Failsafe Bunker. Afternoon.

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Eddie wasn't foreign to gun fights, he wasn't afraid of the sound, he wasn't afraid of much. Not anymore, surprisingly the thing that once gave him fear...had now given him courage, and he was grateful.

"Eddie, move!" Collin yelled bolting out of the van. Collin had a disadvantage, and that was her forms. She had powers, and her powers were her forms. And these were strong, but when used the wrong way they could be fatal, and not just for her.

Eddie was already on all fours, sprinting out of the van, "Is Joey in the air?" Eddie asked, running a few steps ahead of Collin.

"You bet your sweet ass he is."

Hawk dove behind the van as a machine gun fire tore through the armored vehicle. "Dammit." Hawk swore as he dropped his magazine, "Reloading!"

"Covering!" Kat shouted as she popped up from behind the cover of the van and emptied her magazines into the horde of Failsafe agents.

The turrets aligned on the outer walls targeted the team, firing at them with unbeatable accuracy. "Joey, I need you to drop those!" Hawk yelled over the com.

The sudden gust of light blinded several Failsafe soldiers as Joey sped through them, virtually invisible and untouchable.

"You got it boss." Joey chuckled as he sped towards the turret. The turrets picked up life forms...not light forms. So Joey, to them, was invisible. Made his job easier.

"Regroup on me!" Hawk ordered, "Joey, continue with your objective!" Hawk reminded, not wanting to confuse him, "Everybody else, on me!"

Hawk, Eddie, Rolland, Yilvoxe, Kat, and Collin all were behind the van, bullets bombarded it as the horde of Failsafe agents continued to fire on their position. "Okay, here's the plan. Rolland, you Eddie, and Collin will be our inside guys, which means you wait for the signal, and then you run like hell to the entrance."

The three nodded, as Hawk continued his instructions, "Kat, you, me and Yilvoxe will be providing support. Which means when I say go, we cover them."

Yilvoxe nodded, along with Kat. Yilvoxe started conjuring her armor, ice lifted the small girl up, and soon she was at least the size of the van, you could faintly see her through the ice.

"Whoa! No, one said we had a tank!" Joey chuckled as he finished destroying the third turret. He quickly flew to the next.

Yilvoxe chuckled, "Ha, ha." she said mockingly.

"Okay guys...get ready." Hawk said, cocking his M4 back, and getting ready to take aim. "Three..." he said starting to count down, "T-"

"Cancel that order!" Joey yelled, "We got three big ass Mech's coming!" Joey shouted, throwing bursts of light at their scanners throwing them off balance.

"Shit..." Hawk spat, "Okay, change of plans, Yilvoxe, you focus on those Mech's you're just as big, if not bigger than them. Take them out."

Yilvoxe, nodded. "You got it." she smiled beneath her ice helmet, and conjured her ice spear, getting ready to bum rush into battle.

"Joey, think you can handle one of the Mech's?" Hawk asked, as a bullet shot clean passed his helmet, missing him by mere hairs.

"No way in hell man." Joey answered, "I'd get creamed!" Joey chuckled, "I'm on the second to last turret, I'll lend a hand pretty soon."

"Damn..." Hawk muttered, "Okay, Rolland, Kat, and Collin. Focus all your fire into one of those Mech's. As soon as we get them down, we get through." Hawk said.

The teammates nodded, "What about the third?" Rolland asked.

Hawk sighed, "Just keep moving, as long as he doesn't get to you, you'll be fine." Hawk stood up, "Okay, ready?"

Everyone nodded, and Hawk was first out, firing his M4 into the giant Mech. Each round that shot from the M4 met it's mark, but barely did anything to pentracte it's shell. This would take some time "Move!"

[] [] []

Carter Roulet slammed the magazines into his dual .45 pistols, and cocked them back, placing them back on the gun desk he had in his corner.

Luis shook in his seat, he was not handcuffed, he was not tied down, he was perfectly free to go. But would you take that risk?

"Look, Carter yo-"

"It's Killswitch to you." Carter spoke, his voice emotionless, "My friends call me Carter, my allies call me Roulet. You are none of those things, is that understood?"

Luis swallowed, "Look, man, I had no idea what they were doing. were killing people! What was I suppose to do?!"

Carter slammed his hands on the desk in front of him, "You were supposed to follow orders. You know who I was killing? Do you know what kind of blood is on my hands, or do you just assume every time someone dies, it's 'bad', huh?" Carter yelled. He was wearing nothing but his pants at this point, he had started getting dressed into his old uniform.

Luis looked down at his feet, "She said...she said you were evil, that you were insane, psychotic, that you were unstable, couldn't be trust-"

The sudden sound of a gunshot shut Luis up quicker than a mouse trap would kill. Carter stood facing Luis, his .45 in his hand, "So who do you believe Luis? Do you believe a guy who has been trying to destroy this organization for more years than you can unstable? Do you believe a guy who was trained by that same company, by that same exact woman, is un fucking stable!" Carter yelled, "Because your sudden second thought cost me the life of the only father I ever had!" Carter walked very fast over to Luis.

Luis stood up, overturning his chair in the process, and backed away from Carter, "That wasn't my fault...that wasn't-"

Carter threw the chair against the wall behind Luis, "Shut up!" Carter snarled, "Shut up! You turned your back on me, you turned your back on the team. And magnificent Hero, Spectacular, You, turned your back on freedom, on Jump City, on America, on everything you care about." Carter spat, "You wanna talk to me about justice, about law? You don't know the meaning of the word."

Luis ground his teeth in his mouth, flexing his jaw muscles in and out, "I was confused!" Luis yelled, "She said...she said that you were the one who needed to be stopped."

Carter laughed, bending over, "And you actually believed her!" he scoffed, waving his gun carelessly around, "You don't think Luis! You follow orders. Why do you think I'm after her? Do you think I'm wrong?"

Luis shook his head, "False motives...maybe a misunderstanding...I-"

Carter pounced on Luis gripping the collar of his uniform, "You don't know me Luis!" Carter yelled in Luis' face, "You don't know what I've been through! You don't fucking know!" Carter shook Luis, "You see these tattoo's?!" Carter yelled, "These tattoo's remind me every day who I am, I am not a hero, I am not a savior, I am a fucking killer. And if you ever, EVER get in my fucking way again, I won't hesitate to kill you."

Luis licked his lips, as Carter shook him.

"Do you understand...hero?" Carter spat.

Luis nodded, "Yes...I do." he said slowly, as Carter released his grip on him. Luis rubbed his neck, and chest as Carter released him.

Carter turned his back to him, and stormed over to his desk, where he continued making preparations for battle. His backpack by his feet.

Luis looked at Carter, and then finally spoke, "I didn't know..." he said, "At least give me a chance to make this right." Luis pleaded, "Williams...she trusts me." he said, "That can work to your advantage." he said.

Carter pulled on his boots, and tightened his holsters, placing his pistols and other weaponry in them. Silently listening to Luis speak.

"You can't do this..." Luis explained, "Failsafe is even bigger than you remember. I mean you thought their joint operation with Slade was big, this is ten times that."

Carter grabbed his torso piece and pulled it on over his head, fastening his teleportation belt to his waist and tightening it. The skull on the front shined brightly as Carter buckled it.

"They have a whole army out there. Jemima, Jemima won't stop until you're dead, none of them will! Not Williams, not Boss, nobody!" Luis yelled, trying to warn Carter about things he already knew.

Carter grabbed his leather jacket, and pulled it on over his torso, placing his knives in the slits of the arm, and then grabbing his backpack, and sheathing his katana's in back of them.

Luis finally walked over to Carter, "You can't do this alone, you're walking into a war that you cannot hope winning!"

Carter grabbed the mask from his desk, the mask that looked like Red X's mask, but was different in comparison, and after looking up at Luis he smirked, "They started it." he winked, as he pulled the mask over his face.

[] [] []

Yilvoxe slammed her shielded arm of ice into the Mech, knocking it flat on its back. Yilvoxe raised her hand, and conjured a giant ice spear in her hand, slamming it clean through the plated armor of the Mech's chest.

The Mech's were set up like giant robots, with robotic arms and legs. They were large, about the size of an armored van. They were heavy, and moved quick. The drawback was the revealing glass plate that housed the controller. In the center of the body was the controller, which was only protected by glass. Yilvoxe's sword made quick work of that.

"Yeah!" Joey yelled, "That's my girl!" he smirked as he grabbed two Failsafe agents by the boots, and lifted them high in the air, dropping them at fatal heights.

Rolland slammed his knife into one of the Failsafe agents, and then quickly turning he slammed his fists repeatedly into the Failsafe agents rib cage. Turning to his left he grabbed the pistol from the soldiers holster, and fired a around through his skull, dropping the last one with ease.

"Having fun?" Kat chuckled as she rolled over the back of Failsafe agent, and fired two bullets through the soldiers chest, dropping him instantly. Kat moved to her right, and dodged a punch from one of the soldiers, sliding on her knee's she popped up and pointed the barrel of her pistol at the soldiers neck, pulling the trigger.

"I can see you are." Hawk smirked beneath his helmet as he slammed the stock of his M4 into the Failsafe agent's face, the sound of the soldiers cheek cracking was satisfying. Hawk tossed his M4 into the air, and then withdrew his combat knife from his chest holster slamming it deep into one of the soldiers chests. The M4 fell, and Hawk caught it, turning to his right, and dropping to his knee, he squeezed the trigger, and the bullets exited the chamber.

Dropping two soldiers behind Eddie, Eddie saluted to Hawk, and then with full force kicked one of the soldiers in the chest, breaking his sternum. Eddie did a front flip over the soldier, and landed a kick into one of the other agents, knocking him out instantly.

Collin slapped Eddie on the back, as she carefully fired her pistol at the soldiers in front of her. Two soldiers dropped into the dust of the earth, as Collin turned and fired another shot into a rushing soldier.

"Smith is down, I repeat Smith is down!" Cor yelled, "Focus all fire on the ice girl!" Cor ordered Barnes.

"Copy that." Barnes yelled, Barnes positioned himself over to Yilvoxe and started moving towards her. "Hey ice girl, heads up!"

Yilvoxe turned, and was met with a fist full of metal, Yilvoxe blasted back and landed on her back, ice crumpled from her body, and slowly started to rebuild itself.

"Hey back off!" Joey snarled, and bolted over to the Mech. He was burning with anger, nobody would touch Yilvoxe.

Calculating velocity, velocity calculated. Executing action. Barnes lifted his arms and smacked left. Joey's speeding body slammed straight into moving arm. The sudden impact caused Joey to spiral down into the dirt ground.

Rolland was already moving to assist, when he caught a bullet in the ribs, the bulletproof coating of his suit did it's job but it still hurt like hell. "Fuck!" Rolland yelled, as he dropped to his knee. A Failsafe agent kicked Rolland in the face, knocking him on the floor.

Hawk saw this, and dashed over to him, his helmet was finished calculating, when a giant leg slammed into the side of Hawk, flinging him aside like a rag doll.

"Hawk!" Kat screamed and bolted for him. Cor took notice of this and fired his rockets, the explosion propelled Kat backwards.

Eddie, and Collin were quickly surrounded by soldiers, Eddie turned frantically slicing downward with his bo-staff, and then slicing upward with his blade.

Collin fell back as the group of soldiers proved too many to combat at once. "Hawk, were surrounded!" Collin yelled. "Hawk? Hawk?!" Collin yelled. "Can anybody respond?!"

Collin fell to the floor, as one of the soldiers slammed the stock of his rifle into her face. Guns aimed all around her.

All the teammates were down. "Jemima, this is Barnes, all attackers are down! Should we take them as prisoners?" Barnes asked.

Jemima paced back and forth up on the third floor, "No." Jemima said, rubbing her chin, "Leave no survivors." she snarled.

"Next time don't fuck with Failsafe!" Cor chuckled, as he loaded a rocket into the chamber and prepared to fire at Hawk and Kat.

Suddenly, the arm of the Mech was sliced off, and the rockets caused the bot to explode in a fray of metal, and blood.

The sudden explosion caused the Failsafe agents to turn, but no one was there. Almost as soon as the Mech exploded, bullets showered down from the point of the explosion.

"Yippee ki yay motherfuckers!" that familiar voice shouted from over the bullets.

"We have a positive ID on Carter Roulet, we have positive ID on Carter Rou-" the sudden katana sliced the throat of the soldier, blood spewed everywhere. Gunshots rang out as bullets sped towards Carter, the sudden disappearance caused the bullets to enter into the soldiers behind Carter.

Carter withdrew his second katana and then slapped the button on his teleportation belt, disappearing. Carter reappeared by Eddie, and Collin, decapitating two soldiers, and dispatching two more. "On your feet, focus fire on the last Mech, I'm moving to Hawk!" Carter ordered, disappearing.

Eddie and Collin immediately snapped into action and engaged the soldiers in combat. One of the Failsafe agents moved to attack Collin, Eddie was quicker and snapped the soldiers neck. Collin kicked off of Eddie and fired her pistol into one of the soldiers, dispatching him.

Carter was already over by Hawk, "Hey, time to wake up soldier." Carter shook Hawk's shoulder. A Failsafe agent on Carter's left fired his assault rifle at him, the bullets ripped through Carter's chest. Carter, unfazed by this, stood up and wiping the blood from his jacket, he quickly withdrew his pistol and emptied his magazine into the horde of soldiers, each shot was right between the eyes.

"Carter?" Hawk said in shock.

"Just get up, and fight!" Carter ordered, and slapped the button on his belt yet again. Teleportation was one of the keys to his victory.

Yilvoxe was up before Carter got to her."The ice girl is up!" one of the soldiers said, and about seven of them directed their attention to Yilvoxe.

Yilvoxe smiled to herself as they all rushed her. In one sweep, Yilvoxe knocked aside three of them. Carter teleported atop of one, and stabbed his katana deep into the soldiers neck, the sudden teleportation caused Carter to decapitate another soldier. Blood soaked the ice armor that Yilvoxe had conjured.

"Carter?" Yilvoxe said in a quandary smacking aside a group of another soldiers. Carter chucked his katana's through the air, pinning two soldiers to the floor.

"Yilvoxe, get your armor up and get ready to hit the door." Carter said, teleporting to his katana's he yanked them out from the corpses.

Jemima watched as Carter Roulet nearly destroyed the entire bunker single handed. "Somebody shoot him for fuck's sake!" Jemima yelled.

Carter stared at the window Jemima was looking out of, and raised his middle finger to her, "Suck my dick!" he winked beneath his mask.

The swarm of soldiers that attacked him from behind caught him off guard. His leather jacket was torn from him, barely hanging on his body as shotgun blasts, and bullets tore through his chest.

Carter stood up and removed his leather jacket, leaving the black body suit he wore when he worked for Failsafe. "Hey agents, you like the view?" Carter chuckled as he pointed his semi gloved thumb at his back.

On the back of the his leather torso piece, was the words in, 'Fuck Failsafe!' Jemima boiled with hate at Carter's suit. "Kill him!"

All the teammates moved up, and moved to where Carter was, "Good to have you back Carter." Eddie said, moving his bo-staff into two separate pieces.

Carter winked at him, as he pulled off his mask, revealing a much healthier looking Carter, "Good to be back." Carter chuckled. "Now, let's get to work!" Carter chuckled as he twirled his katana's around, "Banzai!"

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