you know what I mean.

Carter wasted no time, he raised his pistol in the air, and fired two rounds, rushing to the front of the stage.

"Williams!" Carter yelled, pushing through civilians.

Carter aimed his pistol at her, and pulled the trigger till he heard the sound of an empty magazine.

Spectacular rushed to Williams, and the bullets bounced off him like nothing.

"The fuckers got Superman's powers!" Carter yelled, digging in his backpack.

"Freeze!" one of the officers said to Carter, when Kat snapped his neck in half.

"I got your back boss." Kat winked, firing two rounds into the officer behind her.

Carter smirked, and grabbed the kryptonite from his backpack, dispatching three SWAT officers with deadly accuracy.

"Carter Roulet is active. I repeat, Carter Roulet, also called Subject 21, Is active, armed, and extremely dangerous!" Williams yelled in her comm.

"You're not getting away this time Williams!" Roulet yelled, firing his MP5 at her, when Spectacular grabbed the gun, and broke it in half, slamming the stock into Carter's face.

"Mother!" Carter leaped up, and slammed his fist into Spectacular's rib cage. Spectacular swung a left right combo, when Carter slapped the right hook down with his left hand, and then knocked his left hook aside with his left hand as well, bringing his right hand up, and slamming the fist with the kryptonite right in his face.

"All their powers," Carter wiped his bloody brow, "All their weaknesses." he chuckled, as Spectacular was out cold.

"Kat, secure Spectacular." Carter ordered, sliding under a police officers legs, and then firing a round through his skull.

"Jesus Carter, you didn't kill him, did you?" Kat asked frustrated, as she knocked another guard out cold.

"No, no, no. I simply...blackened his mind." Carter chuckled, as he finally saw Williams.

Dr. Celia Williams bolted for the car, "Drive, drive!" she commanded, getting in the back of the van.

"Dammit!" Carter swore, firing his pistol at the van as it sped passed her.

Carter felt a strong force slam into him, and knock him down.

A cop car, had knocked him straight on his ass.

"Fuck." Carter yelled, standing up quickly, and ramming his forehead into the officers nose. Carter scrambled for the police radio, and PDA.

"This is..." Carter looked at the badge, "Officer Dill of Jump City Police, I got a suspect attempting escape in a white van, license plate number is; Alpha, two, one, Tango, Whiskey, seven, Bravo." Carter said.

"Copy Dill, we'll get squad cars to keep a look out." an officer replied.

"Shit!" Carter slammed his fist into the car window, "So close..." he sighed.

Carter slumped down on the floor, covering his face, feeling nothing but failure. His phone buzzed in his pocket, and he quickly answered it, "What?" he said abruptly.

"I got Spectacular back to my apartment..." Kat said, sounding somewhat timid.

"Great." Carter said, lightening up slightly, "I'll be there soon." he said, hanging up, and making his way to Kat's apartment, the walk seemed like forever...just as hunting Williams did.

[] [] []

Spectacular awoke in a state that he was greatly afraid of..strapped to a chair.

"Hello!" Spectacular yelled, shaking in his chair, he assumed he could break the handcuffs, but he felt human, probably because his skin had made contact with a human.

"He's awake." Spectacular heard a voice say.

"Who are you?" Spectacular groaned, but was met with a punch to the face.

"Shut up." what sounded like a female, said.

"Easy, Kat." the male voice said.

"Sorry boss." Kat said, backing off slightly.

"You awake there Luis?" Carter asked, walking over to him.

"How did you know my name?" Luis asked.

"Please, Luis give me some credit, I'm an assassin, not a news reporter. I have access to a lot more than just a camera." Carter chuckled.

"Wh-what are you gonna do to me?" Luis asked, scared to death of torture.

"Well, see Roulet here is gonna ask you questions, and if you don't answer the question the way he likes, I'm gonna take these pliers," Kat said, "And I'm gonna peel off your will hurt a lo-"

Carter stared at Kat quizzically, "What are you talking about?"

"Come know that sounded bad ass." Kat said.

Carter laughed, "Yeah it did...but that's not what were gonna do."

"Well...what are you gonna do?" Luis asked, easing up a little.

"Well, I am gonna ask you questions." Carter said.

"And if you answer the question wrong, I get to punch you in the face." Kat butted in again.

"Kat, do I have excuse you from the room?" Carter sighed.

"No." Kat sighed, folding her arms across her chest.

"Good." Carter said, turning his attention back to Spectacular, "Now, I'm gonna ask-"

"How did you knock me out?" Luis asked.

Carter bit his lip, and then sighed, "I'm trying to speak here, If I could just get what I'm saying across that'd be great." Carter smiled smugly.

Luis nodded.

"Thanks." Carter said, grabbing a chair, and sitting in front of him, "Now, I'm gonna ask you might know the answer to some, and you might not know the answers to others." Carter explained. "If there's a point where I think you're lying, I will-"

"I wouldn't lie to you." Luis interrupted again.

Carter grabbed Luis's face, "If you interrupt me one more goddamn time, I'm gonna have Kat hit you so hard you won't wake up for at least another hour, got it?"

Luis nodded, quickly.

"Thank you!" Carter said, exasperated, and dusted off his jacket.

"Now, if there's a point where I think you're lying, I might persuade you to dig deeper." Carter explained. "I need to know-"

"Persuade me how?" Luis asked, interrupting once again.

Kat wasted no time, and quickly walked over to Luis, and punched him in the face, hard.

"Ow!" Luis yelled.

"How did that not knock him out?" Kat asked.

"Your skin touched his." Carter said.

"Geez! That hurt!" Luis winced.

"'s gonna hurt a lot more, if you don't shut the fuck up!" Carter yelled, "Now listen...I need to know everything you do about Dr. Williams."

"Who...Celia?" Luis asked.

"Yes, yes!" Carter said, "What do you know about her?" he snapped his fingers, ordering Kat to take notes.

"Well, I know that she's staying somewhere in Jump City. She's got a bodyguard." Luis looked up trying to think.

"This bodyguard...who is he?" Carter asked.

"Well, actually working with Failsafe." Luis explained.

"Ha. You thought it was a guy." Kat chuckled.

Carter scowled at her, "Just keep writing."

"She's African American, dark chocolate skin, and built. I mean like I wouldn't want to fight her." Luis said.

"What else do you know?" Carter asked, "Does she have anymore teens in her custody?"

"Dude, I don't to Edge...he's the one that got in a fight with her." Luis said.

"Edge? Who's Edge?" Carter asked.

"He's a thief. You know Cheshire? Well it's her protege...he's damn good too." Luis said.

"You know where I can find him?" Carter asked.

"Yeah, easy." Luis shrugged.

"So if I tell you to take me to him, you'll do it?" Carter asked.

"What are my options?" Luis asked.

"Well you could take me to him, or I could just shoot you." Carter said, pulling out his gun.

Luis stared down at the gun, and then back at Kat, "You guys ready to go?"

(A/N) Well guys and gals, there's the first update. I will be working on this story a lot. Note that the first two or three updates will be getting into the characters I've been given. Also, here's the full roster of characters I've picked, from reviews, and from PM's.

Luis Robbins, aka Spectacular. Katerina Taylor, aka Rouge. Edmund Cole, aka Edge. Yilvoxe. Rolland Harper. Astor Cornett aka Hawk. Grace Hunter aka Sombra. Collin Jones, aka Seven. And Joseph Farlie aka Photon.

I hope to introduce ALL the characters in the next update, and then delve into them in the third update, which is when you'll see the sides that are chosen. Thank you guys so much, and I hope the wait was worth it.