Title: Hey, I'm Not a Family Heirloom!

Author: Didget

Rating: K

Fandom: Green Wing. (If someone could tell me which episode this happens in, it would be great.)

Pairings: Mac & Caroline, Guy & Caroline.

Authors Note: This is me playing around with a scene from Green Wing, which I don't remember very well so bear with me if I get the lines wrong. I do not own, if I did it, the series would have a far higher rating & still be on TV :D This oneshot would be a crack story if the show was in anyway serious. I've written it in script form because I can & it makes it look longer.

Second Authors Note: The set instructions & movements are in italics & brackets. Any character or prop, with the props written in capitals, is highlighted in bold.


*(This scene is set in a hospital & starts out in a hallway with several patients & hospital staff in background. Spiral camera around & zoom in on Guy & Mac, they're arguing over Caroline. )*

Guy: No you can't have her, it's not fair. I love her too!

Mac: But she loves me & I'm dying so tough luck!

Guy: Bu-But I need her! She belongs to me!

*(Guy twists hands together in frustration)*

Mac: Look you can have her after I'm dead!

*(Caroline enters, carrying CLIPBOARD & wearing WHITE JACKET.)*

Caroline: (As both Mac & Guy continue to fight over her) Guys, I'm not a family Heirloom!

*(Mac & Guy continue fighting, Caroline walks away, feeling annoyed because they're ignoring her.)*


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