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"Penny," Sheldon said, "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Yeah what's going on," Penny asked.

"Lately nobody seems to like me," Sheldon said.

Penny sighed.

"It isn't recently Sheldon," Penny said, "You're... well how do I put this nicely. You're annoying as heck. I'm saying this as a friend.

"How is that a friend thing to say," Sheldon asked.

"Sheldon you have a hard time seeing things from anything other then a scientific point of view but life is not science. Emotions are not science-"

"Actually emotions have to do with biology and in the brain there's a center that-"

"SHUT UP SHELDON," Penny replied, "THIS is what you do that pisses people off. You freak out if anything is out of place or can't be explained in a 'logical' way."

"Well if it's not logical it makes no sense," Sheldon said.

"Does heaven make sense?"

"Well there is some scientific evidence that heaven exist but there is also scientific evidence that suggests once you die that's it. Then other evidence-"


"No but science is safe. Science always has an answer even if it's not a right answer. Left to the imagination things could be disastrous"

"Sheldon there are a lot of beautiful things that come about because of the imagination. Take art for example. Take theater. Take music. Take poetry."

"But there was some kind of logic and reason to it," Sheldon said, "A follows B and B follows C"

"No it's random," Penny said, "Like fireworks for example"

"Fireworks? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Do you have any idea what would happen if you used fireworks unsafely. I have known people who died from fireworks."

"The point is that fireworks are beautiful but they're random. You know. It's spontaneous and unique."

"I just feel a lot safer when something logical is in control," Sheldon said, "I hate it when things don't make sense."

"I understand that but not everything needs to make sense. Logic is overrated anyway."

"Is there a rating system," Sheldon asked, "Like in the movies? You know I saw a movie called Aladdin that was rated G but it should have been rating R"

"ARE you kidding me," Penny asked.

"You could see Jasmine's tities," Sheldon said

"Sheldon you have got to stop thinking so black and white."

"Well dogs can see black and white but they are the-"

Penny had enough. She grabbed him pulled him into a tight hug and gave him a full on the mouth kiss.

"Well that... I mean... I don't understand that."

"GOOD," Penny said, "You finally get what I mean. Science doesn't explain everything!"