Chapter 3 (New feelings)

Kagome listened carefully to her teacher, she was too focused to notice the small chatters around her and the glances she was getting from a particular group. Without Ayame, the day felt so empty and quiet. She basically has no friend, even if she wanted to make friends. The circumstances were always either she doesn't know how to approach them or they give her a look that says step one more closer and I will strangle you. Thus the reason why she ended up all by herself. After the class was over she headed to the bathroom.

Footsteps slowly became audible in the room, small giggles echoed around the room. The footsteps slowly died down as it stopped in front of a stall. As soon as Kagome opened the rectangular door, her vision was quickly covered by a white foamy cream, the platter dropped to the floor and laughter erupted around the room. She brought her hand to wipe the excess cream on her face and to see the culprits.

Sakura gave her a cocky smirk "That would probably teach you not to mess with me. Please Kagome, stop trying too hard," she walked closer to Kagome and held her by the collar of her top. "Stay away from Inuyasha and his friends, you gold digger." She let go of her and crossed her arms.

She felt so small in front of Sakura. These feelings weren't new to her, but she was always able to chin up and fake her confidence with her façade but being Kagome Higurashi, she always felt weak and vulnerable.

With their words ringing in her mind, she ran out of the room and to the empty hallways. Luckily class has started, with only a couple of students lingering on their lockers she weaved her way around to find a place to settle down her emotions. She was never humiliated like that in her entire life, she feeling all kind of different emotions. After ending in a dead end she let out a grunt, she wiped the remaining cream on her face when she spotted a door slightly ajar. 'Authorize personnel only' she quickly opened the room and closed the door forcefully, she flight through the never ending stairs and spotted yet another slightly opened door. She let herself outside and came face to face with the wind blowing gently on her face. She let out a sigh of relief. She closed the door and walked to the railing and gently dipped her head below to see the ground. She was 6 floors above.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh," she shouted on the open field. Her scream was becoming louder and louder as she slowly released her anger and frustration to herself.

"Shut up!" a man yelled. His deep husky voice countered her shrilling scream, which made her jump from a sudden surprise.


A banging of the door woke followed by loud footsteps woke him from his deep slumber. He remained calm on his spot, even if someone comes out he was safely hidden by the wall dividing the exit and the side where he was calmly laying down. With eyes closed he further listened to the intruder when a deafening scree, which made him stood up from surprise.

"Shut up!" he yelled as he tried to see the intruder. She spun around and with wide open eyes and traces of white stuff on her face she backed away from him.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Kagome asked.

"Shouldn't I be the one asking you that question?" he responded.

After taking in her appearance, he chose to ignore it. He could care less of whatever this girl was doing to her life. But seeing her blue orbs full of worries confusion and trace of anger made something inside of him stir. He still doesn't know how to describe what he feels whenever he sees her. Ever since he met her, he started feeling different emotions that was making him feel uncomfortable. He is perfectly fine the way he is and this girl suddenly comes into the picture and made him confuse about everything. He doesn't have time for distractions.

Her face scrunched in annoyance "Well it is none of your business, do you own this place?"

He shook his head in defeat he just have to find another quiet place to rest. He turned his back to her and faced the door. His eyes widened in horror. Oh God.

He clenched his fist in annoyance. First she ruined his sleep and replaced his peaceful place to a screaming corner. Now she wants to drag him with her bad luck. He brought his hands up and pounded the door furiously. He faced her.

"Why did you close the door?" he asked slowly as anger gradually enveloped him.

"If I did?" she asked while raising her brows.

His anger was slowly raising up as he looked at her pretty face, he wanted to strangle her and push her off the railings.

"This fking door only opens from inside, you stupid wench," he screamed.

A realization slowly graced on her face,that was why the doors were left slightly opened.

"Oh," she mumbled.

"That is all you are going to say? 'Oh' Who is going to save us now? Give me your phone," he commanded. He had to think of a plan fast, their situation will only lead to trouble. IF he could jump from there, he could have done so long ago but no he doesn't want to die because a stupid emotionally wrecked wench trapped them in the rooftop with no way out.

"I didn't bring my phone," she muttered.

"You didn't bring your phone? You stupid wench," he yelled

"Why didn't you bring YOUR phone? You narcissist idiot," she shouted back which surprised him.

He chose to keep his comments to himself and decided to sit on the concrete floor. He checked his watch and exhaled. School will be over in a couple of minutes. He glanced at the girl beside him, with all his annoyance left behind he focused on her face. He was tempted to ask what happened to her but he chose to shut his mouth. She was deep in thoughts, she still look beautiful. His upcoming thoughts were interrupted when he saw her stood up and looked down, his eyes widened in shock. He heard cars driving away and chatters from below. Class was over. He noticed her face brightening up as her mouth opened.

"H-," 'hey' the rest of the word was muffled when a big hand suddenly clasped over her mouth, he dragged her down with him and remained squatted in front of her. Looking her in the eye he asked "What the hell are you doing?"

"I am calling for help," she said.

"Are you an idiot? If someone sees us here we are going to get in trouble. I caused enough trouble and I'm going to get suspended," he hissed.

She brought her hand to his chest and pushed him forcefully, their close proximity was making her feel weird. She took a couple of steps back, after making sure she was far away from him she asked with all seriousness "What are we going to do now?"

"We wait. I have a plan," he said while peering through the rails.

A small smile formed on his lips as he spotted the guys he was waiting for. He took his white shirt off, forgetting the girl on his side. He whistled out a tune loudly and raised his shirt up the air for the guys from below to see. He peered below and with a satisfied grin he brought down his arm and looked at the surprised girl on his side.

Kagome's eyes widened in surprise as he removed his shirt. What the hell is he doing?. But after seeing his chiseled chest and defined abs, her mouth gaped open. Wow just wow. She could ogle at him all day. She immediately shook her head in frenzy, her brother's friend is rubbing off her. She should start distancing herself from that perverted leech. With eyes still glued to his body, golden pools looked her over.

A smirk formed on his lips as he once again caught her red handedly staring shamelessly at his body. Its not like he could blame her for that, he works out for a reason. Seconds turned into minutes and with so much effort she was finally able to move her gaze away and landed on his face. With her cheeks tinted pink and plumped lips inviting him closer, he lessened the distance.

He doesn't know if it was just the spur in a moment or it was his mind playing games with him or maybe he was just losing his mind but seeing her looks so vulnerable and innocent made her looks o irresistible. He slowly leaned closer and with his shirt forgotten on the side he brought his hand to touch her rosy cheek. He could feel her uneven breathing s she puffed out air from her mouth, his gaze moved from her beautiful eyes and to her lips. He inched closer-

"Be thankful we saved your sorry ass" the door suddenly opened with four guys standing by the door looking the person they saved. Their eyes widen as they took in the scene in front of them.

"Whoa," Bankotsu hollered.

"I dint think they really wanted us to save them," Miroku smirked.

Inuyasha immediately stood up and grabbed his shirt on the side, with a small blush on his cheeks he darted past them and to the stairs. Kagome followed soon after, avoiding the appraising eyes looking her over.

Inuyasha tried opening the door once again. He officially has the worst bad luck. As soon as the footsteps stopped behind him, he spun around. With the room dimly lit, they could see the anger I his eyes.

"Why the fck did you close the door?" he shouted.


A small grunt escaped from her lips as she threw yet another vase at the white wall. Broken glasses were scattered on the marble floor. Once she was satisfied with her work she walked to the couch on the other side of the room, disregarding the stare she was getting from her friends.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Jakotsu asked as he arched his brows in mixed of distaste and disgust.

"None of your business," sakura spatted.

The scenario wasn't new to the people around her, since the angry lady always have a fit whenever things doesn't go her way and when she's throwing tantrums anything that is within distance can be thrown anywhere and to anyone.

"Its because of the new girl," Kanna said nonchalantly.

The group looked at the short, petite girl. She sure knows everything even if she barely talks.

"shut up" Sakura said defensively,

Everyone just gave each other a knowing look. Kagura was the first one to approach the girl. "Don't worry she's not much of a treat."

"That btch actually told Inuyasha and his friends about what we did to her. The nerve of that gold digger slut," she yelled. She shouldn't have taken her too lightly, the angel turned out to have a horn on her head.

Kagura and the others stifled a laugh, their dear friend finally found a worthy competitor.

"Better find something dirty about that girl before it's too late," Kagura said.