Chapter 1 (Fresh Start)

Kagome gently opened the door and smiled slyly as she examined the room she will be staying at for a while. She quickly made her way to her bed and threw herself onto it, just when her back felt the coziness of the bed that she realized how tired she was. All the events that took place on the last 48 hours resulted her brain into a mental collapse and now she found her situation amusing. A small smile tugged on her lips as a small thought crossed her mind. She will finally be free. It was like she just got out of the prison after 18 years and will finally see the real world. The small happiness she felt quickly vanished as soon as the familiar ring echoed around the room. Without even checking the caller id, she immediately answered it.

"What do you need?' Kagome asked exasperatedly.

"I will give you one day to get your ass back here," the older woman said calmly.

Kagome snorted. The last thing she will do over her dead body is to go back to her crazy parents. She had enough of them controlling her life like it is a game.

"I am telling you Kagome, I will use all of my power to bring you back here. You don't know what I am capable of," the woman added, her voice remained calm but the venom in each word could be felt. But Kagome remained unfazed.

"Mom I would really like to live my life for once. I would appreciate it if you let me be," Kagome said

Her parents' needs a taste of their own medicine, if they are too thick headed to hear her out, then maybe doing the same thing might get her some answers.

Eva Higurashi let out a small laugh. Kagome knew that every word she has said, has no meaning to her mother. Her mother can never be threatened.

"I am doing everything for your own good," Eva explained. Kagome rolled her eyes at her statement. Her parents only cared about their business and making it more successful.

Her parents have done nothing but dictate her life. She was never able to live an ordinary life, her life revolved into nothing but secrecy and everything was because of her controlling and over protective parents. The last string was drawn when they decided to get her engaged to a guy she doesn't even know. As her life plan was carefully planned in front of her, like a sudden brick hit her hard on the head, she realized she had to take action.

"I would love to chat with you and listen to your bullshit but I have to go and live my life. GOODBYE," she ended the call with a smirk on her face. That felt good.

A small thud on the door and whispers on the other side of the room made her realize that she has an audience.

"Come in here."

The door slowly creaked open and her two best friends tiptoed into her room.

"Well," Rin trailed off waiting for her to fill them with news.

"Well they are probably on their way here now," Kagome said nonchalantly as she reached for her luggage.

"What?" Sango shrieked as she looked at Kagome incredulously. "Did you even think of this plan carefully?"

Kagome smirked at her panicking friends. "Don't worry, I have a plan."

"Let's hear it," they both crossed their arms and looked at Kagome expectantly

A small devious smile formed on Kagome's lips.

"We are going to my brother."


AS the mourning announcement ended, Totosai stood up from his desk and started his lecture. Inuyasha just stared at him. He looked past his classmates and to his buddies who were making themselves busy by checking out every girl in their class. He shook his head amusedly, they have the shortest attention span ever. He glanced on his left and noticed his only sane best friend, deep into his own thoughts.

"Hey Souta, what's the plan this weekend," after not getting a reply he faced him. "Souta."

He flinched and looked back at Inuyasha. "Sorry, what did you say?"

Inuyasha furrowed his brows and shook his head. Something must be really bothering Souta, his weird behavior was somewhat worrisome.

After a while the bell went off, Totosai looked at the relief faces of his students and let out a small evil smile. "That is it for today's lesson, to those people who listened attentively I guarantee you will pass tomorrows test and to those who didn't, good luck on passing," he finished with a huge smirk on his face. The sound of groans and complaints echoed around the room as Totosai left the room.

The guys collapse on their regular seats.

"That old man is really witty, I will give him a credit for that," Miroku said

"Souta you are screwed for tomorrow,"Bankotu said. They all looked at him with a confused look. "You were spacing out the whole time."

Inuyasha gaped at him, so he wasn't the only one who noticed Souta's unusual behavior.

Souta looked at them and let out a small sigh. "Small problem with my parents,"

He darted his eyes away from them and leaned on his right arm. He feel bad for lying to his friends, but his biggest dilemma has nothing to do with them and they couldn't possibly help him with it. After getting a phone call from his parents the night before, he figured that something bad happened. His parents would never personally call him if it was a trivial matter, His mother informed him about his little sister running away from home again. It wasn't the first time it happened, but it seemed serious this time. They filled him with the information of where she might be but left the most crucial question- why did she run away?

'Where the hell is she?' he thought to himself.


Inuyasha parked his car on the reserved spot in front of the school. Being a son of a business tycoon also has it perks. He made his way to his locker with a bunch of girls following him from behind, a high pitched voice from the crowd made him scrunch his face in annoyance. He spun around and looked at the girl with a bored look.

"Hey babe, why didn't you call me last night?" she asked while leaning on his locker. He let out a small sigh and scratched the back of his head.

"Sakura, I already told you not to contact me," he said, this is what he hates in having a relationship. They all expect you to call them every day and be romantic. He is only looking for a fun, no- string attached relationship, is that too hard to ask?

She looked at him in shock. He quickly walked away and towards his secret haven. All his worries and unnecessary feeling quickly disappeared as he opened the door heading to the rooftop. This is the only place he could escape from the busy and crazy world he is in. Finally some peace and quiet.