Chapter 24


It was heartbreaking, but it had to be done. He had to say goodbye to the only girl he ever loved and probably will ever love. Admittedly, he didn't want to fall in love again because it wouldn't be the same. He knew it was just never meant to be, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted. Sherlock was still in Leadworth when she left to travel with her husband and the Doctor. What an extraordinary girl.

He had to smile at the thought of her.

Sherlock was right when he told John he'd never meet a girl like that ever again because how in the world was Sherlock going to meet a girl like that? A girl who travels through time and space with an alien. No one can top that. Ever.

He looked at his phone for anything new. With a new phone and a new number, not many people contacted him. He found it weird – the silence and slow pace of being "dead." Was he ready to return to London? Was John ready?

Night fell over Leadworth and Sherlock was packing his stuff into his suitcase. He wanted to get away from the dreary town. Like Amy, it was time to forget. Before he could leave though, he sent a text.


It was night time in the TARDIS but Amy couldn't sleep. She just said her farewell to Sherlock and this time she was certain that she would never see him again. She carefully went out of her room that she shared with Rory and out into the main console area. She enjoyed fiddling with things when she was alone and couldn't sleep. The Doctor was nowhere to be seen. She was throwing her phone around in the air and catching it. Not as fun as playing with the Doctor's screwdriver, but it was enough to satisfy her.

She sat down in her – Sherlock's – seat and looked through her phone. It had been a while since she looked at her phone. She had a few texts from Rory and some weird alien file from the Doctor. Nothing from the detective or his best friend. What the hell. She dialled John's number. The universe never said that she couldn't talk to John.

Amy placed her phone to her ear, "Hello, John?"

"Amy?" John was shocked to hear her voice.

"Sorry I haven't called in a while," Amy apologized.

She wasn't really sure what to say, and going by the silence on the other end, neither did John.

"That's fine. How've you been?"

"Um, married now, actually," she looked at her wedding ring.

"Oh, really? Lucky fellow, I'm betting."

"Yes, he's great. Sorry, John. Um, I don't think I should have called," she wanted to tell him that Sherlock was alive, but it wasn't her job to tell.


"Because I have something to tell you, but I can't."

"What do you mean?"

"You're going to find out soon. Real soon," Amy began getting very cryptic.

"Amy – "

"Just don't give up hope. I know you're still hurting, but just don't give up."

"Amy, you're not making any sense."

"I know. I don't think I ever will. Seems to be my nickname. You know, besides the Girl Who Waited.," Amy was rambling and was sure John didn't understand any of the references.

"What are you going on about, then?"

There was a silence.


She smiled, thinking that giving one good hint would be all it takes, "John?"


"Check your trunk."


Amy hung up, leaving John really confused as to what just happened. Somewhere in the middle of the galaxy, Amy was giggling to herself. She probably shouldn't have done it, but Sherlock wasn't going to, and she wanted to help alleviate the pain. She knows how it felt to lose Sherlock, but John was friends with him long before Amy even set eyes on the duo. With that, she happily went to bed, wondering where the Doctor was going to take them next. But she fell asleep with the consulting detective still stuck in her mind. No more nightmares.

Back in London, in John's flat, he looked for the trunk that he stored away in the back of his closet. It was true – he hadn't looked at it since just after the fall. He wasn't even sure what was still in there. Some books, his army uniform and supplies – and the coat. Sherlock's coat. John began digging through the trunk to see that it was missing. He was confused. The only person that ever knew about that trunk was him, Amy, and... oh.

John laughed.

"That son of a ..."

That was the first time John laughed in a very long time.

John's phone beeped. One new message. John looked at his phone suspecting that Amy was texting him, but he didn't recognize the number. He opened the message nevertheless.

Hello, John. SH.

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