#01 – Ring

"If I blatantly told you my ring size, would that be too big of a hint?"

"If I told you I already knew, would that make me the best detective or a creep?"

"… Depends on how you used that knowledge."

#02 – Hero

Their super-powered friends were always destined to lead lives like this—they were the ones that sacrificed normalcy, and that's something no one else can understand.

#03 – Memory

"Dick, how do you know whether to let go or hold on?"

"… I'll let you know when I figure that out."

#04 – Box

"You don't do well with rules, do you?"

#05 – Run

"Have you ever thought about just… leaving it all?" he asks her, and when his eyes meet hers he knows the answer.

#06 – Hurricane

"You're comparing me to one of the most destructive natural forces on the planet; what exactly am I supposed to make of that, Dick?"

"That I know better than to trifle with you and your awesome power."

"… Troll."

#07 – Wings

"I had a dream last night: you had these beautiful wings…"


"And you took us far away."

#08 – Cold

All he knows at this moment is that he finds punching Icicle Junior far more satisfying than he should.

#09 – Red

She eyes the uniform with something like suspicion. "I liked the blue better."

#10 – Drink

He should have known she could drink him under the table—how could he have expected any less?

#11 – Midnight

"'Meet me at midnight'? Could you get anymore cliché, Robin?"

#12 – Temptation

"Where on earth did you find that… outfit?"

"Clearly it's a place I should visit more often, based on the way you're ogling."

#13 – View

"You were staring at my ass again, weren't you?"

#14 – Music

When every song begins to summon images of blond hair and gray eyes, he knows something has to be done.

#15 – Silk

"It should be a crime to have hair this soft."

#16 – Cover

"You jeopardized the mission by breaking cover—"

"I jeopardized the mission to save your sorry ass!"

#17 – Promise

"You lied to me—"

"Dick, I didn't, I swear—!"

"Don't call me that."

#18 – Dream

"It was just a dream—it wasn't real."

#19 – Candle

"How many candles can one house have?"

"When the power goes out regularly because the landlord forgot to pay up or a gang fight compromises the towers, you learn to be prepared."

#20 – Talent

"If your feet can accurately shoot a bow and arrow, what else can they do?"

"You have a rotten mind, Dick Grayson."

#21 – Silence

"Do they ever just talk like a normal couple?"

"That implies they are a normal couple—which they're not."

#22 – Journey

"And who was it that got us temporarily banned from Keystone City?"

"Hey, that road trip was your idea!"

#23 – Fire

His eyes rove over her, and she feels something not unlike the sensation of flames licking her skin—something unbearably hot.

#24 – Strength

They've defied the traditional definitions of heroism many times over

#25 – Mask

Her hands linger on the skin surrounding the material, her eyes searching his face for any sign of doubt or uncertainty, making sure he's absolutely sure—

"Artemis, just pull it off."

#26 – Ice

If it took an industrial-grade icepick, he'd get through to her.

#27 – Fall

Even over the roaring wind, he can hear her laughter threading its way through the air.

#28 – Forgotten

When Dick finds her, she's holding a picture of Artemis Crock and Jade Nguyen, aged about eight and thirteen.

#29 – Dance

It's not prom, but somehow the dance between Nightwing and Artemis on Gotham's rooftops is more poignant than a high school dance could ever be.

#30 – Body

It's not uncommon for them to argue about who has the better figure; they often end up calling it a draw—usually after a long shower.

#31 – Sacred

"She's my city too, Dick."

#32 – Farewells

"I've always been crap at these goodbye things."

#33 – World

For right now, they're content to believe this rooftop is all there is.

#34 – Formal

Every time she looks at him—his stiff posture unchanging, his face professionally blank—she winces and wonders how they let things get so out of hand.

#35 – Fever

It's not fair, he thinks to himself, fighting to keep his temperature under control as he drinks in the sight of her.

#36 – Laugh

For a while, she thought she'd gotten used to his trademark cackle; then she realized he consciously modified it when he was around her, into something gentler and genuine.

#37 – Lies

"I guess I should be used to it, huh? After all, it's part of the gig, isn't it?"

He hates that he doesn't have an answer for her.

#38 – Forever

He makes her want to believe.

#39 – Overwhelmed

"How's that 'whelmed' thing working out, Rob?"

"Uh, pretty sure I passed that point two minutes ago!"

#40 – Whisper

"Shhhh," he urges, "any louder and you're gonna get us caught."

#41 - Wait

He'll always remember that first kiss: how it was like drawing fresh breath for the first time in years.

#42 – Talk

Though they perhaps have more to talk about than anyone else on the team, their time spent together is—more often than not—filled with silence.

The real surprise is how they manage to communicate as well as they do—as though they operate as one unit, one wavelength. All without uttering a word.

#43 – Search

"I'm pretty sure looking up ways to prank a speedster is an inappropriate use of Google."

"Quiet, Bird Brain, or I won't let you in on the joke."

#44 – Hope

Despite it being the result of misuse of the English language, "traught" has always meant something to her—perhaps more than he ever intentioned.

#45 – Eclipse

"You're a performer at heart—haven't you ever wanted a bit more of the spotlight?"

"Robin is Batman's supporting act—he's not supposed to become the star."

#46 – Gravity

"Does anything scare you?"

"… Falling with no way to stop."

#47 – Highway

Gotham's streets are clogged, making the air thick with rancid smog; Artemis and Robin are the only ones on the team left mostly unaffected.

#48 – Unknown

He's not used to being unaware, to being confused and lacking a full understanding; for her, though, he thinks he can make that sacrifice.

#49 – Lock

"The Batcave was locked—"

"Batman didn't tell you, then."

"Tell me what?"

"You—you're not Batgirl anymore, Artemis."

#50 – Breathe

"So help me, Artemis, if you don't start breathing I'm going to kill you!"

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