Kagome Higurashi is a smart, nice, and obedient daughter. With her controlling and perfectionist parents, she struggled to please them and also be the best at what she does. Things started to change when she ran away from home, her busy and controlled life became a carefree life as she learned knew things about friendship, love and heartbreak. What will happen if fate takes it course and change her life around? Will she be able to prevent the inevitable or will fate lead her back to him again?

chapter 1

Kagome walked into her temporary room sluggishly and with a big sigh she pulled her small luggage in with her. She slowly scanned the room she will be staying at for a while and let out another sigh. Her room is pretty decent, a twin size bed and a folded white comforter was meticulously placed across the top. No furniture aside from the bed, table, and a small chair lay quietly in the bare room. Its not like she has the rights to complain. She is lucky enough that she has a roof over her head and a bed to sleep in, and she is damn lucky to have her best friends by her side to support her with her crazy last minute plans.

She quickly made her way to her bed and threw herself onto it. She really needs some sleep. After everything that happened, her mental state is still unstable. Just a good night sleep, that is all she needs. A small smile tugged on her lips as a small thought crossed her mind. She will finally be free, its like she just got out of the prison after 18 years and will finally see the real world and start a new life. Well it is somehow the same except the prison was her so called 'home' and the jail cell was her room with the patrolling guards or her control freak parents. The small happiness she felt quickly vanished as soon another ring echoed the room. Oh she forgot she still has shackles around her hands that always reminded her that she was a prisoner.

Without even checking the caller id, she immediately answered it.

"What do you need?" she asked

"I will give you one day to get your ass back here" the woman angrily said.

Kagome snorted. The last thing she will do over her dead body is go back to her crazy parents. She had enough of them controlling her life like its a fckin game piece.

"I am telling you Kagome, I will use all of my powers to bring you back here. You don't know what I am capable of" the woman added as she tried to made her point by making her voice more threatening but Kagome remained unfazed.

Who was she trying to kid.

"Mom I'd really like to live my life for once. I would really appreciate it if you let me be" her voice was full of venom. Her parents really need a taste of their own medicine, if they are too thick headed to hear out her opinions, then doing the same might get her some answers.

Eva Higurashi let out a small evil laugh. A laugh that always made Kagome furious, its a kind of laugh that mocked her that she could never do something and that she is a weak teenager that could only follow what ever her dictator of a parents tell her.

"I am doing everything for your own good" she explained like Kagome have to be thankful for everything she did. Yeah right. Her parents only cares about their stupid business and 'making the company bigger'

Kagome rolled her eyes at her mother's statement, when did that ever happen. If she recalled two days ago, when everything went berserk, she was asked to have a dinner with her future husband which she just met the same night. They haven't even formally introduced to each other yet and her parents already announced that they are getting married in a month. Like who does that crazy arrange marriage crap. Oh yeah her lunatic parents. That was probably the biggest thing her parents ever did that made her snap. Trusting her life to some dude without hesitation topped all the other bad decisions they made for her, and like a sudden brick hit her hard she realized its time to take action.

"I would love to chat with you and listen to your bullshit but I have to go and live my life, goodbye" she abruptly ended the call with a smirk on her lips. That felt good.

A small thud on the door and whispers on the other side made her realize that some people are eavesdropping her conversation

"Come in, I know you guys are there" she yelled playfully

The door slowly creaked open as her two best friends slyly tiptoed into her room.

"Well" Rin trailed off waiting for her to fill them with news.

"Well they are probably on their way here now" Kagome said nonchalantly. With her parents connection and power it will only take matters of day before they find her. It was a good 30 seconds of freedom. At least she was able to show her parents that she could be a rebel. Her face started to turn into worry as she slowly realized the consequences of her actions. She should really think of what will happen before she makes any plans. Oh yeah she forgot that she is a weakling, yeah that is probably why her parents have so much control on her.

"Oh no" was the only words that left her mouth when her friends question her for their next plan. She is not so smart after all.

"Kagome what the hell? So you didn't think through this plan? You said back when we were at the frikin airport 'Don't worry guys, I know what to do next' " Sango said as she imitated Kagome's giddy self about 12 hours ago.

"I didnt even think we will reach this far" Kagome admitted as she slowly backed away from the towering figures of her friends.

"Okay we should calm down" Rin as the oldest amongst the two tried to settle down the situation

"Who could help us? Any relatives?" Sango asked as she slowly brought down her raging anger.

Kagome thought for it for a second, she sat on the end of her bed. Maybe she should just call the police or military for protection, but knowing her father. He probably goes out with them, and drink tea while talking and sharing ideas on how to torture their daughters . Crossing out the idea in her mind, she tried to think of another idea. Relatives.. someone who could help them...

A devious smile formed on her lips. Why didn't she think of that sooner


As the morning announcement ended Totsai stood up from his desk and started talking about what ever he is teaching. Inuyasha just stared at him like he was speaking a different language. Listening to people especially older people talk never fails to make him feel sleepy. It's like a lullaby minus the annoying voice. He looked around the room to avoid falling asleep, half of the class was basically spacing out like him and only a third was actually paying attention. A round of applause goes to them. He should probably ask one of them how they could stay awake nonetheless pay attention to every word the old man spats out.

He looked past hisclassmates and to his buddies who were making themselves busy by checking out the girls in their class. Well at least they have something to pay attention with. He swears they have the shortest attention span ever. He rolled his eyes as he checked his other friend on his left.

"Hey Souta, do you think we could do our boys night out at your place?" he asked as he thought of a few things to do for their weekly hang out session. It has became their tradition ever since they were in middle school to hang out at someone's house once a week.

After not getting a reply he looked back at his friend and noticed him spacing out. That is so unlike him. Souta is the smart and nice guy of the crew. Something is bothering him.

"Souta" he flinched and looked back at him

"What did you say?"

Inuyasha furrowed his brows. He shook his head and went back on listening to Totosai while still thinking of his friend's weird behaviour. His train of thoughts were interrupted when Kouga uttered
"ugh why is there no pretty girls in this class"
" I know what you feel dude same faces all the time" Bankotsu added, he got up from his seat and screamed

" I'm sick of all yo' faces."

His outburst caught everybody's attention, the girls in particular. The whole class became silent as the small chatters died down and the teacher stopped what he was talking about. The girls gave him a dirty look.

"We are sick of your face too" someone from the crowd muttered but loud enough for everyone to hear.

Bankotsu slumped back into his chair while the class laughed wholeheartedly. These were the small moments that made the boring class bearable.

"Shut up, boys at the back" Totosai rolled his eyes in annoyance. He just let out an exasperated sigh and went back on teaching.

The bell went off. Totosai looked at the time and decided to wrap things up for the day

"That is it for today's lesson, to the people who listened attentively I guarantee you will pass tomorrows test and to those people who didn't, good luck on passing" he finished with a huge smirk on his face. Oh how he loves making this delinquent suffer, the look on their faces especially the infamous boys at the back was price less. It is this small moments, why he loves his job.

"Are you fcking kidding me" Bankotsu clenched his fist together, crushing the burger in his hands in the process.

The guys looked at him and collapsed on their seats.

"That old man is really witty, I will give him a credit for that" Miroku said

"Souta you are screwed for tomorrow" Bankotsu said while putting his scrunched burger on the paper plate. Everybody looked at him with a confused look

"You were spacing out the whole time" he said casually. Inuyasha gaped at him, so he was not the only one who noticed his friend's unusual behaviour.

Souta looked at them and sigh

"Small problem with my parents" he darted his eyes away from them and leaned on his right arm. He actually feel bad for lying to his friends, he never mentioned to them about his younger sister- who is currently his biggest dilemma right now. This means he has to solve this problem on his own. After getting a phone call from his parents last night, he figured that something bad happened. His parents will never personally call him if it is a trivial matter. Mrs. Higurashi informed him about his little sister running away from home wasn't the first time she ran away but according to his mom it was a serious case, Mrs. Higurashi filled him with the information of where she might be but left the most crucial question- why did she ran away?.Mrs Higurashi ended the call with a puzzled Souta on the other line.

'Where the hell is she' he thought to himself.


Inuyasha parked his car on the reserved spots in front of the school. Being a son of a business tycoon has some advantages. Just hearing his whole name makes everyone comply to everything he Takahashi. Oh the good life. He closed the door and carelessly swung his car keys on his index finger while stuffing his left hand on his leather jacket.

As soon as the girls spotted him, they swarmed around him like bees who found a flower to suck its nectar away. With a lot of pushing and yelling, he was able to make his way to his locker. He looked behind him and sees a crowd forming near him. They were smart enough to keep their distance from him. He hates morning the most, since he has to wake up early to go to school and sit on a chair and listen to some person talk to them about what they know about things.

Small whispers made him come back to reality, he slammed his locker shut and walked towards his secret place. A place where there are no annoying girls bombarding him with questions about not calling them, and not paying attention to them. Who do they think they are anyway, do they actually expect him to remember each and one of them? He shook his head in disbelief. A high pitched voice calling his name, made his face scrunch a bit. Sounds too familiar. Just hearing his name from that voice made his already hurting head, hurt more. If that is even possible, but whatever.

He spun around with an annoyed look and waited for the girl to catch up to him.

"Hey babe. Why didn't you call me last night?" he let out a small sigh. He scratched the back of his head as he thought of some lies to tell her. Being straight forward is something you should never do to a girl, he would have earned a hundred slaps already if he tells them that he is just using them. NO no no..

"I was busy, I- I went to see my grandma in the hospital" he shamelessly said

She arched her brows in confusion "I thought you said before that your grandma died already" she said as she slowly snaked her hands around his torso. "Are you lying to me?"

He almost let out a snort which he concealed by clearing his throat. Since when did girl become smarter. "I am talking about my other grandma"


"Sakura I have to get going now, I have to meet up with Kouga and the others" she gave him a peck on the lips and emotionally bid farewell. As soon as he walked away, he rolled his eyes. All his unnecessary thoughts were cleared as soon as he opened the door heading to the rooftop. This is way to escape from the busy and crazy world he is in. A time for his self.