Failsafe Bunker.

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Smoke clouded around the battlefield. Blood, bodies, and weapons littered the ground, it was a war zone...or what was left of one. Carter Roulet cleaned the ends of his katana's across his bare forearms.

"Agents fall back!" Jemima yelled over the intercoms. The Failsafe agents looked up at where Jemima was, and frantically tried to fall back. But between Yilvoxe, and her ice armor, Joey and his blinding light, Roland, Kat, and Hawk with their guns, Eddie, and Collin and their hand to hand combat. And Roulet and his was nearly impossible.

"Guys on me!" Carter yelled, as he cracked his neck, and slowly paced his way over to the entrance of the bunker. He sliced through the bullets with his two katana's.

Eddie tapped Collin on the shoulder, and quickly noticed that she wasn't hundred percent... "Hey, are you okay?" Eddie asked.

Collin touched her forehead, swiping away a strand of snow white hair, and looking up at him, "Yes...I'm fine." she lied. Eddie waved Carter and the rest of the team forward, opting to stay behind with Collin.

Roulet nodded, and continued moving forward till he came to the entrance, the large metal doors slammed shut. Blocking the six of them from entering. "Dammit!" Carter swore. He slammed his fist into the metal doors, causing his fingers to break...and then repair themselves. He was damn lucky he had a healing factor.

Yilvoxe attempted to slam through the door with her armored ice fists...but it wouldn't budge. "Sorry boss...this thing is sealed shut."

Joey cracked his knuckles, "I got it." he chuckled, and tried to see if there was any place he could squeeze his light particle body through, but to no avail.

"What do we do now?" Hawk asked. The shock of Carter coming back had worn off, and now everybody, including Carter was focused on the mission.

Kat chuckled, "You up so easy." she smiled as she removed a mine from her leather jacket pocket. "I always come prepared." Kat slapped the mine onto the door, and stepped back, firing her pistol at the pressure point, causing the door to implode inward.

"Fuck yeah." Roulet bolted inside, and was shocked at what he saw. The first floor was covered with Failsafe Agents. Guns leveled, and aimed directly at the first person who would enter into the bunker. "Hey guys stay back!" Carter sheathed his katana's, "I got this." he smiled to himself, and then cracked his knuckles.

"Contact open fi-" the Failsafe agent tried to yell, but was silenced by Carter's hands snapping his neck in half. What came next was guttural screams, and cries for help. Blood soaked the walls, and bullets exploded from their chambers.

"Do you think he's enjoying himself?" Rolland asked. His hands checked the magazine to his assault rifle.

"No, no, no, please, p-" A Failsafe Agents decapitated head flew out of the exploded door, and out into the battlefield.

"I'm gonna say yes..." Kat replied, as she looked at the rolling head. "Hey the coast clear?" she asked.

Carter popped his head out, and wiped the blood from his face, "Yeah, first floor is clear." Carter motioned them inside, and then noticed that Eddie and Collin still weren't present. "You guys go in...recover what you can."

"Where are you going?" Joey asked, as Carter was leaving the room.

Carter hurried his pace, and then glanced over his shoulder to look at Joey, "Just go, I'll be right behind you."

Joey nodded, and went back to the team. "Whoa." he heard Hawk whistle, "Joey did you see this?" Hawk asked.

Joey looked at the mass amount of bodies, and bloodied walls, "Holy'd think we were in a horror movie at the sight of this." Joey swallowed.

Roulet hurried over to Eddie, and Collin, "Are you okay?" he asked, as Eddie limped forward, Collins arm draped across his shoulder.

"I dunno what's wrong with her..." Eddie said, his voice manic, and fearful. "She's slipping in and out of consciousness."

Collin's eyes were droopy, and were barely able to stay open as she limped forward. She was still in her Envy form, so her whiskers were still present. But they were slowly disappearing...she was reverting back to herself...or so they thought.

"You get Collin to a safe place..." Roulet said. Eddie immediately looked up at him, his face shocked, and slightly offended.

"Wait...Carter...I can help!" Eddie yelled, "I'm not just gonna leave you...You just came back!" Eddie shook his head, "No, no, I can't do that."

Roulet put his hand on Eddie's shoulder, "I couldn't handle losing you both..." Roulet said, "Get to safety. You've done all you can."

Eddie looked down at his feet, and sighed, "Don't count us out yet boss..." Eddie persuaded, "Were still capable."

Collins consciousness returned to her, "What's happening?" she mumbled as Eddie was moving her through the battlefield, desperately trying to get her to the inside of the bunker.

"Were in a war!" Eddie yelled, as he slammed his spear down into an oncoming agent, "Just stay awake okay?" Eddie pleaded.

Collins felt as if her chest was on fire, there was a burning sensation...but she didn't know what it was. Her head was spinning, and her breathing was growing quicker.

"Eddie..." she said, feeling her teeth getting sharper, and her claws growing. "Eddie!" she screamed, as her entire body started to morph into all of her forms at once. Roulet watched from a distance.

"Oh shit..." he gasped.

"Collins what's wrong?!" Eddie asked, as she was screaming, and growing taller. Collins body continued to make transformations...ones that put Eddie off.

"Run..." Collins was barely able to whisper to Eddie as she fully morphed into her hidden form...the form that combined all of them together...Wrath. "Run!"

Meanwhile, on the inside of the bunker, second story, Hawk, Kat, Joey, and Yilvoxe had made quick work of the agents, "See anything we can use?" Kat asked, holstering her two pistols.

Hawk scanned the mass amounts of computers, looking for any evidence, or anything they might be able to use in their fight against Failsafe, "Hey guys, I found something."

Joey flew over to where Hawk was, "What is it?" he asked, looking at the computer screen Hawk was typing on.

"It looks like there's some coordinates for Failsafe's base of operations." Hawk said, pointing to the monitor. "If my hypothesis is correct, downloading this file will tell us exactly where Williams is."

Suddenly, Roulet came flying in through the second story window, slamming against the wall. The throw would have killed any normal human being, but not Carter.

"Roulet?" Hawk raised an eyebrow, "What the hell is going on out there?" Hawk asked, as he peeked out of the shattered window.

Roulet stood up with the help of his katana, "Collins has lost control of her forms...she's going berserk right now." Roulet said, "I can distract her momentarily. But keep looking for anything useful...and keep looking for Jemima."

Kat went to say something, but Roulet was already leaping out of the window, "Yeah but Carter what about the...oh never mind." Kat sighed.

"Boyfriend leave too suddenly?" a seductive voice said from the shadows. The sound of glass breaking rang within the four of Roulet's teammates ears.

"Jemima..." Kat snarled as she rushed her blindly. Joey went to stop her, but Kat, being trained by Roulet, was much quicker.

"Hmph." Jemima shrugged, "Your funeral darling."

Collins smashed her fists into the floor, cracking the rough terrain, "Collins calm down, it's me, it's Eddie!" Eddie waved his hands in front of the demon like being. But you couldn't reason with Wrath.

Roulet landed on the ground, studying Collins, "Dammit Collins...I said, I said, if you go into your Wrath form, I'd kill you. Didn't I say that? Reader, don't you remember in one of the beginning Chapters, I said I would kill her if she went into her unstable form? No? I coulda sworn it was chapter six...well the fuck if I know."

Collins blindly swung her fists into Eddie's chest, knocking him back, "What do I do?" Eddie gasped, as he continued to dodge her attacks, and block the ones he could.

Roulet bolted over to Eddie, "Hey you holding up?" he asked, as he kicked Collins frontal punch, knocking her back a foot or two.

"What the fuck are we gonna do man?!" Eddie yelled, "We can't kill her!" Eddie started to hyperventilate, and sweat profusely. He was already terrified of women, and guns...but he thought he had conquered that.

Collins let out a loud screaming, that could explode any normal human beings ear drums, "Cover your ears!" Roulet yelled, as he withdrew a syringe from his backpack.

"What are you gonna do?" Eddie yelled, as his hands covered his ears. The screaming stopped, and Eddie slapped Collins punch, dodging and blocking.

"I'm gonna put her to sleep!" Roulet yelled, "This is morphine, it's painkiller, but when given in high doses it'll get you high. Obviously, but more importantly, it'll most likely sedate Collins. Sure she looks like a demon, but that doesn't mean she can't be tranquilized."

Eddie nodded, "Do it!" he yelled.

Roulet dashed fro the raging Collins, receiving a large claw to the face, "Shit..." he grunted as he slammed into the gravely terrain.

"Enemy!" Collins screamed as she mounted Roulet and relentlessly clawed at his body. Blood, and organs spewed from Roulet's body.

"Eddie! The syringe!" Roulet muttered, as he desperately tried to fend off the ravenous Collins. Had he no healing factor, he'd be more than dead.

Eddie nodded, and ran for the syringe on the floor, then grabbing it he leapt high into the air, slamming the end of the needle into Collins' neck.

Collins grabbed Eddie, and threw him to the ground "You!" she screamed, as she charged towards him.

"Shit, shit, shit..." Eddie tried to scramble to his feet, but couldn't. He kicked his heels against the ground, pushing himself back on the palms of his hands.

Collins went to strike, with her claws...but her hand slowly changed into a human did her teeth return normal, then her tail disappeared, and slowly, her charging body transformed into a young frail looking girl. Falling into the lap of Eddie.

Collins panted as Eddie picked her up in his arms, "I'm sorry..." Collins whispered, as Eddie sat down. "I'm sorry."

Roulet stood up, and cracked his neck into place, his torso and stomach started to heal itself, growing his organs, and sealing up. "Great work Eddie, maybe next time be a little bit more quicker..."

Eddie chuckled, as Collins was fast asleep in his arms, "What do I do with her?" Eddie asked Roulet. "I mean, I wanna stay and fight...but I can't..."

Roulet put his hand on Eddie's shoulder, "We'll talk about it later." Roulet said gasping for breathe.

"Carter we found Jemima..." Hawk said over the comm.

"And?" Roulet asked.

"And, she's incapacitated." Hawk said to him.

"And?" Roulet shrugged his shoulders.

"And she claims to know where Williams is." Hawk finally answered with something that would satisfy Roulet.

"That's what I wanted to hear. Be up in five." Roulet answered back. "Eddie, you come up. We have a lot to discuss."

(A/N) So, I know that I as an individual a lot, I mean it's been awhile, and I greatly apologize. Like I said, I found that dog awhile ago. Then there was a few personal matters over the holidays...some stuff happened, and I wasn't able to address any of my fictions for quite sometime. Please don't hate me. Hope this wets your appetite. I still love you all...I hope you love me still!