Once upon a time, so long ago that most have forgotten, there was a place called Pixie Hollow. Eventually, some developers sailed to the island, and ruined the magic provided by the Pixie Dust tree. All of Neverland crumbled, what with everyone getting old and some people moving away. But back then, it was a beautiful place. Enough room for anyone who lived there, and always a few confused younger boys, running around dressed as animals. But the most magical place in all of Neverland was Pixie Hollow. All the fairies, bustling around, doing their own thing. Healing, painting, fast flying, baking, dust, story telling, snowflake, light, sewing, scouting, tinker, storm, mining, water, and garden talents-to name a few-were seen all over the hollow, fetching new materials, or just messing around in between fixing kettles. The meadows around the Pixie Dust Tree kept the delicate balance of nature in order, and at the end of each season, fairies would fly from Neverland to the Mainland, or the real world. This was a big event, almost as big as a game of Fairy Tag, and fairies turned it into a rather large celebration. Queen Clarion and the Ministers of the seasons made sure everyone was in order and kept the balance of nature in line. Many of the fairies traveled in between realms more frequently then they could say hello to every one they saw, and being busy for a fairy was the best thing. Rani, the bravest fairy in all of Pixie Hollow, had no wings and had to ride on a bird called Brother Dove. And while all this was very good, you still have no idea why I'm telling you this story." Wendy paused, letting this sink in. "I want you to know about a fairy named Gysra. For a long time, she didn't know anything about herself. Not even her talent." Luci reached up and grabbed Wendy's arm. "But Gran, what does this have to do with me?" "Well you see, the first time a baby laughs, a fairy is born. And Gysra was your fairy."